Our intramural soccer champions.
Front L-R: Allan, Jody, and Alex
Back L-R: Al Hussain, Martin John and Alejandro

TIA Events
by Sandy Larios

Here at TIA things are working out great! This year we have had eight new teachers, yet things are still going well.

We have a new serving table. We use this table for selling snacks at break time, and for selling drinks at lunchtime. The restaurants which bring food for the kids at lunchtime also use this table to distribute all of the food which they bring.

We are holding formal lunches as before. Ms. Tata cooks all of the lunches for the kids and the teachers each Wednesday. This lunch only costs $5.00 for the kids and $7.00 for the teachers, including dessert. We hold formal lunch to teach the students the proper way to use utensils and the proper way to behave, namely their table manners.

Ms. Dixie
by Velia Pech & Trisha Bowers

Ms. Dixie remembers arriving in San Pedro. When she looked out the window of the plane, she thought that this was the place were she wanted to live. When her stay had ended and the driver of her taxi asked her if she wanted to leave, she said, "No." She took off her shoes and started walking. Three weeks later, she decided to stay for good. Now she is the director of The Island Academy. Ms. Dixie decided to build a school because she thought there was a need for an alternative in elementary schools. She would like to keep The Island Academy strong. Ms. Dixie said that this school will remain open until people think that it is no longer necessary. She has never taught children other than her own, but Ms. Dixie just wants to keep everyone happy!

Student Council
By Sharon Astheimer

Teacher Kelly is in charge of this wonderful student government body. Three classes are involved; Teacher Charlene's Standard II &III, Mr. Mike's Standard IV, and Mr. David's Standard V & VI classes. Mr. Mike's and Mr. David's classes do most of the decision making; Teacher Charlene's class is there just for the experience, so they will be ready to take over next year.

In student council, the students bring up topics they want to discuss. For example, one thing we have discussed in student council are the privileges for the older students and for all students on the Honor Roll. This is one example of the many topics which we discuss. Look for updates on all of the student council news in each edition of the Dolphin Tribune!

Teacher Charlene, Miss Dixie and Miss Tata are busy serving "Formal Lunch." Formal Lunch is a chance for the students and Faculty to eat lunch together and practice proper table manners.
Student Council News!
by Sharon Astheimer

Mr. David's, Mr. Mike's and Teacher Charlene's classes all pile into Teacher Kelly's classroom. They all sit down on desks, chairs, and on the window sills to discuss different topics regarding student life. Everyone raises their hands to speak and Teacher Kelly writes down topics to discuss on the board. Every session of student council revolves around varied and set topics which we talk about.

We have several set topics which we discuss. On Wednesday, February 3rd, we discussed several ideas. Some of which were; graduation for the Standard VI class, Valentine Candy Grams, no uniform day, and a karioke night.

The graduation will be held at the end of the school year. We have proposed several ideas for this event. These proposals await faculty approval. We also discussed karioke, yet that awaits approval, too!

The candy gram sale was a great success. The older students put up a booth on the serving table in the palapa and sold Hershey's Kisses for $1.50 per small bag, and Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans for $4.00 each. Many students bought some products for their wonderful friends and teachers. They bought so many, everything was sold out! Everyone must have received a lot of candy. On no uniform day, The Island Academy students were able to choose their own outfits. This month's Student Council meetings were extremely interesting.

by Joey Beissner & Gary Greif

The spring semester P.E. schedule for the older boys is well under way. On January 4, 1999 classes resumed. On that day we began playing speedball. Speedball is a fast paced mixture of basketball and soccer. We ended that unit, as we usually do, with a tournament.

Basketball has occupied the month of February. We have worked on dribbling, shooting, and defensive drills. We have also learned a new shooting game called `Knock-Out.'

Our next unit will be flag football. We look forward to learning the skills and drills involved in this sport.

A Frisbee unit will follow flag football. We will play both ultimate Frisbee, (a soccer style game played above the ground, with a Frisbee), and Frisbee golf, (golf played with a Frisbee rather than with clubs and a ball).

We hope to finish the year with units on softball and track and field. Our track and field unit will end during the last week of school when we have our Olympiad. Here's to a great semester.

These students in standards IV and VI recently took a CPR course. It was a huge success!
Mr. Mike
by Velia Pech & Trisha Bowers

When Mr. Mike finished college he worked as an aid for Governor Joe Brennan the governor of Maine. When Governor Brennan was not re-elected, Mr. Mike needed to find other work. He tried substitute teaching and he loved it! So he went back to college, received his teaching certificate, and looked for a job. He taught kindergarten for one year and first grade for one year. He also taught second for two years and fourth grade for one year before coming to The Island Academy.

His favorite sport is American football. He played football in grade school and in high school. Mr. David and Mr. Mike played together on a State Championship football team, for Old Orchard Beach High School, in 1986. Mr Mike also played professional football for the Maine Sabers during the 1993 season.

Mr. Mike decided to be a teacher because he enjoys working with children. He thinks that children are honest and creative. He used to live in Saco, Maine, USA. His favorite food is Italian. He is crazy for pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, and nearly any other Italian dish which you could imagine. He is also crazy for Kool Aid; any flavor will do. His hobbies are reading, running, volleyball and karate. He enjoys working with people, especially children.

He has experience teaching children from Beginners through high school. He truly enjoys Physical Education and looks forward to a great semester of activities. Until this year he has coached football, baseball and weight training throughout the school year. PE class fills this void. Until this year, he has worked with younger children in the classroom. He viewed this year as a challenge, but he has found this challenge to be a joy!

by Sandy Larios

Carnaval started more than fifty years ago. Carnaval is about celebrating the traditions that the Maya influenced. One example of the traditions they influenced is the dance groups called comparsas who dance through the streets. When we celebrate Carnaval, the money raised helps build and maintain the church and the schools.

We celebrate Carnaval by dancing through the streets and painting one another. It starts in early February and lasts for three days. According to San Pedranos, Carnaval does not have a religious background. Carnaval is celebrated in other parts of the world, yet Belize's Carnaval is unique.

by Sandy Larios

The Carnaval started on Saturday, February 13th 1999, with a grand Carnaval and Valentine's Day Bazaar. There were games such as tombola, fish pond, ring toss, bucket toss and many others. There were also lots of things to eat and drink. The music was provided by local bands.

The highlight of the evening started with the crowning of Miss Carnaval '99. This was a popularity contest in which everyone was invited to participate, by voting for their favorite contestant. All proceeds from this event went towards assisting the Ambergris Museum in meeting its optional expenses for the upcoming year. On Sunday, February 14th , painting was allowed all day. Groups comparsas were encouraged to begin on Sunday. At 6:00 p.m. the Carnaval Parade, honoring Miss Carnaval '99, took place. A Carnaval Show followed. This took place at the Central Park. Local dance groups were invited to perform.

On Monday and Tuesday painting was allowed all day. On Tuesday, the now famous "PAINTED PERSONS ONLY PARADE", took place. The winners of the best comparsas were announced at the Central Park.


Environmental News
by Velia Pech

In this column, I will feature a different aspect of our world environment for each issue. As a way of creating attention for my column, I held a poetry contest. I asked for any type of poem on the subject of the environment. I am pleased to annonuce that Joey Beissner, of Standard 4, was the winner. Congratulations, Joey!

The Beautiful Earth
by Joey Beissner

I see the moonlight glistening on the dark ocean surface. I hear the wind whistling across the sandy beaches. I smell the beautiful flowers on the tall grassy plains. I feel my feet rubbing against bushses in the peaceful jungle, but there's nothing better than watching a dolphin roam through the waters of the blue ocean and then squeaking for us to touch them.

Giant Panda
by Velia Pech

Giant pandas are related to the raccoon. Pandas mostly live in southern China. They are approximately 3 to 5 feet tall. Pandas use their claws for climbing, not as a weapon. Pandas are mountain dwellers, they spend the majority of their lives at high altitudes. Sometimes pandas can weigh up to 300 pounds. Bamboo is the chief food of the panda.

This is a "Buddy" session. The older students mentor the younger students. Mr. David's class works with Teacher Deborah's class. Teacher Stephanie's class works with Mr. Mike's class.
Organized by Kristi Gonzalez

As we have learned, to run a newspaper, you need to raise money. The classified section is a portion of the newspaper which generates money. Our readers may buy space in our newspaper, to advertise a topic of their choice. The service we provide helps our readers and the money we raise helps us to continue publishing our paper.

Please read the letter printed below. Anyone interested in purchasing lines in our next edition may contact me, Kristi Gonzalez, at The Island Academy, during regular school hours.

Dear Sir or Madam,
The students in standard 4, 5 & 6 are working on a student newspaper, The Dolphin Tribune. In an effort to cover expenses and to fully understand the operation of a newspaper, we will be including an advertisement section. Our newspaper will be read by the students and families of The Island Academy. This group of people is a vital portion of the San Pedro community. Reaching this group could certainly enhance your business. A cash donation of two dollars will buy a permanent spot in every edition which we produce during this school year. Editions will be available at the end of each month; February, March, April, and May. We appreciate your cooperation and support.

Kristi Gonzalez
The Dolphin Tribune

For further information, please contact the school office by calling or faxing 011-501-226-3642.
Click here for E-Mail - islandacad@btl.net
Direct correspondence to:
Dixie Summerscales
The Island Academy
Coconut Drive
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Belize, Central America

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