Every winter, we take a trip south, usually to a new place in Mexico. I did some research and chose Belize this year. We were in Belize from the 18th to the 29th. It rained everyday, but one. Yes, we were so dissapointed but we made the best of it and did some exploring and "interviewing" the locals.
We stayed 8 days in Ambergris and the rest in Belize City. While in Ambergris we stayed at the Belize Yaght Club. It was a great choice to stay, the people were awsome and we made quick friends. We rented a Captain and his boat, went reef fishing and took a tour around the Island. We rented a Golf Cart one day in the rain and explored the North end...of course we stopped at EVERY bar up and back. We spent alot of time stopping and talking to the locals.
The next leg of the trip we went to Belize City. We rented a Car and drove to Placencia (excuse my spelling. We stopped and spoke to the locals once again on that trip and checked out the Bars and resorts in Placencia. We also took a tour of the ruins and had a great time with our guide. We quized him on EVERYTING, from the history to politics of his Country. It was a balst.
What we came away with......
Let me say right off the top, the people of Belize are the most wonderful and kind folks the we have met on any of our trips. And they are nice looking people too. It may have rained, but we will go back because of the people.
I dont think the Gov of Belize knows what a treasure it has in its people. I think they treat thier people poorly. They are an asset.
The amount of trash is unexceptable and unnessary. I realize the people cant not afford Trash service when they are worried about food. The Gov needs to do something if they want tourest. After being all over in Mexico and now Belize, I NEVER want to hear about American Pollution. Those two countries pump more raw sewage and dump more trash in the Pacific and the Caribbian than any damage we have done. Shame on the Gov of those two contries. Its discusting when you do a tour.
Politics, we they sure have it figured out. Raise taxes, get rid of jobs, more unemployed, more crime. The taxes are out of the realm of realaity for the people. We saw some pretty nice homes of Gov Officals and alot of poverty of the working folks. Unpaved roads, pot holes, yet outrages Taxes on gas. They are being robbed. The US gives aid to Belize, pisses me off! I am sure the people never see it. Everyone we talked to knows the US gives money and wanted to let us know that they dont see it. We have a Military Base there and of course the Brits do also.
All in all? We will go back, we love the people. We thought about getting a place there, so we could get involved and do some volenteer work, Political Volenteer work of change.