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Living in Belize
1 hour ago
Does anyone have a craftsman that does Palapa repair isn't going to work .time for a new one . I have a 13 year old house in need of some work . I would like the house pressure washed and repainted . I say pressure washed because of some mold from roof water run off . Also in a few spots I have concrete busting out from rebar rust that I would like repaired before the painting . any help finding someone would be greatly appreciated . PM me for my contact info.
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1 hour ago
yes i agree with debunk, available online, and also now available in many stores in the USA at least...
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Chat Area
2 hours ago
You have been Belized. Julian is overworked and underpaid!
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Yesterday at 11:33 PM
Tomorrows WEATHER for - Tue 22 Jan 2019

The high level cloud is still with us, all over Belize, fairly thin, but it could be thicker by morning or thinner. The Caribbean cloud is still moving in from the east and very little trace of the NE cool air. But this afternoon, cool wind at surface that we could feel was from the SW.

So probably a cloudy start tomorrow morning, probably little or no rain, tonight cool, but not as cool as last night.

[Linked Image]
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Yesterday at 06:05 PM
Last night was in the Maya Calender chi'ibal Uh . Day of the total eclipse .

"Everything walks and passes ... because the observation of the plot of the stars has its purpose, from whence,guarding us,the Gods watch us - the Gods that are bound in(the cycles of) the stars ." The Books of Chilam Balam(The Sacred books of the Yucatec Maya,The book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel)

[Linked Image]

Solar eclipses in the May Dresden Codex :

The Dresden is one of the prehispanic codices that consigns and calculates more completely the eclipses in its time. Of Maya origin, some of their folios (50-58) are dedicated to these astronomical phenomena, from which time and place of manifestation can be found, as well as possible variations. In the lower left part of this sheet an eclipse is represented by two figures, one black and one colorless, representing the Sun and the Moon about to be devoured by a snake.

[Linked Image]

Belize Yucatec Maya
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Chat Area
Yesterday at 04:54 PM
Not at the moment Dan - you must have legal right to work in Belize (work permit or permanent residency status.)
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Ambergris Caye
Yesterday at 01:28 PM
We really need one terminal point and this is the one we have ....... it should be better for customers with one place for tickets and departures/arrivals. Plus better parking. Right now Front Street is relatively disabled by the traffic from SPBX. Cannot even imagine how much worse it would be if they moved to Ruby's. Yikes.
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Yesterday at 12:29 PM


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Guest Editorial: 100 Years of George Cadle Price
Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the Right Honorable George Cadle Price on January 15, 1919. The man who we now call the Father of the Nation was not always universally revered nor was he uniformly prized for his just achievements during his lifetime. In fact, it was not until after his death on September 19, 2011, that the tributes and praise came pouring in, from a grieving nation in which all then realized the extent of our loss. Today is one of celebration and commemoration for the life of one remarkable man, who with a singular vision and a determination of purpose, held our hands and walked with us to our independent destiny, to achieve the birth of a sovereign nation, with its territorial integrity intact.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Child’s Play
“Oh, thank you so much,” Melody said, when I reached her house. “I hate to ask you to babysit but Davin is busy with football. You’re the only one I could call on such short notice.” “I like to spend time with my grandchildren,” I said. “I’m taking the baby with me,” she said. “So, Grayson is the only one you have to care for.” Grayson peeked around his bedroom door. “Hi, Grandpa,” he said and disappeared back into the room. A little girl’s head peaked around the door. She said,” Hi, Grandpa,” and disappeared back into the room. “Who was that?” I asked.

What’s New: American Franchise Losers Bar and Grill prepares to open new over-the-water bar in San Pedro Town
Losers Bar and Grill-San Pedro is a country music-themed bar set to open in San Pedro Town in the Boca del Rio beach area. Over the past few days, the over-the-water bar has been hosting soft openings, to guests and the general public. Losers are part of a family of bars based in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Once open, the bar will offer classic eats, drinks and great country music performances by popular singers to get you off your seat and dancing the night away. The over-the-water bar and grill has a unique set-up within its spacious building. An island in the center of the thatch-roofed building merges the bar and kitchen into one mutual operation. Patrons can enjoy their favorite drink, while they watch their food being prepared right in front of them.

Doctor Love: Jewel of Denial
Dear Doctor Love, I dated a guy for a few months, but it didn’t work out. We parted on good terms and he went back to his long-time girlfriend. A month later I was invited to a wedding and I was going to wear a very special necklace that my grandmother gave me for graduation. It wasn’t in my jewelry box and I couldn’t find it anywhere in my room. I’ve only worn it once and it means a lot to me because my grandmother died just after she gave it to me. A few weeks passed and my cousin sent me a photo of my ex’s girlfriend and she was wearing the necklace. She had posted pictures of herself on social media and it is obvious it is the same necklace. It has ways to identify it and I have photos of me wearing it for my graduation and the card my granny gave me, so I can prove it is mine.

Misc Belizean Sources


Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 11am-1pm Thursday to paint part 3/3 in “The Mighty Jungle” series. (**note the time change, just for this week)

Omar 'Coach' Moreno passes away
The sports community of San Pedro Town is mourning the loss of Omar 'Coach' Moreno. He unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, January 19th. A candle light vigil to honor the football coach was held inside the Ambergris Stadium later that day. Moreno is known for having greatly contributed to the development of young footballers on the island. The U17 San Pedro Pirates football team is one of the teams benefited from his wisdom and love for the sport. The many he trained have vowed to continue improving the sport on the island in his name. The San Pedro Sun joins the community in this sad moment, and sends its deepest condolences to the family of Coach Omar.

Picture of the red moon by Belize Scoop

FREE educational session by Dr. Andre Joel Cervantes in Corozal
On Saturday, February 2nd at 3:00 p.m. we invite the general public at 3:00 p.m. at the Corozal Town Hall for a FREE educational session by Dr. Andre Joel Cervantes, Belize's top Neuro and Spine Surgeon. Theme: "Back and spine injuries..causes prevention and treatment" If you have a job that puts you at risk we invite you .

Go Green Corozal!
Helping people and businesses adjust to the ban on single use plastics and styrofoam. Jan 26, at Mama Lowe's by Central Park.

Sponsored by Millenium Restaurant in Consejo Village on Wednesday January 30th & Thursday January 31st, 2019 starting at 10:00 a.m. It's all for a good cause, have some great fun, win some $$ and raise funds to refurbish the table at the New Millennium! Entry is $2Bz per person. If you have a team great, if not we will pair you with a partner. **We only have spots for 32 people** REGISTER TODAY!!

Featuring Poker with Lindsay Marot as Dealer Extraordinaire .January 31st 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm at The Upper Room (formerly known as GLB) on Ferry Road in Corozal - Take the main highway towards Tony’s Inn, make a left turn, stay on that road until you see the pond, take a right, take your first left onto Ferry Road, stay on that road until it bears right and then make the first left continuing onto Ferry Road. The Upper Room will be on the right hand side of the road. Hosted by Corozal Animal Program (CAP). Come Join in the fun! There is a $20.00 buy in - half of your buy-in will go to CAP for fundraising and your winnings are your own. Come out and support this great cause and help us make a difference! FOOD AND DRINKS AVAILABLE TO BUY

Burns Avenue Valentine's Bash
The Super Furia Band will be performing at the Burns Avenue Valentine's Bash. It'll be on Saturday, February 9th, from 7:00pm to midnight. "Free, Free, Free Admission! Grand Valentines Bash! Featuring SUPER FURIA BAND, Only on Burns Avenue. February 9th from 7pm to 12 midnight. Sponsored by Tandoor Restaurant and Bar, Eva's Restaurant and Bar and Serendib Restaurant and Bar. Come with your love."

FBB Accepting Applications for 2019-20 Partner Schools
Full Basket Belize has 40 scholarships to award this coming year, and they are asking schools to register as partners so they can allow their students to apply for the scholarships. "Full Basket Belize is pleased to announce the opening of the application process for our Full Basket Belize Scholarship Program’s 2019-20 Partner Schools.

The League Of Mayapan (Luub Mayapan)
According to the Books of Chilam Balam the sacred books of the Yucatec Maya .Kukulkan the Native prophet reach to the Yucatan Peninsula in Katun 4 Ahua which is 987 years of our era . K'uk'ulkan taught love and abolished human sacrifice between the natives . His name was Ce Acatl topiltzin Quetzalcoatl the Maya called him K'uk'ulkan which means "The Plumed Serpent " . Kukulkan reach Mayab or Maya which was the name of Yucatan peninsula before the Europeans came . Kukulkan wisdom impress the lords and they respected him . The people lived in conflict but Kukulkan convince the lords to build a new city and he named it Mayapan, meaning "Standard of the Maya people". According to the Books of Chilam Balam when the city of Mayapan was build the people became known as Maya . The word Mayab or Maya can mean "Few ,Not many" or also "The choosen people " . Kukulkan lived among the Maya for some time and then continued his journey through Mesoamerica. The Books of Chilam Balam speak about the prophecies of the return of K'uk'ulkan .

The legend of Sac-Nicte and Canek
Sac-Nicte means white flower. She was born in Mayapan: the powerful alliance that lived in peace—Mayab, Uxmal, and Chichen Itza. Canek means black serpent, a brave prince with a kind heart. When he turned 21 years of age, he was chosen as king of Chichen Itza. That same day he met princess Sac-Nacte. She was 15 years of age. Both quickly fell in love; however Sac-Nicte was destined to be married with young Ulil, prince of Uxmal. The legend says that a young adviser to the princess told Canek that Sac-Nicte would be waiting among green flowers and that it would be necessary to fight for her, before destiny fought against them.

Channel 5

Fire in Belize City
A fire broke out at around 8 o’clock Sunday night in Belize City. It happened in the Conch Shell Bay Area and we understand that at least one house was destroyed. There are no reports of any injuries. More details to follow.

Tourists robbed at El Pilar
Reports reaching News 5 are that tourists were robbed while they were visiting the El Pilar Mayan Site. Details are still forthcoming but we understand that the perpetrators are not Belizeans. El Pilar is located north of Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo District about 10 Kilometers from San Ignacio. Town.

A Skills Training Programme for Single Mothers of Orange Walk East
Bernard is also the P.U.P. standard bearer for the Orange Walk East constituency. He has also been working on a skills training programme that is being offered to single models across the division. Bernard says that the entrepreneurial training is to help the thirty-plus persons into becoming independent. According to Bernard, during his campaign, this was one of the main concerns by the constituents.

Belize City Woman Shot
Forty nine year old June Willoughby received a gunshot graze on her left foot yesterday afternoon. Willoughby was standing in front of a store on Ebony Street when she heard the sound of several gunshots. She later realized that that she was injured. Willoughby was taken to the KHMH where she was treated. Police are investigating.

Road Works in Orange Walk to Improve Quality of Life
There are a number of road works taking place in Orange Walk. It is part of the town council’s street infrastructure project for that northern municipality. As Mayor Kevin Bernard told News Five recently, there are both contract works and individual paving of streets undertaken by the council itself. The road works will improve the quality of life for residents.

The Reporter

Foreign Minister Says Settling Border Dispute Is Only Way Of Dealing With Narco-cattle Ranching
Settling our border dispute with Guatemala is the only solution to other problems, such as Narco-cattle ranching, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington told reporters this past week. Over the past two years, Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) has monitored the level of infiltrations within the Chiquibul and has noted that there were several cattle ranches in the forest reserve.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fire in Conch Shell Bay, arsonist caught
A house was set ablaze in Belize City minutes ago. The house has been identified as a bungalow in the heart of Conch Shell Bay which belongs to the Wade family. Police and fire officials arrived on the scene immediately.

4 Tourists robbed at gun point by ‘Guatemalan Bandidos’ at El Pilar Archaeological Site
Four tourists were robbed at gunpoint by 2 ‘Guatemalan Bandidos’ at El Pilar Archaeological Site today. Sometime this afternoon, the group which had been staying at a resort in Bullet Tree Village, Cayo opted to visit the El Pilar Maya site. That was where two armed assailants from Guatemala emerged and demanded they hand over their possessions or die.

Woman grazed by bullet
A woman is lucky to be alive after she was grazed by a bullet yesterday afternoon. Sometime after 2:00 p.m. June Willoughby was standing in front of a Chinese store on Ebony street when she heard several gunshots.

Latino’s barber shop robbed at gunpoint
There was an armed robbery in Belize city yesterday. Xequiel Miranda, 39, reported to police that he was inside Latino’s barber shop on Cemetery Road at about 7:45 p.m.

Of Human Dignity, Privacy and the Right to Work.
By Lisa Shoman: When we drafted the Constitution of Belize in 1980/81, we put some important safeguards for citizens in the preamble and body. Things like the right to human dignity, the right to belief (or not) in a personal Creator, the right to privacy, and the right to work. The matter of the Muffles College teacher who was asked to resign after nude photos of her were leaked and distributed, (allegedly without her knowledge or consent )raises all these safeguards.

Belize featured as top “voluntourism” destination
For many travelers, getting away to an exotic destination on a nice lazy vacation is enough, however, more and more travelers are looking for experiences to leave them feeling fulfilled. With this growing wave, ‘voluntourism’, as it is being called, has started attracting visitors to Belize, according to an article by the UK’s Daily Mail.

Prime Minister Barrow speaks out against foreign intervention in Nicaragua and Venezuela
During his visit to Cuba at the invitation of the Cuban President, Prime Minister Dean Barrow voiced his opposition to foreign intervention into the internal affairs of countries such as Nicaragua and Venezuela. “Interference is a threat to peace. You should not try to interrupt the government that is right now in Nicaragua. What is needed is to promote dialogue,” Barrow said in a statement on Cuban national television.

International Sourcesizz

The mystery of the Belize Blue Hole has now been solved
From the skies, Belize’s Blue Hole is something to marvel at – a natural wonder that’s remained a mystery for many years. But after a recent expedition into the depths of the Blue Hole, we finally know what lies at the very bottom. Last month Virgin founder Richard Branson and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau embarked on the very first submersible dive to the bottom of the hole, broadcasting the mission on the Discovery Channel. When they reached the bottom of the hole via Aquatica submarine, they were met with a wall of stalactites – caves that were originally formed on dry land. “It’s proof of how oceans can rise quickly and catastrophically,” Branson explained in a post about the mission. “Sea levels were once hundreds of feet lower. 10,000 years ago, the sea level rose by about 300 feet when a lot of ice melted around the world. At 300 feet, down you could see the change in the rock where it used to be land and turned into sea.

Mayan mystery SOLVED: 1,400-year-old 'ghost from past' sculpture REVEALED
The Mayans were a civilisation known for their architecture, mathematics and astronomical beliefs, who date back to as far as 2000BC. Many of their impressive constructions can still be seen in the jungles of southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and western parts of Honduras. Archaeologists are constantly racing against time to get their hands on a precious piece of history before local looters swarm in. In 1973, the Merrin Gallery in New York sold a door lintel hacked out the temple roof at the site of El Zotz, in northern Guatemala. Dating back to between 550AD and 650AD, the sculpture depicts a standing male figure carrying a diagonal ceremonial bar. The El Zotz lintel was removed by looters who significantly damaged the piece by hacking away the back of it with a hatchet to reduce its weight.


  • Belize Mission Trip 2018, 16min. This vlog was during my youth group's mission trip to Belize with Thirst Missions.

  • Underwater Belize, 3.5min. I made use of my extra GoPro footage and made a video of my underwater experience in Caye Caulker Belize.

  • January 20-21 Total Lunar Eclipse From San Pedro, Belize, min.

  • Belmopan - A Visit to the Bird Rescue Center Belize, 12min. Today we were in Belmopan at the Bird Rescue Center in Belize. There are many great birds that have been rescued from bad housing conditions. The collaboration is done directly with the police in Belize.

  • BELIZE 7 Day Adventure!, 9min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize!, 60min. Sarah and I went snorkeling off the coast in Belize. It is supposed to be the second largest reef in the World. Tour was through Carlos' Adventures, which is an outfit on Caye Caulker. They took us to three stops. One of the stops is "Shark Alley" and another is the "Hol Chan" (small channel).

  • BEST OF AMBERGRIS CAYE, BELIZE!, 2min. Highlights of excursions with Castaway Caye Watersports. A private Jet ski tour to Secret Beach! Snorkeling and diving with Manatees, Sharks, Rays and more!

  • Belize Dec 2018!!, 48min. The whole collection of Instastories from my trip to Belize in Dec 2018! Spent 2 weeks there.

  • PLB Closing Season 2018- 2019 | Police United FC vs Verdes FC | Isidoro Beaton Stadium, 2.5hr.
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    Gone but not forgotten
    Yesterday at 12:00 PM
    The sports community of San Pedro Town is mourning the loss of Omar 'Coach' Moreno. He unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, January 19th.

    A candle light vigil to honor the football coach was held inside the Ambergris Stadium later that day. Moreno is known for having greatly contributed to the development of young footballers on the island. The U17 San Pedro Pirates football team is one of the teams benefited from his wisdom and love for the sport. The many he trained have vowed to continue improving the sport on the island in his name.

    The San Pedro Sun joins the community in this sad moment, and sends its deepest condolences to the family of Coach Omar.
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    Food & Recipes
    Yesterday at 11:47 AM

    American Franchise prepares to open new over-the-water bar in San Pedro Town

    Losers Bar and Grill-San Pedro is a country music-themed bar set to open in San Pedro Town in the Boca del Rio beach area. Over the past few days, the over-the-water bar has been hosting soft openings, to guests and the general public. Losers are part of a family of bars based in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Once open, the bar will offer classic eats, drinks and great country music performances by popular singers to get you off your seat and dancing the night away.

    The over-the-water bar and grill has a unique set-up within its spacious building. An island in the center of the thatch-roofed building merges the bar and kitchen into one mutual operation. Patrons can enjoy their favorite drink, while they watch their food being prepared right in front of them. Enjoy spicy fried chicken burgers, tasty quesadillas, and fresh seafood, including the ever-popular ceviche. The bar has ample space on either side, from where you can appreciate the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea or a bright and colorful sunset in the evening.

    Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

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    Daily news prior to today
    Yesterday at 11:15 AM

    January 17, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Official Visit to Cuba
    Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. On January 15th, Prime Minister Barrow joined President Díaz-Canel and other officials to pay tribute to José Martí, a national hero of Cuba. From there, the delegations from both Cuba and Belize met for an official meeting.

    Ambergris Today

    Going Up!
    Tourism is Booming in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Alaia Belize is a BZD$92 Million investment hotel development under the Marriott Autograph Collection. It will encompass 162 new luxury class rooms in three five-storey buildings and eight beach villas.

    How Can We Reduce Crime?
    The new year did not start well for Belize when it comes to crime. There were five murders on the first day of 2019; a black scar on Belize, even more so that the US Embassy issued a travel advisory. Additionally, San Pedro is not the only community looking for solutions for crimes, but it is worth giving it a trial because we cannot afford to keep silent about anything that is bothering a community. So here is our perspective and the views of our friends and readers on this issue. According to experts the best strategy for reducing crimes is based on the model for policing. It is obvious that the first people to come to mind are the police. As soon as confrontation with crime comes about, one calls the police.

    The Founding Of San Pedro
    Indeed the Maya Indians had a large population on the Island of Ambergris Caye but they never founded any community because they were nomads, people who moved in, enjoyed and moved on. There are sites on the island that are proof of their presence, but there is no community here as there is in Southern Belize. So after the Mayas abandoned the island, Ambergris Caye was barren of people; and was one big mass of sandy beaches, mangrove infested swampland, lots of wild animals, mosquitoes in abundance and pristine waters with abundance of fish, conch and lobster.

    Ambassador Of The Republic Of China Taiwan Visits San Pedro Town
    On Friday, January 11, 2019, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, His Excellency Remus Li-Kou Chen, made an official courtesy visit to San Pedro Town. In a gathering inside the Mayor’s office, the Ambassador met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero and all six councilors of the San Pedro Town Council, along with Town Administrator, Mrs. Patricia Verde Tillett and LED Officer, Mr. Jorge Aldana.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Beach Cleanup this Saturday in San Pedro!
    All are invited to join this beach clean-up campaign this Saturday! For the love of San Pedro, let's keep it clean! Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 10 AM – 12 PM. SCA wavemaker club is coming over to San Pedro town to conduct a beach clean up on Saturday at the northern beach road! Please Let me know if you are interested in joining in.

    A week of pretty nice weather with light winds and a few showers of short duration gave anglers and guides lots of options on where to fish. Tarpon were caught on the larger flats and around Mangroves.

    Further Decreases in the Pump Prices for Premium Gasoline and Diesel
    The Ministry of Finance is pleased to announce that at midnight on January 17th, the price for premium gasoline will decrease by a further 52 cents, from $10.47 down to $9.95 per gallon. The price of diesel will also decrease by 52 cents, from $9.83 down to $9.31 per gallon. This is the third consecutive decrease in pump prices since November 2018. Over that time, pump prices have fallen as follows per gallon: Premium by $1.54, Regular by $1.32, Kerosene by $1.87, Diesel by $1.84.

    Prime Minister on Official Visit to Cuba
    Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. On January 15th, Prime Minister Barrow joined President Díaz-Canel and other officials to pay tribute to José Martí, a national hero of Cuba. From there, the delegations from both Cuba and Belize met for an official meeting. During the meeting, Prime Minister Barrow told those present that Belize values the relationship shared with Cuba and expressed his admiration for the strength of the Cuban people and all their achievements since the Cuban Revolution.

    Mr. Allen Whylie officially hands over command to the new Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams
    This afternoon the outgoing Commissioner of Police Mr. Allen Whylie officially handed over command to the new Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams in a ceremonial change of command and swearing-in ceremony held at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Commissioner Williams officially assumed his new duties on January 9th, 2019.

    Our Easter Raffle is here once more! For $5 or more saved on your shares account, you get a chance to win a 24 inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle NOTICE: ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CREDIT UNION KIDDIES PROGRAM - Members attending Primary School are eligible to participate (school deposits only.) Raffle will take place during the month of April 2019.

    Sarteneja Health Center Inaugurated Today
    2pm January 17th.

    Graffiti Fest '19
    What an incredible day, Graffiti Fest '19 embraced many forms of art but the main attraction was the amazing talent on the walls ...we must big up our Belizean Graffiti artists- Vianay Bautista, Wilfred Perez, Robert Ramirez, Jahvier Tuisone and Steve Mossiah- and the Mexican crew- Diego Pootnaal, Alan Sanchez, Ana Balam Chan, Adnol Cetina, Filberto Pacheco and Victor Arrellano. Big up to our poets, and singers who stepped up to the Mic, thank you to Cocono Bwai for his great performance. So many sponsors supported this event, without them this would have been impossible.

    Channel 7

    Outgoing Compol Whylie Alludes to Police Palace Coup
    It was announced last Tuesday that Chester Williams had been appointed as the new Commissioner of Police - and today it was made official when the outgoing Compol handed over the command to him.
    But Allen Whylie - top cop for a record 6 years - did not go quietly into that good night.  
    This afternoon at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, Whylie had a mouthful to say on , the abrupt end of his tenure as the top cop.  
    In front of the highest state and Government officials, Whylie lashed out at the media, his critics, and persons who he says were his enemies within, who according to him, all had a hand in getting him removed from the post. 

    How Will New Compol Curb Crime?
    And while the outgoing Commissioner's comments certainly changed the mood of the event, the handing over of command was really about Chester Williams, who is now officially in charge of the Department.  After the ceremony, we spoke with him about reaching the pinnacle of policing and what his strategy will be. Here's what he had to say: Daniel Ortiz: "When you first stepped into the police training academy, did you foresee that today would take place?" Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Really and truly no, everybody knows my history in terms of where I was when I joined the ranks of the Belize Police Force then and so for me to have thought then that this would come really and truly I didn't see it but as time progresses and my years in the department continues to accumulate and having worked under and see how many of the former commissioners of police operates..."

    Shuffling The Deck Of The Senior Command
    So, now that Williams is in charge, he's re-shuffling the deck of the senior command. We asked him to discuss his decisions about the reassignment of senior officers: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "You know that we have restructured the department recently where we have two deputies, was myself and Mr. Broaster. Now with me moving up to commissioner, Mr. Broaster becomes the first deputy, so he is the deputy, he is next to me. After Mr. Broaster you have Mr. Mariano who is going to be the second deputy. Then we have Mr. Broaster who moves over as well to commander national operations and crime because that desk is the desk of the senior deputy..."

    How Will Compol Chester and Deputy Broaster Coexist?
    And one more intrigue we just had to ask Commissioner Williams about is the dynamic between him and his first Deputy Commissioner, Edward Broaster. Last week, we took you back to 2008, when the public enmity and disputes between these 2 had reached a fever pitch, to the point where Broaster made a criminal complaint against Williams. In an outspoken interview at the time, Williams lashed back, saying Broaster was trying to derail his career as a police officer. Well, something went right for Williams, because he ended back on top - at the very top.   So, has the 11 years that has since passed been enough to heal those very deep wounds between the 2 most senior cops in the department?

    Search Comes Up With No Clues For Evan Neal
    Fisherman Evan Neal is still missing tonight.  Searches were conducted by the family and the Coast Guard today - but up to this evening, they hadn't come across any sign of him any sign of him.  The 43 year old was last seen by his family a week ago.   Neal was at Mapp Caye - where he has his fishing camp.  On Saturday, a group of men believed to be pirates went there on what looks to be a robbery.  They killed the watchman Edinio Enso Humes - who was found in the island's latrine with a shot to the head.

    Boy Still Recovering From Dog Bite
    On Monday, we told you about the vicious canine attack on a 4 year old toddler in the Lake I community. Baby Ellis Ortiz was playing in the yard on Sunday afternoon when the landlord's dog attacked him.  By the time neighbors reached to help, the dog had already latched on to the baby and bit his face. Tonight, the child is still at the hospital receiving treatment. And while his condition has not worsened, it has not gotten much better either. The family tells us the swelling in his right eye has still not gone down and they still fear his eye may be permanently damaged.

    Mother and Daughter Reunited After Bitter Int'l Custody Dispute
    Imagine not seeing or holding your child for a year, or not knowing if your child is safe. That nightmare is exactly what 41 year old Orange Walk mother Raquel Cocom endured.  This is after her baby's father, Andre Timofeev took their 3 year old daughter, Vera to the US and never returned. But as we reported, Cocom took the matter to US courts and won under the Hague Convention in early January. And, yesterday in North Carolina, she was re-united with her little girl. It was one of the happiest moments of Cocom's life. Courtney Weatherburne went to visit Cocom and baby Vera in Orange Walk on their first full day together in Belize. It was very touching.

    Cocom Goes Into Mommy Mode, But Needs Help
    While Cocom is overcome by joy to have her baby back, nothing can make up for all the lost time. So Cocom has to help Vera re-adjust that means springing into full mommy mode. One of her core duties as a single mother is to provide for Vera and her son and right now she doesn't have any money to get by. So she is asking for assistance to start up her business. Raquel Margarita Cocom - Mother: "I do not want to go work and leave her because I think that traumatize me a lot because I don't know if he will come and take her away and I don't know where he will be and I just want to get a pack of used clothing to sell and I don't know, maybe there will be someone there to help me for that. With that, I will sustain my children with the needs that they will have, that's all."

    Cocom Must Mother An Anxious Child
    So, Cocom has endured a great deal of emotional trauma, as has her daughter. Cocom says she can't even leave the room without Vera getting anxious and following behind her. Today we asked Cocom if she had anything to say to Timofeev, the man who has turned her life upside down. She was quite measured in her comments. She says her only focus is healing and moving forwards with her babies. Raquel Margarita Cocom - Mother: "I don't hate him, I don't hold nothing against him and his mom but what they I did it was awful because they did not know my nights of tears, they do not know what I gone through when I started to beg them to bring back my daughter..."

    Lessons Learned From Precedent Setting Facebook Slander Case
    Yesterday we told you about the landmark ruling in favor of businessman Mark King. The ruling saw activist Moses Sulph slapped with a hefty fine of $30 thousand for a simple Facebook post. While King has spoken to us at length regarding his decision to take the matter to court in first place, today we got a chance to speak with his attorneys, the legal minds that saw the case through to the end. Having gotten a favorable ruling yesterday, attorney Steve Perrera told us today that it wasn't so much that they won but rather that the defendants failed to establish proof of fair-comment.

    How To Avoid Social Media Slander
    And while Sulph is on the receiving end of a costly lesson, he is one of many.  Facebook is often used as a platform to ventilate frustrations against persons or organizations; just blaze them up, and, click/zap, they're toast! There are even dedicated Facebook pages that comment, often negatively, on established businesses in Belize. So where is the dividing line between fair-comment and Facebook slander? And how far can you go to bring an issue to light without being libelous? We had a lengthy discussion with Mark King's lawyers about the legalities or illegalities of Facebook posting and sharing of content considered defamatory. Here's how that went.

    PUP Politician Posts Apology to Avoid Social Media Slander Suit
    One person that didn't think twice was PUP Belize City Councilor Albert Vaughan. Last night Vaughan posted an apology to a UDP politician on his Facebook page.  It reads that on the 24th of December 2018 he made comments about UDP Standard Bearer Orson Elrington regarding the use of the park in Belama Phase 1 for an event. The post does not mention what allegations he made but it does say that the statements he made on that post were false. As a consequence he apologized for any harm those statements may have caused. He ended by saying he will refrain from doing so in the future.

    PM Barrow In Cuba
    He's on his 11th year in office - but Prime Minister Dean Barrow is just making his first official visit - with all the bells and whistles - to Cuba, which is one of Belize's strongest allies.  And yesterday, he completed a rite of passage for pretty much every foreign leader who visits the island state, he laid a wreath at the tomb of independence hero Jose Marti.  Prime Minister Barrow is the guest of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel - who is the first person not named Castro to lead Cuba since 1959.  Both sides had a meeting after yesterday's wreath laying.   According to a release form Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Barrow thanked the Cuban Government for its support to Belize since gaining independence in 1981.

    Pump Prices Plummeted in Past two Months
    If you're going to put in gas tonight, wait until tomorrow - because it will be cheaper.   For the first time in two years, Premium fuel will be under 10 dollars per gallon.  That's right, the price of Premium is going down 52 cents from $10.47 per gallon to $9.95 per gallon.  And, diesel is also going down quite a bit.  At midnight, the price for a gallon of that fuel will drop by 52 cents, bringing it to $9.31. For now, the price for regular fuel remains unchanged. Government boasts that "this is the third consecutive decrease in pump prices since November 2018.  Since then, diesel has gone down by almost two dollars per gallon. Of course this is simply a testament to how insanely high prices had gone - with government collecting record high fuel taxes every step of the way.  

    The Greatness of Graffiti
    Graffiti as a form of street art became popular in the US in the 60's and 70's. And during its early years it had a very negative connotation: gangs would use it to mark their territory.  And, still, it remains a controversial form of expression: where does street art end and vandalism begin? Regardless of your answer, graffiti remains one of the most vibrant forms of urban art expression. To highlight this NICH, through the museum of Belize, organized a Graffiti fest this past Saturday in Corozal. The event brought together Belizean artists and artists from neighboring Chetumal in a safe space to practice their craft. Here are some clips of the spectacular displays. 

    Loma Luz Blvd. Lamp Snatchers
    A pair of petty thieves were caught today in Santa Elena Town. Quick action from the proprietor of a furniture store led to the arrest of the pair. Around 11:00 this morning, James Palma was inside the family furniture on Loma Luz Boulevard, when two men walked in. One distracted him while the other stole a wooden nightstand from the display. They both escaped.

    Channel 5

    Former ComPol Whylie Rains on Chester Williams’ Installment Parade
    A new Commissioner of Police was installed today at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, and we’ll have that coming up. But the installation of Chester Williams was eclipsed by [...]

    ComPol Whylie Takes Aim at Fellow Members of B.P.D.
    Former ComPol Whylie, who has been criticized as a lame duck leader where the fight against crime and violence is concerned, insisted that he used his final public address to [...]

    Chester Williams is Installed as Thirteenth Commissioner of Police
    With twenty-seven years of service under his belt, Chester Williams today was installed as the new Commissioner of Police.  Williams has also distinguished himself as the first attorney to take [...]

    ComPol Williams Outlines Changes within Police Department
    A restructuring of the police department since Commissioner Chester Williams assumed its helm on January ninth was imminent.  Last week, there was a memo in circulation which the department subsequently [...]

    Chester and Broaster at the Top; How is that Going to Work?
    Throughout the course of their professional careers, Edward Broaster and Chester Williams have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship.  In the past, words have been exchanged and the two have had [...]

    Premium and Diesel Prices to Decrease by 52 cents
    At midnight, there will be some relief at the pumps. The price of premium gasoline will decrease by fifty-two cents effective Wednesday at midnight. Right now the price stands at [...]

    Untreated Water Causing Health Problems to School Children in Saint Margaret’s Village
    In the village of Saint Margaret’s located on the Hummingbird Highway, school children are being sent home from classes complaining of stomach pains. There are concerns that the water has [...]

    Israeli N.G.O., TIME, Raises Funds to Purchase 5 Acres of Turneffe Atoll
    An Israeli N.G.O. has raised funds for the purchasing of a portion of the Turneffe Atoll, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is My Earth, TIME is an international [...]

    Turneffe Atoll Trust Says Parcel of Land Will Not Be Disturbed
    According to Anderson, the five-acre piece of land is in a strategic position, preventing the development of the area for tourism. He says the land transaction will not include seabed [...]

    Anne Swaney was Murdered 3 Years Ago, Still No Arrest
    Three years ago, on January sixteenth, 2016, American producer for ABC Anne Swaney was violently murdered in western Belize. Swaney was vacationing at the Nabitunich Resort and was last seen [...]

    U.S. Government Partial-Shutdown Hits Embassy in Belize
    At midnight on December twenty-first, the U.S. Government initiated a partial shut-down and it has stretched on to be the longest shut down in that country’s history.  Because President Donald [...]

    PM Barrow meets Cuban President
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is in Cuba on his state visit to the island where he recently underwent surgery. He met Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and both paid tribute [...]

    Judiciary Receiving Less than 1% of National Budget
    On Monday, the Supreme Court opened the legal year with the usual ceremonial fanfare in downtown Belize City. In his remarks, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin spoke of the budget afforded [...]

    Honduran Woman to Face Deportation for a Second Time
    Thirty-two-year-old Blanca Benitez Yanes has been sent to prison for six months. Yanes appeared before Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson this morning on a charge of failure to produce a visitor’s [...]

    Attempted Burglary Charge Dropped
    Twenty-seven-year-old Hugh Alexander Bowden of Belize City was freed from an attempted burglary charge. Bowden who was represented in court by Attorney Oscar Selgado was read two criminal offenses of [...]

    Update on Baby Nelson Tabora: Hospitalized and Stable
    One week ago we aired the story of baby Nelson Tabora reportedly suffering from a condition called hydrocephalus. It is a condition where the head grows abnormally because the cerebrospinal [...]

    An Adolescent Health Strategic Plan Being Finalized
    An Adolescent Health Strategic Plan is being finalized. The plan marks a crucial step of an expanded and holistic focus by the government on the issues affecting adolescents in the [...]

    Citrus Icon Gerry Sharp, Dead at 77
    A citrus pioneer has passed. On Tuesday, the Sharp family announced that seventy-seven-year-old Gerry Sharp has died. Sharp, who is the husband of Marie Sharp, spent decades working in the [...]

    Learning the Workings of Open Street Mapping
    A one-day training workshop took place on Monday in Belize City where officials from government agencies and N.G.O.s worked together on open street mapping. Open street maps are completely user-generated [...]


    New Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams officially installed
    As we mentioned on the top of the newscast, today Chester Williams was officially installed as the new Commissioner of Police. The ceremonial change of command and swearing in was held that the Police Training Academy of the Belize Police Department in Belmopan. Commissioner Williams has been in the force for 27 years and has …

    Free Eyeglasses for Students in the South
    Students at two high schools in Dangriga have been tested for eye-related illnesses. A corporate sponsor had decided to use its eyecare division to test the vision of students at the schools. According to Dangriga Correspondent Harry Aruz, over two dozen individuals have received free eyeglasses. Harry Arzu: “Students attending Dellille Academy and Agriculture Natural …

    Civil Review Complaints Commission looking into Police Complaints
    The Civil Review Complaints Commission launched on the 21st of November, 2018 and it will be chaired by former police commissioner Gerald Westby. The commission will assist in the investigation of complaints surrounding the police. It held its first working group and is looking at complaints made in relation to the department that occurred in …

    Former Compol Whylie says career was ended abruptly
    This afternoon, the former Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was ascended to the position of top cop in an official ceremony at the Police Training Academy in the Capital City Belmopan. But before we get into that story, the man who ComPol Williams succeeds, former Commissioner Allen Whylie took to the podium. The typically …

    Belize’s Ambassador to OAS speaks about universal Hope in ICJ Case
    Belize was represented by Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez in Washington DC at a meeting of the Organization of American States. There were several issues tabled with the aim of bringing them at the forefront for solutions. Love News spoke with Ambassador Gutierrez about the meeting. Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: “Well the meeting was with the permanent representatives …

    Mother reunited with daughter after international custody battle
    Three-year-old, Vera Timofeev was reunited with her mother Raquel Cocom just after midday yesterday. Cocom, with the assistance of Tikkun Olam’s Director, Elisa Castellanos, won a court battle to have her daughter returned to her. Since November 2017, the child had been in the USA with her father who refused to return her. Cocom filed …

    Commissioner Williams Makes Personnel Changes to Department
    The work has begun already for Commissioner Williams as you know, he had played a vital role in the Mahogany Street aggravated burglary and hostage situation earlier in the week. He told the media about how he is restructuring the key players within the police department. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “The fact that I have …

    Correspondent Banking still an issue for CARICOM
    Plaguing Belize and other Caribbean countries is the issue of correspondent banking, CARICOM along with groups have been lobbying for restored relations. The issue has made doing business overseas challenging for many countries. Ambassador Gutierrez says the issue remains alive and there are still efforts made to improve the situation. Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: “It has …

    Bar Association to hold forum on ICJ
    The Bar Association held three legal sessions in the months of April, July and December 2018. These sessions were aimed at promoting continued legal education with a focus on law and trending issues. There is another such session coming up in February as part of the bar’s annual law conference where an expert in international …

    Orange Walk South roads neglected
    The roads in Orange Walk that the cane farmers traverse will be receiving upgrades, all except the roads located in Orange Walk South. Jose Abelardo Mai, the Standard Bearer for Orange Walk South, told Love news that it is a great disservice to the farmers in that area. Mai said that his constituency did not …

    Briceno weighs in on the financial challenge of judiciary
    The fiscal year 2018/2019, saw a decrease in the allocations of funds to carry out the execution of justice. The total amount that was allocated to the judiciary was less than one percent of the national budget. Love News asked the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, to weigh in on the financial challenge faced by the judiciary...

    Price of Fuel takes a dip below $10
    The price of fuel at the pump has gone down. At midnight tonight premium gasoline will decrease by 52 cents, from $10.47 down to $9.95 per gallon; while diesel will also decrease by 52 cents, from $9.83 down to $9.31 per gallon...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PM Barrow on official visit to Cuba
    Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation […]

    Premium and diesel prices go down
    The Ministry of Finance announces that midnight tonight, the price for premium gasoline will decrease by […]

    Santa Elena Furniture Gallery robbed, suspect detained
    According to reports, Santa Elena Furniture Gallery in Santa Elena town was robbed this morning. The […]

    Slanderous Facebook post costs Moses Sulph $30,000
    Former Minister Mark King, recently got court ruling in his favor for a lawsuit brought […]

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow pays homage to Jose Martí in Cuba
    Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow touched down in Havana, Cuba yesterday morning. Barrow is on a 3-day working visit to Cuba on an invitation from Cuba’s President, Miguel Diaz Canel.[…]

    Anny Young missing for over a month
    The family of Anisha “Anny” Young is still seeking answers regarding the disappearance of their […]

    Heritage Bank opens it doors to Spanish Lookout community
    In a historic move, Heritage Bank Limited is opening its doors to the Spanish Lookout […]

    International Sourcesizz

    Michigan nanny wins trip to Belize on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’
    A West Michigan woman is heading on a tropical vacation thanks to an appearance on the popular CBS game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” Grandville nanny Kaitlyn Squires appeared on the classic game of deals and zonks on Wednesday and walked away with a collection of electric scooters and skateboards, as well as a 5-night vacation at the Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro, Belize. The deal, which includes round-trip air fare, is valued at $8,992.

    Five takeaways from the World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress
    The hustle and bustle of a local fish market – usually seen in the pre-dawn dark, with bare-bulb lights illuminating what’s for sale and the shouts from sellers (usually in a language I don’t understand but with meaning clear enough to get out of the way of carts brimming with ice and fish) – is my favorite place to learn about small-scale fisheries. This is where it all comes together, with fishermen landing their catch, buyers (usually women) negotiating prices and customers buying products for that day’s meal or business. Here is where I am a learner and observer – hearing details about challenges these individuals face in maintaining their livelihoods, seeing the pride people have in their work and chatting about what we all can do to sustain the jobs, food, communities and ecosystems that are part of this system.


  • Mission Trip 1: Part 3 - Belize Final Delivery, 9min. Discover how this mission provided an incredible Christmas for over 700 kids from villages throughout the southern part of Belize.

  • SCUBA DIVING BELIZE | Ambergris Caye and Placencia, 16min. SCUBA diving in Belize in a highlight of both the Caribbean and tourism in Central America. While the jungles attract a lot of tourists, Belize is also home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. It has so many incredible experiences for those who love to dive or snorkel. For this SCUBA diving adventure travel vlog I teamed up with PADI, a world famous diver training organization, and William Drumm, a talented underwater photographer.

  • Tiger Shark - Caye Caulker, Belize, .5min. That time we saw a 2.5m Tiger Shark in Belize just before we were about to go paddle boarding...

  • Sports Talk Show, 80min.
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    01/20/19 11:41 PM
    Tomorrows WEATHER for - Mon 21 Jan 2019

    You see how hard it is to do Tomorrows weather. That cool air came down clashing and causing thick cloud over night, no hint of that happening until about 10pm last night.

    The SW high level clouds causing most of the clashing have moved further south, mainly over Honduras. So the cool air has been able to continue coming down from the NNW over most of Belize by this evening, pushing the easterly Caribbean winds further back into the sea.

    Looks as if Tomorrow will be cool air with few clouds, and probably little or no rain.

    [Linked Image]
    5 195 Read More
    01/20/19 12:27 PM


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Red Cross Trains and Donates Equipment to NEMO
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Hon Edmond Castro, this morning received on behalf of NEMO a donation of equipment from the Belize Red Cross to assist in disaster preparation and response. Making the donation on behalf of the Belize Red Cross was its Director General, Lily Bowman. The donation, valued at over 20 thousand dollars, includes a drone, Portable Open Street Map Server and Open Data Kit, all used for data collection in Community Development & Resilience, Accountability & Transparency in Disaster Relief Operations.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    La Ruta Maya 2019
    The 2019 La Ruta Maya is just under 2 months away. This year, it starts on Friday, March 8th, and finishes on Monday, March 11th. If you want to register your team, there are forms at Yoli's Pizza. "Counting down to the 2019 Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge!"

    Beach Clean Up Success!
    We were honored to be able to assist 30 students who travelled all the way from Belize City to show the beaches of La Isla Bonita some seriously needed love! A huge thank you to Saint Catherine Academy Wavemakers Club and Saint John’s College - these are some seriously dedicated and hard working individuals! Today was a shock to many. I asked one of the members what she thought of the state of the beach. She stated, “Of all the places the Wavemakers have cleaned, this beach is by far the most polluted location we’ve seen”. There wasn’t just trash on the surface of the sand, but buried deep and nearly buried forever were tangled ropes, plastic bags, thousands of bottles, and bits and pieces from long forgotten single use items.

    Jo, owner of PG Tours, has started a very cool program to boost the number of Blue butterflies in this area
    We are proud to be included. Check out the photos of our first babies! These magical butterfly sticks get their start at the Chaos Oasis Butterfly House a few miles from here. Alisa and Richard welcome your visit to their amazing butterflies and Earthship House . Both a must see in this area.

    A morning at U Chan Muul Yaax K'aax in San Lazaro(OW)
    Watching the Chan Muul(Small Mound) with the Ma'alob K'iin(Good Morning)sign, the Malix Peek' guardian and youths from Maya descent playing marble.

    The Reporter

    Two Charged For Trafficking Cocaine
    A man and a woman – both residents of Dangriga – have been arrested and charged with two counts of Drug Trafficking after a Police search at their residence on Friday unearthed a small stash of crack cocaine.

    Journalists Receive Training On Migration Issues
    Journalists, police and BDF personnel whose jobs deal with communications, today received training on how to efficiently and effectively report on migration issues, with specific focus on the need to consider the sensitive nature of the conditions under which people migrate and the need to also protect their human rights.

    By Lloyd Jones. “The lawyer, like the diplomat, deals in debate and compromise. Knowledge of law is essential to the diplomat, an ability to negotiate essential to the lawyer, and knowledge of human nature is essential to both. But when the lawyer turns to international problems these similarities lead him to the false conclusion that diplomacy is a form of law. His whole training has accustomed him to presuppose a court where right is distinguished from wrong, legal from illegal, and where there are police and jails to enforce a decision.

    Mapp Key Murder Mystery Thickens
    At the Police briefing on Monday, ASP Alejandro Cowo explained that authorities have reason to suspect that the Mapp Caye mystery is drug-related and is linked to previous occurrences in the area where two persons were shot. When the Reporter asked Mark Neal about those comments made by the lead investigator, he clarified that while there is a suspicion that the incident was fueled by drug-related activity in the area, those incidents had nothing to do with his brother’s camp, but was related to a neighboring fishing camp also located on Mapp Caye.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    2 arrested in Dangriga crack cocaine bust
    Two residents of Dangriga have been charged for drug trafficking. Yesterday, police conducted a search at the home of Karen Valentine,51, of Rivas Estate. Police found crack cocaine amounting to a total 93.2 grams.

    Man robbed of $5,000 in cash
    A man from Belize City was the victim of a robbery that occurred yesterday afternoon. Dennis Saragoza,44, of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo reported that he was on Bocotora Street in Belize City and upon exiting his vehicle, he was accosted by a man.

    Belize celebrates World Youth Day 2019 in Panama
    World Youth Day is an International Catholic event focused on religious faith and youth. The event is being celebrated on January 22-27, 2019. Pope Francis made the announcement of this event in 2016 at the end of the closing Mass of World Youth Day in Brzegi nearby Krakow, Poland.

    Minister’s daughter gets special consideration in recommendation for study leave with full pay
    According to a report from the Amandala Newspaper, Paulette Elrington, daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, who is a contract officer in her father’s ministry, has applied for a study leave to attend a Certificate in Legal Education (CLE) course at the University of the West Indies with full salary, nearly $200,000 annually, a perk normally reserved only for ‘permanent established staff’.

    Dr. Errol Elrington remains wanted fugitive in United States
    he Elrington Family in Belize has almost been synonymous with political and legal excellence. Despite the family’s prominence, allegations against one family member have almost wrinkled the fabric of the many achievements of this Belizean family […]

    Police: Two charged with handling stolen goods from Aragon Sr.
    Last Thursday Elodio Aragon Sr. was kidnapped from inside his home and his possessions were stolen. Yesterday, investigators confirmed that two persons were found in possession of those stolen items and were subsequently charged with handling stolen goods. […]

    Evan Neal remains missing at sea
    Evan Neal, 43, remains missing at sea. Over the weekend, he went missing while a watchman at his fishing camp on Mapp Caye was found dead […]

    Ex-boyfriend goes berserk and burns down home
    Police have since charged Tyrone Fitzgibbon with 2 counts of arson. They believe that last Friday he lit a house on fire with a family inside. That home in Ladyville valued at $30,000 belonged to Levi Bahadur […]

    Police find gun, bullets, and drugs in Belize City
    Proactive policing has made Belize City a bit safer. That is because a joint patrol including the Gang Suppression Unit, K9 Unit, and Special Branch removed a 9 mm pistol with an extended magazine […]

    Kevin Parham survives attempt on his life
    Kevin Parham, 20, is lucky to be alive after a shooting incident in Belize City yesterday morning. According to reports, just before 9 a.m., he was driving his van on Currassow Street when ten gunshots echoed […]


    A Day In San Pedro, A Swimming Jaguar, A New Bar & A Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
    Happy Saturday all – it seems like all of North America is bracing for a polar vortex. Belize is as well. If you see Windfinder’s forecast for our island – we are predicted to get the coldest temps of the year Monday. 66F! Last week I asked for questions on Instagram- stories. Anything you want to know about Belize – and I did my best to answer. Questions ranged from too many advertising signs around the caye to my experiences blogging. But then I got asked “What is the typical day for a old expat? A young expat?”

    International Sourcesizz

    Sad truth behind what's at bottom of world's largest sinkhole
    While accompanying an expedition to below the world’s largest sinkhole, Sir Richard Branson revealed the shocking truth about what lies beneath. Located in the Caribbean sea, off the coast of Belize is The Great Blue Hole, a cavern apparently large enough to swallow two Boeing 747s with ease. The Virgin founder recently accompanied scuba divers on a submarine exploration plunging to the deep, dark bottom of the sinkhole – “an unexplored legend of the deep filled with Mayan mysteries and myths of monsters and wonder”. While he failed to discover traces of mythical creatures he was shocked at what they did find. “Sadly, we saw plastic bottles at the bottom of the hole, which is a real scourge of the ocean.


  • Jaguar takes a swim...., 1min. This was filmed in the lagoon behind Placencia peninsula in Belize. I'll try to get the name of who filmed it. Update: Darryl Lozano took the video near Mango Creek in the Placencia lagoon. MORE info: "Belize has one of the healthiest populations in Central America, and the Jaguar is protected from hunting throughout Belize. Like leopards, jaguars may also be born with melanistic (black) coats, though the rosette patterns are still visible below."

  • Dino and Curt visit San Pedro, Belize Sept 2018, 21min. The long version of our sept 2018 San Pedro, Belize trip. we meet lots of cool folks and had a blast while there.

  • Flight to Belize, bikes and sharks., 9.5min. Left the van in Miami, for 10 days in Belize. Bike rides in Caye Calker, where we were introduced to an amazing individual, Kenny Sampson. An animal shelter owner, who has dedicated his life to helping the fur babies of the island. Also swam with some sharks, and visted Plancencia. Finally returning to Miami to continue our van journey in the southern states.

  • SunBreeze Hotel, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2.5min.

  • San Pedro, Belize 2018, 17min. Quick video on our family trip to San Pedro, Belize in June of 2018. We stayed at Playa Blanca Villas and highly recommend it.

  • Schnorcheln im Lighthouse Reef (Belize), 6min. Zusammenschnitt von 3 Schnorchelsessions um Long Caye. Hier fanden wir einige der schönsten Schnorchellocations der ganzen Karibik. Ein toller Geheimtip für Schnorchler

  • BELIZE TRIP 2018 - Travel Video - GoPro, 12min. Being able to spend a month backpacking through Belize and Guatemala was an experience to remember. Here are some highlights of our trip.

  • Belize 2018-2019, 11min. The laughs, the songs, and the people made Belize a trip to remember.

  • Things To Do in BELIZE, 5min. This week we're exploring the beautiful paradise of Belize. With its picturesque beaches, ancient Maya ruins, incredible wildlife and action-packed excursions, this truly is an adventure like no other! Places in this video: 00:27 Xunantunich Maya Ruins 00:49 River Tubing 01:11 Tobacco Caye from Dangriga 02:00 Mayflower Bocawina National Park 02:52 San Pedro 03:33 The Great Blue Hole 04:13 Half Moon Caye 04:21 Caye Caulker 04:47 Secret Beach - San Pedro
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    Specials & Events
    01/20/19 12:22 PM

    Beach Clean Up Success!

    We were honored to be able to assist 30 students who travelled all the way from Belize City to show the beaches of La Isla Bonita some seriously needed love! A huge thank you to Saint Catherine Academy Wavemakers Club and Saint John’s College - these are some seriously dedicated and hard working individuals!

    Today was a shock to many. I asked one of the members what she thought of the state of the beach. She stated, “Of all the places the Wavemakers have cleaned, this beach is by far the most polluted location we’ve seen”. There wasn’t just trash on the surface of the sand, but buried deep and nearly buried forever were tangled ropes, plastic bags, thousands of bottles, and bits and pieces from long forgotten single use items. What was most heartbreaking was to hear that this area was once a popular turtle nesting area, but now it seems a reason they do not use it anymore is due to the absurd amount of plastic trash clogging their precious nesting ground.

    We are at a very critical point here on Ambergris Caye, if we don’t start fighting hard to restore our ecosystem and adopt sustainable methods of development, we may not have an island worth visiting anymore. Let’s make the example these students set this morning be an example of the tremendous success we will have this year in the fight against pollution. San Pedro is a gem, a breathtaking island bordered by one of the most alive and rich barrier reefs, home to magnificent wildlife, some not seen on other any other caye, and a warm and culturally rich community that wins over the hearts of so many visitors. Let’s prepare for our future generations who will continue the legacy of La Isla Bonita by laying down the framework of an eco-conscious community. Together we can make a difference!

    An enormous amount was accomplished today. We are forever thankful for the efforts of so many students, volunteers, and sponsors. Thank you Organizer MJ Leslie, to Oceana Belize, San Pedro Town Council, Recycle San Pedro Belize, Belize Tourism Industry Association San Pedro Chapter, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Chuck & Robbie's Scuba Diving & Instruction, Ramon's Village Resort, Coastal Xpress, Dawn Kennedy Schick, and Tom Cawthon!

    ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

    Click photos for more pictures!

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    Specials & Events
    01/20/19 12:10 PM
    Update Hope Haven has gotten their funds. Have not heard back from Saga.
    3 290 Read More
    01/20/19 11:52 AM

    Another video... Darryl Lozano took the video near Mango Creek in the Placencia lagoon.

    1 111 Read More
    01/19/19 11:45 PM
    Tomorrows WEATHER for - SUN 20 Jan 2019
    Presently the skies are pretty clear of clouds, but what there is is coming in from the SE. No rain on the radar.

    Looks like it will be a fairly clear night sky, so cool tomorrow morning, possibly with some fog in parts of central Belize. Does not look as if there will be any or much rain tomorrow, white clouds developing during the morning.

    [Linked Image]
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    01/19/19 06:32 PM
    i have land 5 miles south of the airport
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    01/19/19 12:18 PM


    Curasow shooting the result of gang rivalry
    This morning shots rang out on Curasow Street in Belize City, where a gunman fired several shots towards a passing vehicle filled with occupants. Kevin Parham was driving his vehicle with several passengers, fortunately, no one was injured. At this afternoon police press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo, the Head of the Crime Investigation Branch, briefed …

    Training Program aims at creating a more child friendly court
    For those children who come in contact with the law either directly as a victim or indirectly as a suspect, it is important that the judicial system takes the necessary steps to ensure that their rights are not infringed upon. In this regard, court personnel and other stakeholders are participating in a three day workshop …

    Foreign Thieves Credit Card and ATM Scam in Belize
    Foreigners have been siphoning funds from accounts associated with at least one bank in Belize. Superintendent Leslie Wade, Officer Commanding Dangriga Police Formation told love News that on Thursday, they intercepted 2 Mexican cars with three individuals: a Columbian, a Peruvian, and a Chilean National. Today, ACP Joseph Myvette, the Head of the National Crimes …

    Police inch closer to solving Elodio Aragon’s brief kidnapping
    Police have charged two people as they continue to investigate the aggravated burglary of Elodio Aragon Senior’s home and his subsequent kidnapping. While police have not arrested the perpetrators, late Thursday afternoon police reported that 26-year-old Renold Hernandez of San Jose Palmar Village in the Orange Walk District and 19-year-old Rachel Lawrence of Orange Walk …

    SMH! Attorney Says Facebook Posts Can Cost You :(
    A ruling at the Supreme Court on Monday found that activist, Moses Sulph was guilty of slandering UDP politician and owner of Brints Security Services Mark King. Sulph was ordered to pay over thirty thousand dollars for damages and court costs. King sued Sulph in March last year after Sulph published a post on Facebook …

    Alleged Arsonist set house on Fire since He no longer quenced her desire
    Last week Friday night, a fire at 78 Dove Street in Ladyville left Levi Bahadur and his brother temporarily homeless. The wooden building quickly kindled the night sky after an arsonist set it ablaze. ASP Alejandro Cowo, the officer in charge of CIB says that they have arrested the man, thirty-year-old Tyrone Fitzgibbon, a fisherman …

    Christian unity in Belmopan
    Belize is an ethnically diverse country with various cultural and religious traditions. In the Capital, Catholicism is an important part of society. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz reports about Christian unity in Belmopan.

    Burglaries set back schools
    Ephesus SDA Primary School and Wesley Lower School have been targeted by thieves who robbed the school of several essential items valued at thousands of dollars. Ephesus SDA Primary School was burglarized sometime between last week Friday night and Saturday morning. Love news spoke with Torrianne Smith, one of the teachers, about the items stolen. …

    Pound for Pound MMA Fight in Belize
    A group of Mixed Martial Arts promoters and fighters from MMA Events Inc. from the US are preparing for a “Battle in Belize”. That is how they are calling a fight night scheduled for Saturday at the Civic Center in Belize City. But they are not the only ones. Also joining them on Saturday are …

    Credit Card and ATM Scammers Arrested by Police
    Foreigners have been siphoning funds from accounts associated with at least one bank in Belize. Superintendent Leslie Wade, Officer Commanding Dangriga Police Formation told love News that on Thursday, they intercepted 2 Mexican cars with three individuals: a Columbian, a Peruvian, and a Chilean National. Today, ACP Joseph Myvette, the Head of the National Crimes …

    New Health Centers for “most vulnerable population”
    The Government of Belize has constructed two health centers which will serve the residents of Sarteneja, San Pedro and Cristo Rey Villages located in the Corozal District. The health centers were constructed at a little over $1.7 million dollars. The Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, told the media that it is a dream come through.

    How do you feel about Paulette’s Request?
    For the common labourer, to gain twenty five thousand dollars, he/she would have to work for about one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy weeks; and that is not factoring in minimum wage. For Paulette Elrington, however, twenty-five thousand dollars is earned every thirty days and is paid out of the government’s budget under foreign affairs.

    Community and Police-Keeping the Peace on La Isla Bonita
    Tourism continues to be one of the country’s biggest income earners for Belize. There were over 427,000 overnight visitors in 2017 that traveled to inland destinations and the cayes. 41.6 percent of overnight visitors in 2017, visited San Pedro. Keeping peace on an island that not only has the cultures that Belize has to offer but also the American and European visitors, is a monumental task for the often ill-equipped police department.

    Courts and the Gift of Sight to Students
    Unicomer, the parent company of Courts and Courts Optical has embarked on a national marketing campaign that results not only in making the brand a household name but delivers the gift of sight to students across the country. Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung reports on the Brighter View project.

    San Pedro Police and Community work together to make the Island Safer
    Tourism continues to be one of the country’s biggest income earners for Belize. There were over 427,000 overnight visitors in 2017 that travelled to inland destinations and the cayes. 41.6 percent of overnight visitors in 2017, visited San Pedro.

    How can Bottle Caps Help fight Cancer?
    Belizean parents who have children diagnosed with cancer now have somewhere they can turn to for financial support. That support comes from Banco de Tapitas, an association based in Queretaro, Mexico. The association’s work has crossed into Belize after their encounter with baby Leo, a Belizean child who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. The work of Banco de Tapitas is twofold.

    Reward still Offered for information about Murdered American Woman
    American National Anne Swaney, a producer for ABC News was killed in 2016 in Western Belize. Swaney was vacationing at the Nabitunich Resort. States. Swaney’s partially nude body was found with injuries to the head and neck. She was found floating in the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz.

    BSI Reports on Status of Sugar Crop
    The Belize Sugar Industry has issued its numbers on milled sugar cane and sugar produced for the fourth week of the 2018/2019 sugar crop. According to the weekly bulletin, in its fourth week, the factory performance was productive with a little over 47 thousand tons of sugar cane milled and a little over five thousand tons of sugar produced.

    Leaked Nudes leaves Teacher in Hot Water
    A teacher is reportedly on administrative leave from a high school in Orange Walk Town after nude pics of her were released to the internet. Love News was informed of the situation this afternoon and was told that a meeting to further address the matter is slated for Monday afternoon.


    Ex-ComPol Whylie didn’t go quietly!
    Yesterday, at a command handover ceremony at the Police Training School compound in Belmopan, retired Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, 54, who handed over command of the Belize Police Department to his successor, Commissioner Chester Williams, 44, surprised many when he literally lashed out at his detractors inside and outside the Police Department. What should have been Whylie’s swan song turned out to be a speech laden with bitter accusations at the abrupt end of his career as Commissioner of Police. The former top cop was unsparing in remarks he aimed at his fellow police officers and the media, which he accused of orchestrating his removal from office.

    Activist Moses Sulph loses to Mark King
    Social media has given voice to many people who would otherwise be voiceless, but for community activist Moses Sulph, his Facebook voice has come at an extremely high cost, following a judgment that was made against him in the Supreme Court, which ruled that he had slandered former UDP minister Mark King and his security company. On Tuesday, January 15, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young handed down a judgment in King’s favor. The court had found that Sulph could not prove the allegations that he had made in his Facebook post about Brint’s Security concerning shortfalls in payment to its employees, a couple of whom testified in Sulph’s defense.

    Paulette Elrington is not an “ordinary” contract officer
    The Government of Belize spends millions of taxpayers’ dollars each year on a number of contract officers employed in all sectors of the public service. Many of these contract officers get all kinds of perks and allowances that the permanent establishment staff can only dream about. One such contract officer is Paulette Elrington. In 2008, Paulette Elrington, a daughter of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, signed on as a contract officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the post of Foreign Officer. Elrington, according to the copy of a government memorandum Amandala obtained, was last posted at the Permanent Mission of Belize to the United Nations, in New York City.

    Promotions and transfers in senior police command
    Yesterday, at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, there was a changing of the guard in the Police Department as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, took over command from outgoing Commissioner, Allen Whylie, who has retired. The Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young, presided over the ceremony. At the ceremony, the new Commissioner announced some changes in the senior ranks of the Police Department. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Edward Broaster is now the Deputy Commissioner of Police and National Commander of Operations and Crimes Investigations.

    Electricity rates will increase to 41.38 cents
    Amidst the objections to an increase in electricity rates from 38.62 cents per kilowatt hour to 42 cents that was declared by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), the PUC has gone ahead with the increase, but slightly softened that increase, so that the new rate is not 42 cents, but 41.38 cents. This increase will come into effect at the end of the month. As we had reported in the December 31 edition of the Amandala, BEL had initially requested from the PUC an increase to 41.5 cents per kilowatt hours to recover the $18.9 million they spent to absorb a hike in the cost of power. As per the law, BEL is required to recover these funds through the consumers. The PUC, however, had initially granted an even larger increase.

    Aneshia Young, 23, still missing over a month later
    Last Wednesday, January 9, marked exactly 1 month since 23-year-old Aneshia Young went missing after attending a work staff party on the previous night, and then leaving from Sit ‘N Sip at around 3 a.m. Today, her family, who have been relentlessly searching for her body, is much closer to finding her than ever before. Yesterday, January 15, leader of the search team, Jose Espat, held a press conference, which was broadcasted live on Facebook, where he discussed all the circumstantial evidence that has been collected so far, leading up to the hair extensions (“weave”) and human skin found in a shallow grave on December 29.

    Barring a miracle, Barrack Road FC to be crowned Peace Cup champions on Saturday at MCC
    itting comfortably with a 6-1 victory from game 1 of the championship series, only a large miracle can stop Barrack Road FC from securing the CYDP Peace Cup 2018-2019 Opening Season championship when they face Ladyville FC in game 2 of the Finals on Saturday at the MCC Grounds. With the final game postponed last weekend due to ongoing negotiations with the referees, a minor inconvenience was created for Barrack Road, whose sweeper, Ryan Gill saw action with BDF FC in their PLB home game against Altitude Assassins FC on Sunday at the MCC. The CYDP championship should have been completed on Saturday last; but with the postponement till this coming Saturday, it means that Gill, who is sweeper for Barrack Road FC, will not be able to perform in game 2 of their championship series.

    NEBL 2019 Opening Night at Civic
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) tips off its 2019 season this Friday night, January 18, with its showcase opener at the Belize Civic Center featuring defending champion, Belize Hurricanes vs Griga Dream Ballers. Tip-off time is 9:00 p.m. Then on Saturday, Belize City Defenders travel west to the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio to face Verdes; and the San Pedro Tiger Sharks head north to challenge the Orange Walk Running Rebels at the Orange Walk Sporting Complex. Both games tip-off at 8:30 p.m.

    Pedal by Pedal report – Chief’s OPEN Sunday Race of January 13, 2019
    Some 48 cyclists, divided between 27 Elites and 22 Weekend Warriors, lined up on Sunday for Chief’s OPEN RACE from Leslie’s to Democracia and back to Old Belize, for a total of 52 miles. As the cycling season comes into full swing, and as the Elites start getting into better condition, they are clearly stamping their authority on the Weekend Warriors. Today’s race was a clear example of that, as some 18 Elites separated themselves from the rest of us before we even got to the turnaround at Democracia. The only Weekend Warrior who made the split was Vallan Symns of Kulture, one of the younger Weekend Warriors (WW).

    National Female Football returns next Saturday
    In a Facebook post today, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), through its Women’s Director, Ms. Iris Centeno, announced that all 11 participating teams in the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) Opening Season last year, would be returning for the NAWL Closing Season which gets under way next Saturday, January 26. The 11 returning teams include: “Corozal Scorpions, Gladiators of Orange Walk, Black Orchid of Belize, San Pedro Invaders, Rebels of Cayo, Santa Elena Strikers of Cayo, Jewel Fury of Belmopan, Dangriga Pumas, Altitude of Midsouth, Rumberas of Midsouth, and Ladies Freedom Fighters from Toledo.”

    Editorial: Commissioner Williams’ hopeful goal
    New Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who was appointed to the post on January 9 this year, told the press that his number one goal will be to reduce murders. Commissioner Williams said: “My main area of focus will be on reducing murders, and that will be done through concentrating on gangs and domestic violence issues, because those are the two leading causes of murders in our country.” (Later, Commissioner Williams added a third area he will focus on: nightclubs) An entire nation is hoping, praying that the new Commissioner will pull off the job. Mr. Williams, a trained attorney who is a 27-year veteran of the national police department, is now top cop in a country that has become one of the most murderous places on earth. He has noted that a lot of murders in Belize are gang-related. That is not news. Ever since the US declared war on drugs, the murder rate in Belize has been escalating.

    Rolando Cocom discusses the Guatemala claim to Belize
    Dear Editor, In 1992, on the front page of The Belize Times, the headline read, “National Interests Must Override Party Politics, Forward with the Maritime Act” (Sunday, January 19, 1992). The Amandala headline ran “UDP Collapse; PSU strike.” (February 17, 1992). The People’s United Party under George Price had a few weeks before it proposed a Maritime Areas Act (MAA/MAB) with a specific intent for Belize to show Guatemala that we were willing to discuss a mutually beneficial maritime boundary for them to further acknowledge our land boundary and drop its claim over Belize. In 1991, Guatemala had for the first time recognized Belize as an Independent State. This was seen as a sign of change by Belize and the international community. The motto was “Give peace a chance”.

    Cornelius (Pat) Cacho writes on land policy
    Dear Editor, I have been going through some of my writings in preparation for my autobiography and came across the attached, which was presented at a conference in Belize City some almost thirty years ago. Although I still think it is worth discussing in the interest of the country’s development, it never seemed to take off – maybe because of poor quality, or maybe because of our innate indifference to anything that requires a little thinking. If you share my view that it has merit and therefore deserves serious discussion, I would appreciate your kindly giving these thoughts some airing.

    Sidley takes Mariana to task
    Dear Ms. Mariana Verde, I write in reply to your letter captioned “Mariana Verde questions Sidley Leslie” appearing in the Friday, January 11, 2019 issue of the Amandala newspaper. In answer to your questions on my contention that on four occasions the Belize government has agreed with Guatemala that the present location of our boundaries is not legally valid and is therefore liable to be changed, be advised that the views expressed in my article “The choice before us” to which your letter refers, are based on impartial and logical conclusions derived from a dispassionate observation of the relevant facts.

    Dr. Gerald Zuniga writes – 34 years later
    Dear Dr. Manzanero, A pleasant New Year’s greetings to you and wishes of success in your daily endeavours. Sir, the purpose of the following is to express to you my deep concern about the recent incidents in the public domain in the first two weeks of this year that reflect the weakness of our health system. As a medical doctor and a concerned Belizean, I find it extremely disturbing that an infant died of diarrhoea, whether it be infectious, metabolic or of any other aetiology and that a police officer died of a gunshot wound in the abdominal cavity, when hundreds around the world survive long-range- rifle gunshot wounds in the abdominal cavity.

    Wired to say NO
    Some people worry that Guatemala has some ace hidden under its sleeves, which it will pull out at the ICJ and slam on the table, like a winning feech, and game, set and match, kaput, bye-bye Belize. There is no end to horror stories in this world. There are some people who say that earth is the devil’s territory. Then, we shouldn’t bother to fight. We should just yield to temptation…pass the batl, draw the kaak, and, like Omar Khayyam, drink… Drink! for you know not whence you came nor why: drink! for you know not why you go, nor where. Really, from where will Guatemala get such an ace? If Guatemala had such an ace, would the UN have supported our independence? Did Guatemala just find this ace? If Guatemala has such an ace, not an ace like “Spain gave us to them”, a real ace, one like a referendum in Belize that says that we want to be Guatemalans, then we should just capitulate. We have to respect the will of our people.

    Belize will never be destroyed from the outside
    In February of 1967, Ambassador Bethuel Webster, who was appointed by President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, to mediate the dispute between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Guatemala over British Honduras, wrote to me on February 1st inviting the British Honduras Freedom Committee to meet with him. In his letter he expressed his frustration on not being able to arrive at a solution to this dispute which was assigned to him and in his own words wondered “if any of my proposals” would be released. Ambassador Webster suggested that Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 13 (a holiday) would be a most appropriate day for us to meet. I therefore had to prepare myself to discuss this unfounded claim of Guatemala to our country and to bone up on my knowledge of the Great Emancipation, including a few of his famous quotes, e.g. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but cannot fool all the people all the time”. “America will never be destroyed from the outside”.

    Jahmeel Reyes, 15, still in coma with slug in his head
    Jahmeel Reyes, 15, a student of Roaring Creek who was beaten and shot in the back of his head and left to die, lies in a critical condition in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. We checked with his family on Wednesday and they told us that Reyes was in an induced coma and doctors had not yet conducted surgery to remove the slug that is lodged in his head because his brain was swollen. Yesterday evening, the family told us that a second CAT scan was conducted to monitor the swelling on his brain, but doctors decided that they still couldn’t proceed with the operation. The family said that doctors told them that he had a 50-50 chance of surviving.

    Two charged with handling stolen goods from Elodio Aragon, Sr.
    On Tuesday, January 15, Orange Walk police charged Renold Hernandez, 26, a driver of San Jose Palmar Village, Orange Walk District, and Rachel Lawrence, 19, a domestic of Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, with handling stolen goods. Police did not state in their press release, issued today, Thursday, January 17, what item or items the two, who are charged jointly, were found with.

    PUP leader John Briceño winds down ICJ referendum listening tour
    With only a short time remaining before the April 10 national referendum in which Belizeans will indicate, by a yes or no vote, whether they think the Guatemalan claim should be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) , the Opposition (People’s United Party) leader, Hon. John Briceño is wrapping up his listening tour. Last week, the PUP issued a press release ahead of the Barrow government meeting with four former PUP Foreign Ministers, who signed a declaration in support of going to the ICJ. The PUP in their release were categorical in saying that the four former foreign ministers did not speak for the party.

    Anthony Crawford, 35, in coma after being shot in chest
    Just before 9:00 last night, January 14, 35-year-old Anthony Crawford was shot in the chest. Fortunately, he survived the incident, and is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Initial investigations revealed that Crawford, who is a Belize City resident, was riding his bicycle on Antelope Street, accompanied by another man, when he was shot. According to police reports, it was when he reached the corner of the street, that an unknown man came out of a yard and fired two shots in the direction of the men.

    The Reporter

    On Monday Police formally arrested and charged Richard O’Neal, 26, Wayne Welch, 25 and Steven Bernard, 25, Laborer, with Aggravated Burglary, Wounding, Harm, Aggravated Assault, Kept a Forearm without a Gun License, and Kept Ammunition without a License.

    Dangriga Police on Thursday afternoon intercepted three foreigners who are suspected to have stolen monies using fake ATM cards across Belize. The three, a Colombia, a Peruvian, and a Chilean, were nabbed around 3:00 p.m., in Dangriga Town while they were in two separate cars bearing Mexican license plates.

    Belize witnessed a changing of the guard within the Belize Police Department this week, with former Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, the longest tenured top cop, being retired to make way for newly appointed ComPol, Chester Williams. During his farewell speech at the Police Academy on Wednesday, Whylie took a parting shot, alluding that he was forced into abrupt retirement by plotting rivals scheming on his exit.

    $30,000 for a Facebook Post
    Community activist Moses Sulph will have to pay former United Democratic Party politician Mark King $30,000 over a slanderous Facebook post, following a landmark court ruling in the Supreme Court this week. On Tuesday, Justice Sonya Young ordered Sulph to pay $10,000 for aggravated damages and $20,000 dollars for general damages to King’s reputation.

    The Crushing Weight of Despair
    My name is Mike Rudon, and I’ve been drinking pretty much non-stop since I was about seventeen years old. I’m thinking by now I should have been dead a whole bunch of times, or at the very least I should have been sitting on the side of the street somewhere, drinking rum straight out of a flask.

    Belizean Economy and International Obligations Part 3
    In the last Business Perspective (BP) article we concluded with reference to the need for a proactive approach to the tax reform efforts. As was pointed out in that article, in many instances Belize finds itself virtually forced to make certain tax policy changes in response to one international obligation or the other.

    Belize Signs Landmark Tax Treaty
    Belize recently signed on to the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), a convention by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) meant to prevent multinational enterprises from avoiding their tax obligations.

    Reunited: Raquel Cocom Returns to Belize
    After being separated from her daughter for over a year, Orange Walk resident Raquel Cocom returned to Belize with week with her three-year-old daughter, Vera Timofeev. Cocom returned on Tuesday, after traveling to South Carolina, USA, to retrieve her daughter from her ex-common law husband Andre Timofeev, who had held the child in the US without Cocom’s permission.

    NEMO Receives Equipment and Training From Belize Red Cross
    The staff of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has received equipment worth $20,000 and training for disaster preparedness from the Belize Red Cross Society.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police follow fruitless Anny Young report sent to BBN
    Police investigated the validity of an email sent to BBN on Thursday, in which […]

    New health centers inaugurated in Sarteneja, San Pedro/Cristo Rey
    Inauguration ceremonies for two new health centers were held on January 17th and 18th. The […]

    Maya Land Rights Commission hosts training in Punta Gorda
    The Maya Land Rights Commission hosted a two-day training on January 17th & 18th at […]

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs CEO on working visit to Mexico
    On Thursday, January 17, Patrick Andrews, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]

    The Courtenay Doctrine
    By Lisa Shoman: What is a doctrine? It’s a creed, a belief; but also a stated principle of government policy, for example, the Monroe Doctrine. The Latin root is “docere”, to teach.A doctrine is therefore supposed to teach something. So what does the “Courtenay Doctrine” teach us?


    Making Tamales: It’s a family affair
    Growing up in a Mestizo household, these pockets of masa filled with chicken, k’ol and some veggies were a favorite for many special occasions, from birthdays to New Year’s parties. With my aunt and grandma in the lead, my cousins and I had the little tasks of gathering the plantain leaves needed to wrap the tamales and washing and chopping the onions and tomatoes needed for the sauté. I would watch in wonder at the careful process of making this one dish, and of courses, enjoyed eating them hot out of the pot when they were ready!

    Art In The Park This Saturday Janauary 19, 2019
    Art In the Park is a monthly Artistical event held in Corozal. Several booths come out to showcase their woodwork, pieces of jewelry, Clothing, information booths, food, Miss Deb's food, pastries and more. Do not miss out this weekend's first Art In the Park for 2019.

    Y Not Baker in Corozal, Town
    in Corozal, Corozal, Belize. Need to order fresh bread? Call them at +501 402-3354. Or, look them up at Y not Bakery on Facebook. They also deliver around town.

    Why choose Corozal, Belize on your next vacation
    Corozal is a pleasant seaside town at the very northern end of Belize. Less than 8 miles (12 km) from the Belize-Mexico border, most visitors pass through Corozal on their way to or from popular destinations in Mexico such as Tulum and Chichen Itza. Corozal played an important role as a trading center throughout Mayan history, and settlement in modern-day Corozal started in the mid-1800s as Mestizo refugees fled from neighboring Mexico. Today, Latin culture and language has persisted in the community, and a large portion of Corozal’s 10,000 residents speak Spanish.

    Private Island Getaways in Belize. What Happens Here, Stays Here
    When Professor Daniel J. Solove was asked to write a blog post for the website, readers expected to find a list of 10 privacy justifications that relate to cybersecurity or website threats. In fact, Solove’s explanations about why privacy is critical relates to personal relationships as well. Among the biggest of Solove’s revelations has to do with privacy leading to one’s ability to change and get second chances. We couldn’t agree more as we work with couples to help them rediscover their relationships. Because we take this topic seriously, we frequently suggest private island getaways in Belize as the ideal way to get that second chance at love. And you thought all we did at was uphold our reputation for being the #1 travel marketplace in Belize! We also help relationships blossom.

    International Sourcesizz

    Article on Belize written by Cuban Consul Orestes Hernandez
    Belize, where multiculturalism is breathed and Cuban solidarity is present Arriving in Belize is to open a page of any of Alejo Carpentier's novels. The multicultural surrounds you, embraces you and makes you feel imprisoned in the marvelous real. The first impression of every country is the airport -if Cubans know it- and beyond migratory mechanisms and processes, in Belize it is confirmed that no one resembles anyone. Black men and women, mestizas, of Asian factions, of Mayan origin or representatives of the "Garinagu" people, oblige the visitor to understand how our America is. In Belize, the language is a nationality festival. The official language is English but also Spanish, Garífuna, Maya-Kekchi, Maya Mopan, Mandarin, German, Arabic and all in a soup of indescribable flavors and colors.

    The decolonization game: An ancient sport puts Mexicans in touch with their Indigenous past
    For thousands of years, ulama was a religious ritual and a gruelling game, until the Spanish conquest nearly killed it off. Now, Mexicans are embracing it again – and they have the bruises to prove it. Brenda Solano lunged and dived for the ball near the end of an ulama game last week. She hit the dirt and shoved her hip forward, the five-kilogram rubber ball catching her at the ribs. She let out an audible oof − but kept the ball out of her end of the court. “You have to get hit to learn,” she said cheerily when she limped off the grass a few minutes later. Ms. Solano, a 22-year-old student of anthropology, summoned a stoic air. “It’s about feeling Mexican.” Her trainer, Arturo Sanchez, gave an encouraging nod. He is always on the lookout for recruits. They were playing this game – on a newly built court for an ancient sport in a town near the Mexican capital – as a demonstration during a community festival, hoping to entice new players.

    Leigh Paris Takes Over Belize in "Wood Grain" Video
    Leigh Paris is tapping into his Belizian roots... and the early aughts. On Friday afternoon, the up-and-coming rapper MC released the official video for "Wood Grain," the latest offering from his upcoming 5500 EP. The song was produced by Lyle LeDuff and takes cues from Shyne's 2000 hit single "Bad Boyz," which samples Grace Jones' "Nightclubbin" and Barrington Levy's "Here I Come." The video features Paris turning up in the Central American country—soaking up the Caribbean sun, hanging with the locals, and partying in the Orange Wown District.

    What IS at the bottom of Belize’s Great Blue Hole? Plastic bottles: Richard Branson's expedition to the giant sea hole found pollution next to startling signs of climate change
    Plastic pollution including water bottles has been found 400 feet (120m) below the ocean's surface during an expedition down a sinkhole known as the Blue Hole. Virgin founder Richard Branson is behind the project off the coast of Belize, which set out to explore the complex cave system. The Blue hole was once on dry land but became submerged around 10,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. It is hoped the information gathered during the expedition will shed more light on how climate change has impacted the planet over the course of millennia.

    Baby spider monkey found chained at poachers’ house after mother killed
    It’s hard enough to imagine what goes through a poacher’s mind when they do harm to animals in the wild, let alone how they could ever cruelly injure a baby animal. Thanks to the good Samaritan who decided to make a call when they spotted a dubious situation, though, the reprehensible actions of poachers in Central America had a much better outcome than they might have had otherwise—after they murdered a mother spider monkey and detained its badly injured offspring to be sold in the exotic pet industry. It was six years ago when the rescue crew for the Belize Forest Department received a call about a suspected poacher keeping a baby spider monkey captive.


  • St. Catherine's Academy ICJ Debate, 120min.

  • 2017 Belize High School Music Video - Youth, 3min.

  • Jaguar Swims, 1/4min.

  • The Ministry of Health - Annual HIV Surveillance Report 2017, 43min. The Ministry of Health discussed the findings of the Annual HIV Surveillance Report 2017. They talked about how the national response is working to address the HIV/AIDS crisis locally. On our couch: Dr. Russell Manzanero -Head, Epidemiology Unit, MOH. Dr. Keisha Westby - National TB Assistant Coordinator, MOH.

  • Sea to Shore Alliance - protection of manatee population in Belize, 20min. Jamal Galves, Coordinator, Sea to Shore Alliance, continues his advocacy work to protect the manatee population of Belize. He was our guests to talk about the latest campaigns.

  • House of Shotokan lessons has learnt from practicing Karate, 25min. Shihan Raymond Kelly of House of Shotokan shared a few life lessons has learnt from practicing Karate.

  • Special Agreement and Protocol/Analysis, 55min. The Referendum Unit continued it educational series on the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute. Today their representatives discussed the Special Agreement and Protocol/Analysis and Request to the ICJ. On set: Ambassador Alexis Rosado - Head, Referendum Unit. Ambassador Dylan Vernon - Member, Referendum Unit.

  • PACT at 22!, 7.5min. The Protected Areas Conservation Trust released a video to celebrate their 22nd anniversary. The video explains many of the projects they fund around Cayo and Belize. Happy birthday, PACT! "In 2018, PACT marked 22 years of work in the protected areas of Belize. The organization has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1996 and has grown to be a locally, regionally and internationally recognized Trust Fund. We are proud of the effort that Belize has put in the sustainable management of protected areas, through a dedicated financial mechanism, as is PACT. This short video highlights some of the major successes so far and the work continues!"

  • BELIZE NAVIDAD, 10min. Stevenson Christmas 2018 in Belize.

  • Swimming with Sharks in Belize, 7min. Took a ferry out to Caye Caulker, Belize & swam with nurse sharks & sting rays.

  • Belize 2019, 9min.

  • Placencia, Belize and our experience checking into the country., 22min. Sailing Belize: In this episode; After leaving Cay Caulker and navigating shallow Porto Stuck we've arrived in Southern Belize at Placencia. We love this area but checking into the country can sometimes be challenging. Listen as we recount our experience clearing in.

  • Ziplining in Belize!, 6min.

  • Cavetubing in Belize!, 10min.

  • Sailing Belize in catamaran - Episode 10 - Tobacco Caye, 4min. After South Water Caye we reach Tobacco Caye. Great and quiet mooring, beautiful island and nice snorkeling on the reef
  • 1 156 Read More
    01/19/19 12:05 PM

    The Protected Areas Conservation Trust released a video to celebrate their 22nd anniversary. The video explains many of the projects they fund around Cayo and Belize. Happy birthday, PACT!

    "In 2018, PACT marked 22 years of work in the protected areas of Belize. The organization has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1996 and has grown to be a locally, regionally and internationally recognized Trust Fund. We are proud of the effort that Belize has put in the sustainable management of protected areas, through a dedicated financial mechanism, as is PACT. This short video highlights some of the major successes so far and the work continues!"

    0 29 Read More
    01/19/19 11:52 AM

    Au Revoir, Habana

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow today concluded today his first official visit to Cuba.  

    And before departing the island he shared some thoughts with Cuban media about the discussions he had with top Cuban leaders and diplomats. Here is a short clip of his comments in that regard - courtesy the Belize mission in Cuba:

    Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize
    "I think in terms of our talks about the region and what is happening, the exchange of view was productive and of course with respect to the bilateral relations between Belize and Cuba, we were able to agree on the initiatives to actually broaden the cooperation and strengthen relationships. So all together, excellent trip."

    While there, PM Barrow met with President Miguel Diaz Canel, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, Foreign Trade Minister Rodrigo Malmierca and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Teresita Gonzalez. 

    Channel 7

    1 76 Read More
    Ambergris Caye
    01/19/19 11:24 AM
    San Pedro Police and Community work together to make the Island Safer

    Tourism continues to be one of the country’s biggest income earners for Belize. There were over 427,000 overnight visitors in 2017 that travelled to inland destinations and the cayes. 41.6 percent of overnight visitors in 2017, visited San Pedro. Keeping peace on an island that not only has the cultures that Belize has to offer but also the American and European visitors, is a monumental task for the often ill-equipped police department. Love News traveled to the island and found out how the department keeps peace on La Isla Bonita.

    0 207 Read More
    Specials & Events
    01/19/19 11:17 AM
    An emergency blood drive to assist the countrywide blood shortage and island resident Daryl Kennedy has been scheduled for Sunday, January 20th at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II in San Pedro Town. Kennedy is in Belize City waiting for surgery on a broken hip and will be needing a good supply of blood. He is well known on the island for his non-profit organization Kids of Belize, which aims to make a positive impact in the lives of young children.

    The blood drive is being organized by the San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) and will take place from 9AM to 3PM. Organizers are urging the island community to come out and support. Blood drives are held every three months on the island. The first one for this year was scheduled for March 2, 2019, but given the situation, the organization sees the need to reach out to the community to held Kennedy and the reserves at the Blood Bank in the Belize City. “We are in the midst of a big countrywide blood shortage and we need your help. We also have a need for a local resident who helps not only Ambergris Caye but also the mainland. Kennedy started Kids Of Belize as a way to give back through music. Since it’s inception, it has been growing leaps and bounds, making a positive impact on Ambergris Caye and beyond,” says Laurie Norton of SPBRC.

    Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
    1 62 Read More
    01/19/19 11:09 AM

    Sea to Shore Alliance - protection of manatee population in Belize

    Jamal Galves, Coordinator, Sea to Shore Alliance, continues his advocacy work to protect the manatee population of Belize. He was our guests to talk about the latest campaigns.
    28 32,930 Read More
    Previous Days Weather
    01/18/19 11:55 PM
    Tomorrows WEATHER for - Sat 19 Jan 2019

    Coolish air continues to come down from the NNE with more cloud coming in from the east, no rain around at present.

    Looks like tomorrow Sat 19 will be fairly similar to today. Cloud in the south, clearer skies in central and the north, probably no rain.

    [Linked Image]
    4 185 Read More
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