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Bonampak Mural picture with permission of the
Universidad de Guadalajara

The most exciting field in Archaeology today is the work being done by the epigraphers who are translating and interpreting the written languages of the Maya. We are just starting to have a glimpse of this great mesoamerican civilization. Now we know, not only that the American continent was inhabited for a very long time, but that a dynamic civilization was developing before that of the Greeks or Romans. The Maya were one of the handful of cultures who developed an original complex written language.


Chronology (Dates), Geography and Environment

A. Chronology (Dates)

B. Geography

C. Environment

Maya Calendar and Numerical System

A. Calendar

B. Numbers

Astronomy and Cosmology

A. Astronomy

B. Cosmology

Maya Writing

Educational Curriculum

  • Science Museum of Minnesota: Excellent for youths. Includes Maya sites, activities, photo archives, and "start your own adventure." Color photographs

Fun and Games

A. Tales

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C. Games

For an incredible on-line resource on Lamanai and Xunantunich, click the appropriate link. For information from the same website, but covering Maya areas in other countries, CLICK HERE.

For the Royal Ontario Museum website, click here for information on digs in Marco Gonzales and on Ambergris Caye. David Pendergast, who is now the director of the Museum, was in charge of excavations at Lamanai and Altun Ha in the 70's & 80's, and the Museum also sponsored work at Ambergris Caye and in Cuba. They have quite a nice website. For their section on archaeology in the rest of the country of Belize, Click here.

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