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Ambergris Caye
1 hour ago
This is not terribly encouraging, but I had guests booked at El Secreto in late April and they left and booked a property we manage because the resort was a wreck with sewage problems. Looked good from the beach and they couldn't even spend one night there. Hopefully they have fixed their problems since then.
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Caye Caulker
4 hours ago
Rubin Natividad talked about starting a dive shop catering to divers with disabilities. Not sure of the name of his shop but will look into it. He is on the south end of Ambergris.
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5 hours ago

Our Maya ancestors defended this land which we now called Belize

- (1508) First Spanish excursions occurred, Maya resisted Spanish attempts to control

-(1528) the Maya of Chactemal with their leader Nachan Can continue resisting the Spanish attempts to control the area.

- (1544) Spanish took over northern Belize

- (1546) Massive Maya uprising threw Spanish out of Belize

- (1547) Spanish cousins, the Pechecos, and friends received Spanish Grant to Belize; tortured, killed Maya villagers, burned homes

-(1567) Spanish went through Maya villages in northern Belize slaughtering, torturing destroying Maya imagery ,books etc

- (1568) Juan de Garzon's forces destroyed Mayan communities in Belize as far south as Lake Isobel.

- (1636) Major war between Maya and Spanish occurred

- (1638) Mayan political leaders started new independence movement; piracy along coast became common

- (1639) Three leaders of independence movement: Gaspar Puc, Alcalde of Lamanai, Don Luis Kinil and Andres Uxul were captured, tortured to death by Spanish. This Maya are ancestors of the Yucatec Maya in Belize.

- (1642) War for Belize ended, Maya gained independence

-(1660) British pirate, Bartholomew Sharpe, began harvest of logwood; British buccaneers settled near coast

- (1677) Spanish failed attempt at conquest in south

- (1707) Spanish forced Tipu Maya to aid in fight against Itza-Maya; then sold them into slavery

- (1788/1801) Yucatec Maya of Belize attacked British logging camps with Bow and Arrows in Northwestern Belize.

- (1847) the Maya Social War(Caste War) starts Yucatec Maya rise against the Spanish.

- (1848) The last report on a attack by the Maya with bow and arrows in North western Belize.

-(1849) The state of the Cross was proclaim by the Yucatec Maya. The followers of Maya Cross became known as the Cruzoob Maya

-(1860) the Chan Santa Cruz state(Maya State) encompassed all of the southern and central parts of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. With associated, buffer and splinter groups, this state was the core of a broader indigenist liberation movement that controlled virtually all of the old Iz'a territories. These territories include the eastern, central and southern portions of the Yucatán peninsula, extending from Cape Catoche south to include what is now northwestern Belize and northeastern Guatemala

-(1866)The Maya(Iciache Maya and San Pedro Maya) with leaders Asuncion Ek,Marcos Canul,Rafeal Chan and Luciano Tzuc defeated the British troops in the battle of San pedro yalbac in December 21.

-(1867) British troops marched into areas in which the Maya had settled and destroyed villages in an attempt to drive them out

- (1870)The Maya returned and in April 1870 Marucs Canul and The Iciache Maya occupied Corozal

- (1872) The last mejor serious attack by the Icaiche maya on the British.

-(1875) The Yucatec Maya in the yablac area continue resisting.

-(1882) Yucatec Maya leader Santigo Pech of the Icaiche Maya meet with Governor Harley.

-(1897) The Spanish and British agree in the borders of Belize and Mexico with out asking the Native Maya.

-(1901) The Caste war was declared over but the maya continue there resistance

-(1935) General Fransisco May of the Cruzoob sign peace with the Mexicans. During this period more Yucatec Maya rebels belonging to the Cruzoob Maya came to Belize.

- (1937) Through intimitation the Belize estate and produce company Removed the last Maya village in the Yalbac area,the village of San Jose Yalbac

-(1962-1963) Maya leader from Xaibe Jesus Ken strick along with 80 men armed with machetes, shotguns, and assorted weapons marched onto company lands, stopped the tractors from working”. Ken sent a telegram to Price demanding lands be given to the peasants.

-(1981) Belize gains independence from British

- Today the Maya of Southern Belize( Mopan and Kekchi) continue their struggle. Maya Win Unprecedented Land Rights In Belize At International Courts

- Most Maya Yucatec in northern Belize have become integrated to the Belizean society working as Cane Farmers,police man,teachers and other jobs.

[Linked Image]

NOTE: THe Iciache maya and the Cruzoob Maya were the name of 2 Yucatec Maya(Masewal) groups. The Mayas of Chactemal area were Yucatec Maya Speakers also. Also there were Yucatec mayas in the Dzuluinicob area. The Yucatec Maya in Belize may also identify themselves as Maya,Maya Masewal, Masewal ,Maya Mestizo or Mayero all are the same.

Belize Yucatec Maya
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Ambergris Caye
5 hours ago
He hopes will be done manually?
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Food & Recipes
5 hours ago

Featuring the best of Belizean Cuisine

A dazzling display of Belizean culinary ingenuity and mixology will be the apogee of this year’s Taste of Belize, the BTB’s signature culinary competition, to be held this year on Saturday, July 21st at the Ramada Belize City Princess.

The event will feature Belize’s finest chefs and bartenders vying for trophies and cash prizes in four main categories, including Pastry Chef of the Year, Junior Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year and the Master Chef of the Year.

Taste of Belize is organized by the BTB every two years with the aim to recognize and promote Belizean culinary creativity where chefs are able to entice a panel of judges with delicious cuisines. The last Taste of Belize was in 2016.

The winners of the various categories will represent Belize in next year’s Taste of the Caribbean, the region’s premier culinary competition, food & beverage educational exchange and Caribbean cultural showcase.

Speakers at the opening ceremony will include BTB’s Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, among others.

Numerous chefs and bartenders from throughout Belize are expected to participate in this year’s event.

The BTB invites everyone to come out and cheer for your favorite contender and enjoy succulent and mouth-watering Belizean cuisine.

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8 hours ago
From Elbert....

On Ambergris Caye this morning the wind is from the East at 10 mph, the sea is calm and sky clear. Looks like a great day ahead with an expected high of 88f.

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10 hours ago


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Coral Ed-Ventures 2018 Summer Camp graduates 51 island students
A total of 51 children graduated from the annual Coral Reef Ed-Ventures Summer Camp on Thursday, July 12th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The special graduation ceremony recognized the participants as Coral Reef Experts after they successfully completed the educational summer program that started on June 25th. The graduation ceremony took place shortly after 7PM, with participants presenting their projects to invited guests and their parents. Afterwards, everyone was treated to a presentation on Wallie the whale shark that travelled around the seas in search for food. During his trek, he noticed how the oceans in other parts of the planet are filled with trash and other pollutants.

Ambergris Today

Belize Statistics Point To Decrease In Major Crimes
Statistics compiled by the Ministry of National Security show that major crimes in Belize are on a downward trend. The figures were released and analyzed at the Ministry’s monthly meeting with the high command of law enforcement agencies in Belmopan on Monday, 9th July 2018. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Ministry to review the current crime situation in Belize where it was noted that there is an observable downward trend in major crimes. This updated information incidentally came after a meeting with the business sector including the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Chinese Association, the Indian Association, and the Belize Teachers Union; where they reportedly were of the view that crimes were spiraling out of control.

Tropic Air Announces The Resumption Of Flights To Caye Caulker
On Monday, July 16, 2018, Tropic Air announced that it is opening reservations for the resumption of service to and from Caye Caulker (CUK). Reservations can now be made for flights that begin on November 15th, 2018.

Misc Belizean Sources


Tropic Air to Resume Flights to Caye Caulker Nov. 15
Tropic Air announced today that it is opening reservations for the resumption of service to and from Caye Caulker (CUK). Reservations can now be made for flights that begin on November 15th, 2018. “Caye Caulker is an important part of our network, and as Belize’s leading airline, we are thrilled to announce a service resumption date” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “Now that the renovations to the airstrip are nearing completion, we are happy to let the residents know that we are back and ready to fly more tourists to the island.” “While we have set November 15th as our resumption date, we are prepared to move that date up if the the airport renovation work finishes earlier,” said Steve Schulte, CEO of Tropic Air. “We have also improved our schedule to the island, making it more efficient and giving the island dedicated flights and tours..."

Familiarization Trip and Business Conference Held as Part of the Regional Mayan Community-Based Tourism Project
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Mundo Maya Organization held a familiarization trip to the Exploring Holpatin Trail in the Orange Walk District on Thursday, July 12, 2018. As part of the activities, tour operators based in the Orange Walk District, regional Tour Operators, as well as representatives from the Mundo Maya Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank learned about the history of the Maya Mestizo at the U Chan Muul Yaax K’aax Maya Museum in San Lazaro. The participants also visited a medicinal trail in August Pine Ridge, where they were also able to experience local handicrafts from renowned local artisan, and later enjoyed a performance of the Pok Ta Pok (Maya Ball Game) in Yo Creek Village. On Friday, a technical conference was held in Orange Walk Town with the tour operators and the community organizations featured in the trail with the aim of creating new tourism packages for tourists visiting the Orange Walk District.

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation of Agriculture (IICA) and the European Union (EU), have entered into an agreement to implement an 18 months project for the Productivity Enhancement of Banana Farms through Integrated Soil Fertility Management in the Banana Belt Area of Belize. The project will cover the following objective: The Overall Objective of the project is to foster social and economic development, leading to the reduction of poverty, focusing on workers, their families, and communities in the Banana Belt Area of Belize.

Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwán) Hold Preparatory Technical Meeting for the 17th SICA/Taiwan Mixed Commission
Representatives of the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) held a working meeting with H.E. Alexander Yui, the Director General of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of China (Taiwan), aimed at coordinating the preparations for the XVII Mixed Commission with the Republic of China (Taiwan). His Excellency Patrick Andrews, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chaired the meeting as the SICA Presidency Pro Tempore (PPT). During his opening remarks, CEO Andrews mentioned that during Belize’s term, Belize will work to strengthen and further promote regional integration, political dialogue, and cooperation amongst SICA member states and the ROC (Taiwan). On behalf of the region, he thanked the ROC (Taiwan) for the invaluable support extended over the years to the region on the implementation of projects, which have and continue to facilitate the sustainable development of the region.

Institute of Archaeology visits San Joaquin
The Institute of Archaeology visited the village of San Joaquin, Corozal to join Dr Cynthia Robin and the crew of the Aventura Archaeological Project to bring another successful archaeological fair to the community. Over 200 people visited.

National Tourism Awards 2018
Nominate for the National Tourism Awards

Family GLOW Run
Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish Family GLOW Run to raise funds for their summer camp and to raise awareness for the growing number of children with special needs on the island. It will be ONE (1) mile track and families can choose to either run or walk. There will also be glow sticks for sale! See you There!!! -

Foreign Minister of Taiwan Visits Belize
Today, July 16th, H.E. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), began his two-day visit to Belize on the invitation of Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize. In a brief ceremony this afternoon, Minister Elrington conferred the Order of Distinction on Minister Wu in recognition of the friendly relations between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the valuable contributions Taiwan has made to Belize’s development over the nearly three decades of friendship. As a part of his visit, Minister Wu met with parliamentary leaders and toured the National Assembly of Belize. The high-level meeting is an indication of the importance of parliamentary diplomacy between the two countries.

Belize Receives SICA Pro-Tempore Presidency
oday, Monday, July 16th, the Embassy of Belize in Washington, D.C. received the Central American Integrated System (SICA) Pro-Tempore Presidency from the Dominican Republic. Speaking on behalf of the Government of Belize, Ambassador of Belize to the United States H.E. Daniel Gutierez reiterated the importance of regionalism and integration. He recognized the value of the operationalization of the Troika as well as deepening the subregional relations between SICA and CARICOM. Ambassador Gutierez emphasized the need for tangible actions in the implementation of the Resolution “Incorporating Multidimensional Criteria in Measuring Poverty and Development” adopted at the 48th Organization of the American States (OAS) General Assembly in June 2018.

An appeal to the hearts, souls and consciousness of our fellow Belizean citizens living at home
A Belizean citizen is any person who was born in Belize, obtained Belizean citizenship through, marriage, descent, residency, economic citizenship program or other specified lawful means. According to our constitution, all Belizean citizens are entitled to the same rights and privileges whether they live in Belize or abroad. Belize was a country that had a population of about 60 percent African Belizeans up to the 1980s. During the 1970s and up to about the 1990s, civil wars were taking place in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. This led to a mass migration of Hispanic and native Maya Indians from most of these countries to Belize. Many of these refugees came from the country of El Salvador and the second largest group from Guatemala. Prior to the independence of Belize on September 21, 1981, all Belizeans were British subjects. It was difficult to get a British passport unless you passed their vetting process. These people were fleeing for their lives from the military in their countries, who wanted to draft or kill them for revolting against their governments.

Corozal Community College Summer Sprints 2018
July 23-27, Age: 8-17 years.

San Pedro Pirates vs. Verdes FC, Friendly
Saturday July 21. After winning our first 3 friendly games we now gonna face the Mighty Verdes FC! Food and drinks Will be available!

Channel 7

Contraband Heavy Through the Hondo
If you ever go to the market and wonder how things like pears are so plentiful at this time of year - the truth is that a fair part of what you see on the vendor's stand is likely contraband from Mexico. The robust supply routes came sharply into view on Friday in the Belize side of the Rio Hondo, across from the Mexican village of Alvaro Obregon. It's one of the contraband hotspots right now - and a joint customs and Coast Guard operation found 11 of these boats, called "kayukos" fully loaded down and coming across. Customs only managed to capture two of them, and one capsized because it was so overloaded that it keeled and took on water. The smugglers on board jumped out and swam away - while the "kayuko" and its contraband cargo went down into the depths of the Hondo.

Crop Duster Went Down In Cayo
A plane crashed and burst into flames today. It happened in central Belize, near More Tomorrow village, in the Cayo District. But, the plane wasn't carrying illicit cargo, it was a crop duster doing duties over vast acreages of corn fields in and around that village. Police responded to the report along with the Civil Aviation department:. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head - NCIB "Information was received on an aircraft accident in the More Tomorrow area. The area was visited by police and civil aviation..."

Nyere Survived A Shot To Head
23 year old Belize City resident Nyrere Parchue was shot in the head. He's the messenger we told you about on Friday that tried to get back his envelope from an armed robber. When we left you on Friday police weren't sure if his head injury was from a bullett or a fall to the pavement. But, Doctors confirmed that he was shot to the head - police told us how he survived. The story begins with the robbery: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "A male person by the name of Nyrere Parchue had just picked up some deliveries from the vital statistics and was riding to Pitts Law firm where he is employed and whilst crossing from Freetown towards the monument flags..."

Firefighters Contained Blaze At Coop
Belize City got a scare on Saturday morning when word went out that the Northern Fishermen's Cooperative was on fire. It's probably the biggest, most revenue generating co-op in Belize - and to lose it, or its inventory would cause a significant setback for fisherfolk and the marine export industry. Fortunately, it was only the storage unit that caught on fire, and it was contained by the quick and competent response of the Fire Department. Emanuel Pech has more details on the fire which started at around 7:00 in the morning.

Taiwanese FM Visits Belize; Meets Gov’t VIP’s
Taiwan's Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu is in Belize for a two day visit, one year after his predecessor David Lee visited. Wu arrived at the PGIA this morning via American Airlines. From there he moved to a ceremony at the Radisson where Foreign Minister Elrington conferred him with the Order of Distinction - which is Belize's second highest national honor. According to a press release, the honor is given, quote, "in recognition of the friendly relations between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the valuable contributions Taiwan has made to Belize's development over the nearly three decades of friendship."

Belize Is Now (Officially) In Charge Of SICA
In other diplomatic news, today in Washington, Belize officially received the SICA presidency from the Dominican Republic. It happened at Belize's Embassy in Washington and it was handed over to Ambassador Daniel Gutierez. In receiving it, he commented on deepening the subregional relations between SICA and CARICOM.

DPM Faber Says FM Elrington Was Too Harsh
And in other news spanning from D.C. to Belmopan, on last week Wednesday's news, we told you that the Belize Territorial Volunteers announced plan to write to the US Congress to complain about Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. That was after Elrington said, "you've got to be crazy", if you don't support going to the ICJ to settle Guatemala's territorial claim over Belize. He added that the education campaign would also support this view - which, as he sees it, is the only rational view to take.

Where Exactly Is This ICJ Education Campaign?
Elrington made those comments 11 days ago at the launch of the ICJ education campaign. It's supposed to run all the way up to Belize's ICJ referendum in April of next year. That's a little over 9 months away, but the press wondered about the exact form that this public education campaign will take. There has been an ongoing education campaign, but, as far as we know, there hasn't yet been any kind of mass public forum where all interested Belizeans can participate and get educated on the topic. So we asked the DPM about that kind of campaign, and he said that the Government will step it up:

Complaints About The New NICH President
We also took the opportunity to ask DPM Faber about complaints coming out of the National Institute for Culture and History, NICH. For weeks now, we've been hearing the grumblings of disapproval that Administrator Sapna Budrani is also the acting President of NICH. The biggest complaint is that there is no real oversight of her leadership decisions, no checks and balances, and that it is improper for her to hold two senior positions within the organization. Then, there was the Board of Directors, which the President is supposed answer to, and best information to 7News is that it only has two fully functional members. So, it's an issue of good governance, and when we questioned Faber about it today, he said that these complaints are based on misunderstanding, and that there may be elements within NICH that are trying to undermine Budrani's leadership.:

Philloughby Is On The NICH Board
Later on in the conversation about NICH, the Deputy Prime Minister was making the point that Sapna Budrani is being confirmed as the new President, and that there will be a new Administrator. He also added that there will be a fully functional board of directors for the organization, and when we probed a bit deeper, he revealed that political journeyman Phillip Willoughby is now 1 of the 4 people that has been appointed. Here's what he had to say about Willoughby joining NICH, and how it affects his aspirations to become the UDP standard bearer for Port Loyola:

Philloughby Mute On Port Loyola Aspirations
But, for his part, Willoughby didn't have much to say today. We spoke with him today but he remained silent on the issue no matter how we asked: Phillip Willoughby- Political Aspirant: "I believe at an appropriate time I will respond to that question, at this present moment the appropriate moment is not now." Emanuel Pech - Reporter: "Would you even be able to tell us if you feel that in a sense you were railroaded to resign from your post so that you could execute that right to run?"

Is DPM Faber’s Credentials Good Enough To Be Prime Minister?
So, while Philloughby wants to run in the UDP Convention for Port Loyola, the Deputy Prime Minister is trying to become the Leader of the Party. That will be decided at a National Convention in the next year or so. Today, the press asked Faber if he is already on an active campaign to win over the UDP delegates. He said that he considers his job as Minister with responsibility for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture part of that campaign for leadership. Here's how he explained why:

Motorcyclist Died On The Hummingbird
There was a fatal accident near Alta Vista village on the Hummingbird Highway this weekend. A Man on a motorbike was killed when he ran into a bus. Police told us more:.. ACP Joseph Myvett: "On Sunday, July 15th, shortly after 5:20 p.m., police responded to the scene of a road traffic accident between miles twenty and twenty-one on the Hummingbird Highway where upon arrival they observed a bus with its front left portion with damages, whilst on the other side of the highway a motorcycle was seen with extensive damages..."

Quick Arrest For Burglary at Portofino Resort
In other police news, a high end resort on northern Ambergris Caye was burglarized this weekend. Portofino - which is 6 and a half miles from the town was targeted by a lone burglar who snatched up two of their safes. Police told us how they made a quick arrest:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Yesterday, San Pedro police reported to a burglary at Portofino which is six miles and a half north of San Pedro. It is an area where most of these resorts are located which is at a distance from the main town, making it vulnerable to many businesses there, especially we have heard of the recent incidents involving other businesses that have been robbed and are being burglarized.:

Tony’s Store Robbed
And from that burglary in San Pedro to a robbery in the city. Tony's Store in Belize City was robbed a few weeks ago by a male in a high school uniform. Police said they have arrested a minor and are looking for two others: ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Reference the robbery of Tony's Store that occurred on 21st June, police were able to detain a minor and that minor was charged, and will be charged along with others for the crime of robbery. He is presently at the magistrate's court today for that crime of robbery. There are two more persons that will be charged along with him."

Mile 8 Man’s Fatal Fall Down The Stairs
A 44 year old man from Sunset Park at mile 8 on the George Price Highway died this weekend when he fell down his stairs. Roy Clarke Jr. toppled from the 20th of 22 stairs and broke his neck and cracked his skull. Police told us more:… The stairs were being worked on by a contractor and we understand that there had been extended delays.

Police And Mediation Impact
Mediation NOT aggression. That's what 70 police officers of varying ranks and jurisdictions are learning over the course of a training workshop at the Biltmore Best Western in Belize City. It is part of an ongoing Canadian government funded project known as the Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean, IMPACT Justice for short. The 70 police officers are learning how to use mediation as a policing tool and how to finesse their conflicting resolution skills with internationally established best practices. Hilary Linton- President, Riverdale Mediation" "So, police officers already have a lot of experience and natural skills in listening to people and resolving conflict. So, we are fortunate to be working with a very skilled group of professionals to begin with."

Domestic Flights Resume to Caye Caulker
Finally, flights to Caye Caulker are being restored. After flights were suspended last October die to the condition of the runway, Tropic Air announced today that it will resume service beginning on November 15th, 2018 - just in time for the tourist high season. That's when renovations are set to be finished - but if it finishes ahead of schedule, that date will be moved up. Reservations are now being accepted.

Omero Campos Still Missing; Captors Went Radio Silent
San Narciso Kidnap victim Omero Campos has been missing for a month, and while police are maintaining a presence at his family's home, they accept that it's been weeks since they've heard anything from his captors:...

Quick Arrest For The Tesecum Shooting
And while leads on that case are going cold, police are hot on the trail of the man who allegedly shot Michael Tesecum. The 41 year old was shot three times last week - but somehow survived. It's the second near death experience for the Tibruce Street resident who had survived a vicious chopping 7 months earlier. Today police told us that the man who they believe shot him lives on the same street that he does:..

Conservationists Awarded For Belize's De-Listing
For weeks now, WE'VE BEEN REPORTING on how Belize made major news worldwide when it got the Belize Barrier Reef system, which is a World Heritage Site, removed from the blacklist of sites in danger. It's a major win for Belizeans, since according to the conservationists, getting off that list is very difficult. It's also a kumbaya moment for both the Government, and the conservation community, which if you follow the news regularly, you'll know that they're often strong adversaries. And to recognize their efforts to reverse the World Heritage Site classification, the Government held an award ceremony this evening to recognize a few choice members of the conservation community. 7News was there, and we spoke with 2 of the awardees. Here's what they had to say:

NSC Donates 50K For CODICADER Expenses
The CODICADER Games are one of the elite sporting tournaments in Central America for student athletes, but it's always a struggle to find funding to send the delegation out. This year, the games will be held in Panama, and the 180 student athletes representing Belize will be flown out. That drives up the costs, but those in charge say that it is a far better means of traveling than by road, where students often show up exhausted, and they are expected to compete at the highest level.

Will The State Make Youth Development In Sports A Priority?
And 2 weeks ago, we showed you how the young athletes want the policy makers to start putting together programs to improve sports at the development level. They say that it is high time that the Government places some priority on programs to see athletes properly groomed from youth to adulthood. We asked the Deputy Prime Minister about that, and here's what he had to say:

Orson Butler Won Cycling Presidency
And finally tonight, we have an election result to report. As we told you, The Cycling Federation elected a new executive on Saturday. We spoke with both aspirants, Orson Butler who was seeking the presidency after serving as vice president, and Alexi Ordonez a relative newcomer. Well, in the end, 137 Votes were cast and the Ordonez slate got 56 votes, while the Buttler slate got 80.

Channel 5

A Courier Survives a Bullet to the Head During Friday Evening Jacking
A law firm messenger was shot to the head on Friday evening on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City by a gunman who was monitoring his movements. The twenty-three-year-old was [...]

Fire in the ‘Co-op’
A fire destroyed a part of the storage room at the Northern Fisherman Co-operative in Belize City over the weekend. The early morning fire was quickly contained from spreading to [...]

A Pilot Escapes Grave Injury After Crash Landing Crop Duster in More Tomorrow
There was a report of a downed aircraft this morning in the vicinity of More Tomorrow in the Cayo District.  On arrival at the scene of the crash, police discovered [...]

A Motorcyclist Loses His Life on the Hummingbird Highway
Twenty-three-year-old Alberto Adelfonso lost his live on Sunday in a fatal road traffic accident along the Hummingbird Highway.  The Dangriga resident was a riding a motorcycle and upon nearing miles [...]

A Wife is Questioned and Released Following Stabbing of a San Pedro Resident
A criminal investigation into the violent stabbing of Adrian Suarez remains ongoing even as his common-law wife has been released from detention.  Police say their investigation led to a search [...]

A Minor is Detained for Tony’s Store Robbery, Police Are Seeking Two More
Belize City police have made an arrest in the robbery of Tony’s Store on Daly Street in late-June.  A seventeen-year-old has been taken before the lower court after being busted [...]

San Pedro Police Make Quick Arrest in Portofino Burglary
The Portofino Resort on north Ambergris Caye was burglarized in the early hours of Sunday morning by someone who broke into the main office and made off with a pair [...]

Team Butler Wears the Garland in 2018 Cycling Federation Elections
The anticipated elections at the Cycling Federation took place over the weekend. It was long overdue because of legal challenges over who qualified to run. That out of the way, [...]

Members of Integrity and Elections & Boundaries Commissions Sworn In
Earlier this month, the Senate gave its nod to the appointment of the members of the Elections and Boundaries Commission as well as the new chair of the Integrity Commission. [...]

Philip Willoughby is Appointed to the NICH Board
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber confirmed two appointments within his ministries while at an event held today at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City. Phillip Willoughby will be [...]

Sapna Budhrani Appointed as President of NICH
The second appointment is also at NICH where there have been mounting concerns about the naming of Sapna Budhrani as the acting president even as she holds the position of [...]

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Conferred with Order of Distinction
Immediately on his arrival today, the Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu was conferred with the Order of Distinction.  Wu, who is in country on a two-day visit [...]

IMPACT Justice: 70 Cops Learn Conflict Resolution Techniques
A five-day training course on conflict resolution for police officers began today in Belize City. The training is part of the Impact Justice project, a regional initiative in the Caribbean [...]

Limited Funds Available for I.C.J. Referendum Campaign
Belize recently received a two hundred and fifty thousand U.S.-dollar donation from the U.S. Government for its referendum campaign on taking Guatemala’s territorial claim to the International Court of Justice. [...]

G.O.B. Says Yes to I.C.J., But DPM Says Belizeans Not Crazy if They Vote No
Still on the issue of the referendum, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington recently told the media that Belizeans have to be crazy if they vote NO in the I.C.J. referendum, scheduled [...]

Political Spar Over Palapa Space in Buena Vista, Cayo
Tensions rose quickly today in Buena Vista Village, Cayo as police officers were called out to remove a group of P.U.P. officials from under a shed at Buena Vista Government [...]

G.O.B. Recognizes Stakeholders for Their Help in Getting Barrier Reef off UNESCO In Danger List
Public and private sector representatives were recognized today for their contributions towards the removal of the Belize Barrier Reef from the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in danger. It [...]

Tropic Air to Fly to Caye Caulker Once More
Tropic Air announced the resumption of its flights to Caye Caulker.  In a statement today, President of the local airline John Grief the third said that “now that the renovations [...]

National Sports Council Hands Over Cheque for Participation in CODICADER 2019
A twenty-five thousand-dollar cheque was this morning handed over to the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and the Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools. It is the first half [...]

Highlights of the Weekend in Sport
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


Galen Scholarship named in honor of Omar Ortiz
During the Galen graduation ceremony, Provost Doctor Eve Aird asked for a moment of silence for former Vice President Omar Ortiz who lost his life in a highway accident. A scholarship fund was created to keep his memory alive and honor his dedication to education. His widow Lizette Ortiz spoke about the funding and …

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister visits Belize
The Belize and Republic of China (Taiwan) bilateral relations have been steady since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1989. The Foreign Minister of Taiwan is on a two-day working visit to Belize. His Excellency Jaushieh Joseph Wu is here at the invitation of Belize’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington. Minister Wu will also …

Members vote for new Cycling Executive
The Belize Cycling Federation (BCF) had held its long awaited elections over the weekend. The incumbent executive had some changes and former president Dion Leslie was now running for Vice President and Orson Butler running for President. That team went up against a new challenger Alexi Ordonez who led a group calling themselves “Team …

Galen Graduates get a pep talk from the OAS
Galen University opened its doors in 2003 and offered degree programs in Business Administration, Agriculture and Tourism Management. It continues to expand its program in undergraduate and graduate degrees. Over the weekend, Galen University held a ceremony for its 98 students from bachelors and masters programs. Keynote speaker for the event was Nestor Mendez, …

Teenager escapes injury in shooting incident
A nineteen year old escaped injury after he was shot at in Trial farm Village in the Orange Walk District. The incident happened on Sunday night shortly before nine o’clock. Police told us what they have found out so far. ACP Myvette: Emmanuel Rodriguez reported that whilst walking towards his home in Trail Farm Village …

Burglar caught not long after robbing safe
Police in San Pedro are conducting another investigation of their own following a burglary at Portofino Resort, located at 61/2 Miles North of San Pedro Town. Police provided more details. Asp Alejandro Cowo: It is an area where most of these resorts are located, which is at a distance from the main town, make it vulnerable …

National Sports Council donates to CODICADER Games
This morning, the National Sports Council handed over a cheque for twenty-five thousand dollars to the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and the Belize Association of Principals for Secondary Schools (BAPSS) to help meet some of the expenses of the CODICADER Games. The National Sports Council Director, Ian Jones spoke to the media. Ian Jones …

Police officers learn more on mediation
The Police Department is hosting a one week Community Mediation Training for seventy police officers. Senior Superintendent of Police and legal advisor for the Department, Bart Jones says officers from the ranks of Inspectors to constables are taking the training. Bart Jones: What they have done is that they have separated the supervisors in one …

Motorcyclist collides head-on into public bus as he attempts to overtake vehicles
A 23-year-old motorcyclist was killed yesterday evening following a collision with a passenger bus between miles 17 and 18 on the Hummingbird highway in the Stann Creek Valley. Albert Idelfonso was overtaking some vehicles on the highway when he collided head-on into a public bus. The driver of that bus, 41-year-old Ian Hinds spoke with …

Organizations recognize for their role in getting Belize off in danger list
The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System was on the UNESCO World Heritage Center List of World Heritage in Danger since 2009; however, last month Belize was finally removed. Today, a ceremony was held honoring those who helped to make this possible. Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber, spoke about the journey to getting Belize off the …

Messenger attempts to pursue armed robber and is shot in the head
Last Friday afternoon shots echoed on Saint Joseph Street in Belize City. A was shot in the head and later rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. It appeared to be a robbery in which the victim was relieved of some documents. However, immediately after, he set chase after the gunman and was then shot. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City explains what investigators have gathered.

Pilot escapes unhurt following plane crash
Police are also investigation a plane crash that happened this morning on a farm in the More Tomorrow Area in the Cayo District. Henry Plett, the pilot, did not sustain major injury, but the aircraft he was piloting ended up incinerated. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch explains what happened.

Firefighters’ quick response saves Northern Fishermen Co-operative
Over the weekend, a fire broke out at Northern Fishermen Co-operative located on North Front Street in Belize City. As a result of the quick response by the National Fire Service, the fire was brought under control. This morning, Benisford Matura, Assistant fire Chief, briefed the media on the fire.

Chief Environmental Officer says dredging poses no threat to reserve
The Government of Belize has approved dredging at Cayo Rosario and the concern is whether it will pose a threat to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Many organizations including the San Pedro Tour Guides Association oppose the project. Martin Alegria, Chief Environmental Officer, told Love news that the dredging doesn’t pose any threat.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police investigating fire that destroyed building at Northern

Fishermen Cooperative in Belize City
On July 14, 2018, just before 8 a.m., police were deployed to the Northern Fishermen Cooperative located […]

Three persons charged for robbing Tony’s Store in Belize City
Today, police revealed that they detained a minor and two other persons in relation to the […]

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister visits Belize
Today, Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), began his two-day […]

Belize City man shot, robbed at gunpoint
Shortly after 4:40 p.m. on Friday, Belize City police arrived at a scene on St. Joseph […]

Resort in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye robbed of over $16,000 in cash and items
San Pedro police are investigating a burglary that occurred yesterday morning. Around 8:36 am, police went to Portofino […]

Trial Farm man survives attempt on his life
Shortly after 8:40 p.m., on Sunday, July 15, Immanuel Rodriguez of Trial Farm village, Orange […]

Belize Receives SICA Pro-Tempore Presidency
Today, Monday, July 16th, the Embassy of Belize in Washington, D.C. received the Central American […]

Small plane engulfed in flames after crash in More Tomorrow, Cayo District
This morning shortly after 9:15 a.m., police received reports of an aircraft accident occurring around the […]

Young motorcyclist killed on Hummingbird highway
A motorcyclist, Albert Idelfonso, 22, was killed in a traffic accident between miles 20 and […]

Fam-trip held as part of the Maya community tourism project
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Mundo Maya Organization held a familiarization […]

It’s Official! BBN’s Zoila Gonzalez selected for US government’s Media Program
Prominent online Belizean journalist, Zoila Gonzalez, a member of our Breaking Belize News staff has […]

Tropic Air announces the resumption of flights to Caye Caulker
Tropic Air announced today that it is opening reservations for the resumption of service to […]

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister arrives to Belize today
Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will undertake a two-day […]

Belize and Taiwan holds Preparatory Technical Meeting for the 17thSICA/Taiwan Mixed Commission
Representatives of the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) held a working meeting […]

Trump administration working to weaken corruption investigation against Guatemalan President
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has reportedly sought the help of US President Donal Trump to […]

Belize: Independent Sovereign Movement Meets
By Richard Harrison: The #BelizeIndependentSovereign movement met this past Saturday in Belmopan, at the offices of Hummingbird Group Ltd. This […]


5th Annual Spartan V Body Building competition
It was the 5th Annual Spartan V Body Building competition was held at the Corozal Community College Aditorium. Do love body Building as sports? Do love enjoying them competing? On Saturday July 14, 2018 it the 5th Annual Spartan V Competitiom that was held at the at the Corozal Community College Aditorium. It comenced at 8:30 with a short opening Ceremmony. During the show their where giveaways. This year's competition had 5 Categories. Bekini Contest, Men's Physique, Up 70 kg Category, over 70kg, Overal Mr Spartan 2018. Each Body Builder came out to compete in there own Category.

Lobster and Conch – Seasonal Eating Assures Sustainability
There’s nothing like fresh sea food and our Belizean bounty is something to savor with every bite. However, the careful management of our marine resources is essential to the sustainability of two quintessential Caribbean delicacies; lobster and conch. Responsible tourism means being “in the know” when it comes to dining out or purchasing product from a local fisherman. If you are offered lobster or conch when it is out of season, your refusal to purchase it helps to discourage illegal fishing while ensuring productive harvests in the future. This time of year marks important season dates, with lobster season opening on June 15th and conch season closing on July 1st.

International Sourcesizz

13 Central High School students preparing to travel to Belize
Thirteen juniors from Central High School Magnet Career Academy are part of a program aimed at closing the black male achievement gap. They'll start the school year three weeks early, but they don't seem to mind. "You can't pass up going out of the country, getting to learn," said Thomas Cheathem, a junior at Central High School. Cheathem and his classmates will board a plane Saturday morning and travel several hundreds of miles to Belize. The students are scheduled to arrive in Belize on Saturday night and will be there for 10 days. On Monday evening, students and parents learned more about the journey abroad and got a pep talk from Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.


  • Belize−Flores,2018, 3.5min.

  • WakyMC SM Belize 2018, 14min. WakyMC Student Ministries went with Thirst Missions for the 3rd time to Minister and spread the Good News to the community of San Jose, Orange Walk District, Belize! We love our Belizean family and enjoyed seeing God in and through our partner church.

  • The mysterious Great Blue Hole, fly over tour, Belize, 4.5min. We did the fly over tour with Maya Island Air. It was lovely. Seeing the great Blue Hole from above and all its surroundings is something we will never forget. The staff on ground and the pilot were great. In this tour, that lasts about an hour and doesn’t run every day, each side of the plane will have 3 possibilities to see it. Every time the plane turns around, expect to feel the G force on you, but nothing t

  • Belize: Table Rock Jungle Lodge - relaxing in Luxury in the jungle, 14min. We stayed at the incredible Table Rock Jungle Lodge, one of the best belize resorts in our opinion. Belize hotels run the gamut but Table Rock was luxurious and quiet and incredibly friendly. We loved the jungle sounds in our brief adventure there, and the eco lodge aesthtic.

  • Morning Matters with Mrs Smith, 58min.

  • Ministry of Agriculture - Census & Belize Agriculture Information Management, 30min.

  • Department of Youth Services - DYS Work & Summer Programs, 20min.

  • Belize Emergency Response Team BERT - 25th Anniversary Commemoration, 29min.

  • What is Millennials?, 30min.

  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) - fuel tax regime, 45min.

  • FIBA Basketball Americup Qualifiers take place on 20th - 22nd July, 25min.

  • Grace Flava with a Beat featured a recipe - Devon Pineapple Delight, 24min.

  • ASR BSI is gearing up for Sugar Fest 2018, 18min.

  • Central students head to Belize for service delegation, 2min. A group of students from Central High School are getting the opportunity of a lifetime as they prepare to head overseas for a 10-day trip to Belize as part of a collaboration with the Global Citizenship and Human Service Delegation series. WLKY’s Stephon Dingle has more.

  • Belize dive 2018, 8min.

  • Drinkuths in Belize 2018, 8min. On our second trip to Belize, we traveled to Placencia and surrounding areas inland and offshore. Some of the destinations we visited included the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Gladden Spit and Ranguana Caye.

  • Water Buffalo, Orange Walk, Belize, 1min. Water buffalo crossing the street to graze just south of Orange Walk Town, Belize, during the 2018 Ethnographic Field School in Belize

  • Fun day in Altun Ha Mayan ruin, Belize, 3min. A interactive and fun day with friends in one of the most known mayan site in Belize, Altun Ha.
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    Yesterday at 06:00 PM
    Welcome back!
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    Yesterday at 03:34 PM

    The Cloud and rain picture.

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    Yesterday at 12:11 PM


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island actor lands role in Telemundo’s La Reina del Sur Season 2
    A reliable source has confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that Ambergris Caye’s very own Horacio Louis Guerrero was cast to play a minor role in Telemundo’s second season of the popular Spanish series, La Reina del Sur. The soap opera’s production starring well-known Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, filmed a few scenes in the western District of Cayo, Belize by the Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve from Monday, July 9th to Friday, July 13th. The island actor is said to have played his role alongside Humberto Zurita and Mark Tacher. Both Mexican actors are main characters in the telenovela. Guerrero also shared the set with actor Emmanuel Odenay, who has participated in productions like Señora Acero and Señor de Los Cielos.

    Doctor Love: To Speak or Not To Speak
    Dear Doctor Love, Six months ago, I cheated on my girlfriend and I feel still like an absolute dog. Sometimes the guilt comes out of nowhere and I feel sick. I have no excuse. I was drunk and out of town and I know it was the stupidest thing I have ever done. Even though I know the only way she will find out is if I tell her, I feel terrible and want to make it up to her every minute. I feel like I put a big black spot on our love. It will never happen again but should I get it off my chest and ask her to forgive me? Because right now nothing could be worse than how I feel when I look her in the eye. /s/Name Withheld

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Galen’s 15th Commencement Ceremony!
    Celebrating educational accomplishments at Galen’s 15th Commencement Ceremony! Congratulations, Class of 2018!

    Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair
    Its that time of the year! We are glad to present our 4th annual archaeology and culture fair at San Jose Succotz, Cayo, Belize! Come meet researchers from Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve and other sites and participate in Archaeology Olympics! Sunday July 22 starting at 11 am!

    The Reporter

    World Cup 2018 final: France 4-2 Croatia
    When the decisive blows arrived, it was the entire France squad in the victory scrum by the corner flag. Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper, had run the entire length of the pitch. All the substitutes were disappearing under one another. There were even a few members of the backroom staff contemplating joining in, and who could blame them? France were on their way to their second World Cup and a party was already under way behind the goal where the tricolours were fluttering. Not even Croatia, with all their powers of durability, could recover from the second-half goals that Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé scored in quick succession to open up a three-goal lead and ensure France will soon be wearing a shirt with two stars, rather than one, above their cockerel.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man found dead in Buena Vista, Cayo
    A man was found dead in Buena Vista, Cayo District this morning. According to reports, the man was found dead at his home. A BERT team is currently at the scene waiting for police to arrive. […]

    Haiti’s Prime Minister resigns amid gas price hike riots
    Prime Minister of Haiti, Jack Guy Lafontant resigned yesterday amid deadly protests that were sparked by his plan to raise fuel prices. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Lafontant informed Haiti’s Chamber of Deputies that he sent his resignation letter to President Jovenel Moise. […]

    US Embassy in Haiti protected by Marines
    The United States Government has deployed US Marines to protect its Embassy in Haiti. On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, the Marines arrived at Port-au-Prince to provide security at the embassy. The crew on the mission are the same officers that are deployed whenever any ambassador or diplomatic post overseas is under threat. […]

    Fair weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather. Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells and some isolated showers are expected over the Maya Mountains this afternoon. […]

    Belize Cycling Federation elects new executive
    Today the Belize Cycling Federation held an election at the UWI open campus in Belize City to select its executive members. A total of 137 registered members of the cycling federation turned out to cast their vote at 3 p.m. In the end, a slate headed by the presidential candidate, Orson Butler, emerged victorious with 80 votes compared to a slate by Alexi Ordonez which received 56 votes. […]

    San Ignacio home burglarized; Over $5,000 in valuables stolen
    On July 13, 2018, Santiago Zelaya, 38, from San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, reported to police that around 8:45 a.m., he was informed that his house was burglarized. According to Zelaya, he left his home on July 9, 2018, around 7:30 p.m. and had ensured that his house was secured. […]

    Elections and Boundaries officer involved in traffic accident
    According to reports, at least three officers from the Elections and Boundaries office in Cayo were traveling from Duckrun village when they were involved in a road traffic accident. Sources tell BBN that a complaint had been filed earlier in the day against the officer driving at the time of the accident. […]

    Belize city messenger shot on St. Thomas street
    Belize city police are investigating a shooting incident that occured yesterday evening. According to reports, Nyrere Parchue, a messenger by profession was riding on St. Thomas street when he was approached by a man who pointed a gun at him and demanded that Parchue hand over a folder with documents. […]


    A Saturday Afternoon at Secret Beach
    I’m trying to remember my first trip to Secret Beach on the West Side of Ambergris Caye. I don’t know if it’s a lack of distinct seasons or just my advancing age but my memory? It ain’t good. I moved to San Pedro, full time, in May of 2007 living just south of town. To me, and for many years, north of the bridge was FAR AWAY. A serious trip… In 2009 and 2010, the first road to the west side of Ambergris Caye was built by a developer. And at that time, a few people started venturing out to “Secret Beach”. To an area on the west side called “Ambergris Bay”.

    International Sourcesizz

    How Has Belize Preserved its Barrier Reef?
    The World Heritage Committee last month took the momentous decision to remove the Belize Barrier Reef from its list of world heritage sites that are under threat of destruction. The move came in recognition of the excellent work done by the Belize government to safeguard this beautiful natural asset. The decision was reached by the committee in their meeting in Bahrain on June 26th and comes nine years after the Reef was first listed as endangered. Commentators at the scene said that members of the UNESCO council said the country’s "visionary plan to manage the coastline" was behind their verdict. Visiting the country in the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin was so impressed with the site that he called it “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies”. In 1996, UNESCO recognised its unique beauty by adding it to its list of World Heritage sites.


  • Belize by Air, 27min.

  • Tikal and Belize 2018, 6min. Trip to Tikal and Belize. Highlights included scuba diving the blue hole, lighthouse reef and half moon caye. Saw plenty of sharks and crabs, and even saw toucans and monkeys in Tikal.

  • BELIZE, 4min.

  • Sugar Fest 2018, Orange Walk Town, Belize, 25min. A collection of short clips from the 2018 Sugar Fest during the 2018 Ethnographic Field School in Belize. Clips include ASR/BSI display, Caribbean Roots band, strong man competition, CDC Orange Walk Central Drum Corps, and Garifuna Drummers & Dancers.

  • Students Versus Mechanical Bull, Sugar Fest 2018, Orange Walk Town, Belize, 6min. Students taking turns riding a mechanical bull at the 2018 Sugar Fest during the 2018 Ethnographic Field School in Belize.

  • Awesome night fishing in San Pedro Ambergris Caye!!!!!, 13min. Hope you guys like this video we went and fish all night it was an awesome experience.

  • Huay K'eek'en and the Huay Peek' , 3min. The Northern Maya of Belize have many stories of the Huay the most common are the Huay K'eek'en and the Huay Peek' . The wáay also spelled as Huay are Evil Sorcerer who can transform into animals . In Northern Belize the most common are the Huay K'eek'en which is the Brujo/Bruja who transforms into a large pig to do mischievous acts like destroy properties and harm people . Another common Huay is the Huay Peek' which is the Brujo/Bruja who transforms into a large black dog to destroy property and profanate tombs in the cemetery . Many of us grew up hearing this stories of the Huay K'eek'een and Huay Peek' in Northern Belize .
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    Chat Area
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    Welcome to Belize, the adventure begins!!
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    Ambergris Caye
    Yesterday at 02:01 AM
    There is great investment opportunity in San Pedro.
    The investment needed is 140,000 USD or 280,000 BZD for 1 year.
    Guaranteed 10% return.
    The collateral for the investment is prime beach front property.
    Only serious inquiries , please.
    PM for more information
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    07/15/18 03:18 PM

    From Belmopan...

    Generally fairly stable weather at present, lines of Caribbean cloud running across Belize from the east. This has caused a few small rain showers, but those are dying out. No mid or high level cloud visible at present.

    Looks like today will be mainly sunny, with white clouds, there could be a few rain showers late this afternoon.

    Temperatures in Belmopan :
    ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler ) Last night min. 24°C 75°F Yesterday max. 32°C 90°F

    Ambergris Caye:;loctype:1
    Caye Caulker:

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    07/15/18 12:27 PM


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    National News: The deadly cost of renal failure and dialysis in Belize
    Belizeans across the country have, for years, been paying a steep price for dialysis treatment, in many instances giving up and losing the battle due to the prohibitive expense. The Ministry of Health (MOH), announced on Tuesday, July 10th that they are currently spending $2 million dollars to subsidize these life-sustaining expenses. These funds are allegedly covering thirty patients, and the Ministry is in discussion with a third party who is willing to provide dialysis treatment at a significantly lower cost to allow more patients to be treated. However, Belizeans are questioning why there is limited access to such a needed health care service.

    USA dermatologists provide services to island residents
    From Monday, July 9th to Friday, July 13th a group of dermatologists from The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center from Buffalo City in New York City, USA hosted a free clinic at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town. During the six day period, hundreds of islanders took advantage of the services offered. Doctor Daniel Buscaglia spoke to The San Pedro Sun about their mission. “We took care of a lot of people that had different skin problems that needed to be treated. Here in San Pedro we mostly saw people wanting spots or moles removed from their skin,” said Dr. Buscaglia. He further stated so far they have seen over 500 patients.

    Wolfe’s Woofers: Fired
    “Thanks, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said, taking one of the cups of coffee from me. “Here—I got some meat pies for us too. I got coffee and a breakfast burrito for Vernon.” “He should be along any minute,” Mario said. We enjoyed the beautiful Sunday morning as we sat at a table on the deck of the Holiday Hotel. “I missed seeing Vernon this week,” I said. “It’s odd that he wouldn’t make it to our darts tournament night.”

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Ascenthium Performing at The Bluffs
    Ascenthium is playing at The Bluffs next Friday, July 20th. They'll be playing 2 sets though the night. It's about time. "Hey Cayo! Friday July 20th we are hitting you with a double set at The Bluff first one starts at 7pm. there will be Ice cold drinks, amazing food, great music and so many other goodies on sale throughout the night! did we mention free shots? See you there!"

    1st NO Plastic NO Styrofoam Kids Summer Camp
    Bullet Tree Falls is where the 1st NO Plastic, NO Styrofoam Kids Summer Camp is happening. Kids are learning art, how to avoid plastic and styrofoam, sustanability, and much more. It's a 3 week camp, and they just finished week 1. Looks like all the kids are having a wonderful time. "Day 5! This week has been a great learning experience, not only for the kids, but also for us instructors. The imagination and creativity of kids is impressive. You'll see the fabulous, final art pieces of the kids, at the very end of the camp on the 29th of this month!!!!!"

    Park Rangers Needed
    FCD announces post for park rangers. Interviews are to be held within 15 days. Apply and be part of the FCD mission.

    Consular Spotlight! Firefighters Patrick Parks and Johnny Cardenas!
    Embassy Belmopan issues thousands of non-immigrant visas to Belizeans who want to travel to the United States for tourism, education, temporary work, or onward travel to other destinations. Occasionally we encounter applicants who are using their visas to do extraordinary things. Through a partnership with Belize National Fire Service, Virginia Emergency Services Assistance Program VESAP for Belize, and the Hanover Fire Department, two Belizean firefighters, Patrick Parks and Johnny Cardenas, have been in Virginia since the end of January participating in the Hanover Fire and EMS Academy. Firefighters Parks and Cardenas have both passed the National Registry EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Level) test and are currently wrapping up the firefighting portion of the curriculum before taking the Firefighter I and II test. The goal is for the firefighters to learn the skills and techniques of basic EMS and firefighting, then come back and share that knowledge with other Belizean firefighters to make Belize a safer country for everyone.

    The Reporter

    Investigations are underway to determine what caused a fire at Northern Fishermen Cooperative headquarters in Belize City this morning. Sometime after 7:00am someone saw thick black smoke coming from the upper flat of the building. Fire fighters were at the scene soon after dousing water inside the offices on that flat.

    Sober Reflections, God is the Answer
    I figure there are some people looking at this right now who are wondering if I’ve gone off the deep end. Others are thinking this is just a phase. Some will say it is the bloated scribe seeking attention. After all – you screw up enough times and you find God, you’re absolved of all wrongdoing, right? Isn’t that the magical formula for the vanishing of sin? So every time I screw up, I find God. And I’m pristine again.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize Cycling Federation elects new executive
    Today the Belize Cycling Federation held an election at the UWI open campus in Belize City to select its executive members. A total of 137 registered members of the cycling federation turned out to cast their vote at 3 p.m. In the end, a slate headed by the presidential candidate, Orson Butler, emerged victorious with 80 votes compared to a slate by Alexi Ordonez which received 56 votes. […]

    San Ignacio home burglarized; Over $5,000 in valuables stolen
    On July 13, 2018, Santiago Zelaya, 38, from San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, reported to police that around 8:45 a.m., he was informed that his house was burglarized. According to Zelaya, he left his home on July 9, 2018, around 7:30 p.m. and had ensured that his house was secured. […]

    Elections and Boundaries officer involved in traffic accident
    According to reports, at least three officers from the Elections and Boundaries office in Cayo were traveling from Duckrun village when they were involved in a road traffic accident. Sources tell BBN that a complaint had been filed earlier in the day against the officer driving at the time of the accident. […]

    Belize city messenger shot on St. Thomas street
    Belize city police are investigating a shooting incident that occured yesterday evening. According to reports, Nyrere Parchue, a messenger by profession was riding on St. Thomas street when he was approached by a man who pointed a gun at him and demanded that Parchue hand over a folder with documents. […]


    Getting Back To Business in San Pedro: Chocolate and Comedy
    Summer has seriously settled in. Warm hazy days…some passing showers…and I’ve accomplished ZERO of my Summer To-Do List. But just a few days ago, my friend arrived and we’ve been out doing a few more things. Over the last day or so, we went to a live comedy show in San Pedro and then to her favorite spot – Belize Chocolate Company and we even signed up for a Belize Food Tour. Here are a few of my pictures and my favorite things. Low tide and sargasso.

    International Sourcesizz

    Caribbean News In Brief: Tourism, Nuclear Tech + More
    Guadeloupe has opened the Caribbean’s first medical centre to use advanced nuclear technology for screening and treatment of cancer and neurological and cardiac diseases. The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States said that the $8.9 million (£7.9 million) Guadeloupe Centre of Molecular Imaging would allow patients from the Eastern Caribbean to remain in the region for treatment.


  • Northern Fishermen Coop. On fire, 7sec.

  • Body Building 2018 at CCC Auditorium, 14min.

  • 2018 PURCELL - BELIZE, 21min.

  • Belize: Cave Tubing through the Mayan Underworld, 21min. The most belize adventure vacations activity is, surprisingly, cave tubing. The Yucatan Peninsula is made up almost entirely of limestone and that means caves carved by water. In central Belize, you can float down rivers through several caves. We arranged this trip through Table Rock Jungle Lodge where we were staying. The extreme cave tubing belize tour operator was Belize Nature Travel ( ) and they took care of absolutely everything. They made it easy. Belize cruise excursions and vacations lead cruise ship guests here two days a week so check the calander. The Caves Branch River flows through Nohoch Che’en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve

  • BELIZE BLEW MY MIND! A minute in Caye Caulker, 1min. Caye Caulker is a recreational, Caribbean reggae style island with intense scuba diving (think Blue Hole) and ample snorkeling 3 minutes by boat off the shores. It's still fairly relaxed, unlike more developed Caribbean islands like the Bahamas and Barbados. No automobiles, except golf carts. Leave your suburbia mindset at home, and come mix with locals and tourists alike.

  • A Little Bit o' Belize, 7.5min. Chee Zee Beach

  • u betta belize it!!!, 8min.

  • Belize 2017, 3min. Sister trip to San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye) and Caye Caulker. June 2017, during Lobster Fest!

  • Jason Dudey: Live From Iguana Juan's - San Pedro, Belize, 1.5min. Iguana Juan's Comedy Club and Restaurant invited Jason Dudey from Baltimore, Maryland to come to Belize for a set!

  • Making Marie Sharos mango pepper sauce, 1/2min. We have an excellent team behind us, thats why, we are where we are today ..Bottling our mango pepper sauce for all you MANGO LOVERS out there.
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    07/14/18 10:04 PM
    High strength grade 60 is ideal for use in more critically loaded beamwork. Does not suffer from tension creep near as much as Guatemalan and Mexican rebar. Very hard steel, so you must have an abrasive wheel or a torch. Do not even try to cut with hacksaw.

    The pieces do have some rust, but can be cleaned up with a pressure washer or just rub another bar against them. Will sell for 3 dollars per piece less than the current price at Landy's. Can deliver around Orchid Bay / Copper Bank /Sarteneja area. Have 100 pieces.

    631 3989
    0 83 Read More
    07/14/18 07:31 PM
    WAIT! They walked 60 miles in 3 hours???? I call BS
    1 148 Read More
    Previous Days Weather
    07/14/18 02:50 PM

    From Belmopan...

    You can see where the Sahara dust is at present. Lines of Caribbean cloud coming in, causing the odd small rain shower in quite a few parts of Belize at present, but these should die down later.

    Looks like today will be sunny, but with significant clouds, there could be the odd rain shower.

    Temperatures in Belmopan :
    ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler ) Last night min. 24°C 76°F Yesterday max. 31°C 88°F

    Ambergris Caye:;loctype:1
    Caye Caulker:

    2 136 Read More
    Daily news prior to today
    07/14/18 12:37 PM


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Paul DuVille is the new president of the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye
    The Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye swore in its new president Paul DuVille, on Wednesday, July 4th during a lunch and fellowship meeting held at Pier 366 Restaurant at Banyan Bay Beach Resort. Past president Andrew Ashcroft hosted the meeting which also saw the appointment of the Club’s secretary, and its treasurer, for the 2018-2019 period. Ashcroft, wearing his late grandfather Eric Ashcroft’s Rotary pin, opened the event at 12PM with his final speech as president before a handful of Rotarians and invited guests. He stated that Rotary has been a big part of his life and his family’s. One of his goals during his presidency was to increase membership, noting the Club’s successful membership drive in March of this year.

    Online campaign against Cayo Rosario development project reaches millions
    An online campaign to raise awareness against a tourism development approved on Cayo Rosario went viral on Wednesday, July 11th, coinciding with the launching of the website According to ACCSD, the response was overwhelming and beyond expectations. “This clearly indicates that many people love the local environment around Ambergris Caye and have come to the conclusion that it is a unique environment that must be preserved at all costs. In 24 hours countless individuals, tour guides, businesses, and hotels in San Pedro and around the country joined the campaign,” stated the ACCSD. Some of them, including Go Fish Belize, shared the post in their newsletter, while El Pescador Lodge shared it with all of their guides, guests, and affiliated shops. Belize Fly/Tres Pescados shared with their followers from the floor of ICAST, the largest fishing/industry trade show in North America, currently taking place in Florida, USA. Other places on the island that have been very influential in the campaign are the Truck Stop, Las Terrazas and Oceana in Belize, who counts with 17,000 Instagram followers, and 21,000 on Facebook.

    Ambergris Today

    Re-Opening Of Belize Passport Station In Chicago
    The Government of Belize has announced that the passport station and consulate in the city of Chicago at Evanston is scheduled for re-opening in August/September of 2018. According to the release, the Government of Belize is grateful to the Belizean community in Chicago for their response to location and accessibility. The Governement underscores its gratitude for the community’s patience that they have shown during the period in which the services were interrupted. Its sole purpose of the closure was to improve the services provided to the community.

    Impersonation Of Staff - Elections And Boundaries Department
    It has come to the attention of the Elections and Boundaries Department that there are individuals impersonating Staff of Elections and Boundaries Department who are visiting residents to obtain information. The public is advised that all staff of the Elections and Boundaries Department is issued with valid Staff Identification Cards. The public does have a right to request such an identification card prior to providing any information.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Poster Presentation on the Small Ruminants Breeding Certification System at 54th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society
    The Livestock Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, through the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project, participated in the 54th Caribbean Food Crops Society Poster Presentation along with international presenters on July 10th, 2018 at the Princess Ramada Hotel in Belize City. The unit’s poster showcased the Breeding Certification System on Small Ruminants and highlighted the main steps of the certification program, which includes the protocol for registration and certification of the breeding stocks, the breed types, the partners comprising the Certification Committee as well as defined the blood registration for up to three generation pedigree.

    Corozal Town Council - FLEA MARKET
    Saturday, July 14th, 2018, 6am-3:30pm.

    Belize Tourism Board - "2018 TASTE OF BELIZE - Our Signature Culinary Event"
    Indulge in succulent Belizean cuisines at the “2018 Taste of Belize” on Saturday, July 21, 2018, at the Princess Hotel & Casino, Belize City! As a diverse country, Belize offers a wealth of foodie-appeal, from delectable ancient Maya flavours to the cultural spices of the Garifuna and Mestizos! This signature Belize Tourism Board (BTB) event is the ultimate venue, featuring different culinary competitions, such as the Belize Master Chef and junior Cook. Other competitions include Bartender of the Year, Pastry Chef of the year. The BTB is excited to celebrate the creativeness of Belize’s food industry and we invite you to savor the flavors of Belize during this event!

    Low water pressure on Caye Caulker Saturday
    Belize Water Services informs customers in Caye Caulker that they will experience low water pressure in the water supply today, Saturday, July 14, 2018, starting at 10:00pm. The entire Caye Caulker Distribution System will be affected. This low water pressure is the result of routine maintenance at the Caye Caulker Water Treatment Plant. Customers may experience discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal on Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 7:00pm. If they experience water supply problems after that time, they should immediately call BWS’ hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS to report it.

    BTB Digital Summit 2018
    Attendees are all ears for this year's top-notch presenters, asking many questions and taking down notes. It's a full house here at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City!

    U.S. Embassy Looking for Special Consular Services Assistant
    The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position:Special Consular Services Assistant To view this vacancy announcement: Please review the requirements for each of the vacancies before applying for this position. Based on qualifications, applicants need only apply for one of the two vacancy announcements. NOTE: The U.S. Embassy Belmopan no longer accepts applications by email. All interested applicants applying for vacant positions at the Embassy must now submit their applications via the Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) software. For instructions on how to apply via the ERA software, please visit the U.S. Embassy’s website at:

    Ms Diane Haylock appointed Ambassador of Belize to Japan
    In addition to the Belize's Ambassador to the Republic of China, Taiwan, Her Excellency, Ms Diane Haylock (former President of NICH), has now also been appointed Ambassador of Belize to Japan. She presented Letters of Credence on Wednesday July 11 to Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace. The museum extends warm congratulations to H.E. Ms Diane

    Ya’axché Open House
    Celebrate with us at Ya’axché Open House on Saturday, 28th of July 2018 at the PG Central Park! We will be sharing our work, recognizing exceptional farmers, highlighting partnerships and having lots of fun activities. On sale will be organic farm produce from farmers and traditional Maya food prepared by women's groups. Bring out your family as we celebrate 20 years working in the Maya Golden Landscape. Activities begin at 8am and end at 2pm.

    Help Coconut Leo bounce back from the fire and get a new home
    The San Pedro police and fire dept are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed one building and left another one partially destroyed in the San Pedrito area. Reports are that a wooden building caught fire sometime around 11pm on Sunday, July 8th. The building was home to islander Coconut Leo who says he was not home at the time of the fire. He suspects that the fire was deliberately set. Coconut Leo is grateful for the kind neighbors and fire department who quickly put out the blaze and prevented it from spreading. Information courtesy of San Pedro Sun newspaper. The property is not owned by Leo, he has resided there for many years rent free. The owner plans to rebuild so Coconut Leo can come back. There are two houses on the property and the owner has housed many islanders in need throughout the years, and wishes to continue to help others.

    Channel 7

    Messenger Injured to Head In Robbery
    A man was shot to the head in Belize City this evening - and, tonight he is clinging to life at the KHMH. It happened at a few minutes before 5:00 - right around the corner from the KHMH on St. Joseph Street. Reports are that there was some kind of dispute between two men, and one of them suddenly pulled out a gun, and shot the victim to the side of the head. When we left the scene an hour ago - police had not confirmed his name. We note that this is a high traffic area between the Social Security Building and BAHA and that the shooting happened at the height of the Friday evening rush hour.

    Hon. Jose Mai, The Case Continues
    As we've been reporting, the family of the late Julia Arana is suing the PUP's Jose Mai, the Area Rep. for Orange Walk South. One of her sons, elite cyclist Nissan Arana, is asking the court to award the family damages against Mai. He was driving the Toyota Hilux that knocked her down on the Belize-Corozal Road two years ago. She passed away 2 months later. Mai's defence is that he bears no fault, and that the accident happened so quickly that he could not have avoided hitting her. All the evidence was presented last week, and both sides were supposed to return before Justice Courtney Abel today to make oral submissions.

    Grayson Cadle, Update From the Burn Center
    Tonight, burn victim Grayson Cadle is in stable condition at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. He has undergone a CT scan to confirm that he had no broken bones, and doctors then started to perform surgery to remove scars and stop the bleeding. But when he went into the operating theater, Doctors had to postpone the procedure because his body temperature fell. That does happen and the surgery is now re-scheduled for tomorrow. He remains stable despite the fact that he has burns to 70% of his body. His trip is made possible by the Burn Victim Mercy Fund. Those wanting to contribute, can do so at Account #: 1386 6801 0120001.

    Tesecum, The Survivor Conscious and Talking
    One other man who's recovering at the hospital is shooting victim Michael Tesecum. He's the 41 year-old Tibruce Street resident who was gunned down on Wednesday night, a stone's throw away from his home. He was walking on the street when someone ambushed him and shot him to the back, the stomach and the left foot. He was rushed to the KHMH, and doctors were able to stabilize him and save his life yet again. After spending 2 days in intensive care, he is conscious and talking coherently. In fact, we got a chance to speak with him on the telephone, and he told us that he would prefer not to give any interviews discussing his shooting at this time.

    Canadian For Sosa Murder
    Last night, you heard how Corozal cops were able to solve the three month old murder of 38 year-old Emmanuel Evan Sosa. That man who they believe fatally shot the Ranchito Village resident is 21 year-old George Bednarik, a Canadian who has been living in the village for some time. He will be arraigned and remanded for murder. Police say that Bednarik is the masked gunman who, in April, attempted to rob the female bar owner at Pasadita in Ranchito. Sosa came to her aid, as she pulled the front door shut.

    City Resident Arraigned For Murder in OW
    Yesterday we told you that police captured Alberto Vargas Jr's killer. Today the accused- 24 year old Belize City resident Nisani Daniel Garcia- was taken to the magistrates court in Orange Walk town and arraigned for murder. According to police, Vargas and Jose Medina had picked up Garcia somewhere along the Belize-Corozal road and proceeded to a street vendor to order some food. It was there that a misunderstanding between Garcia and Vargas allegedly occurred which led to Garcia shooting 21 year old Vargas. After his arraignment Garcia was remanded to prison until his next court hearing. In May of this year Garcia was arrested and charged for kept unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

    Weed And Weapons in OW
    And while that murder is believed to have been caused by the illicit trade in narcotics - tonight, there is a bust which demonstrates the linkage between drugs and guns in that northern town. Orange Walk police found two guns and 6 pounds of weed this afternoon. They searched an abandoned lot on Royal Palm Street and found two 9mm pistols: a Berreta and a Glock with three magazines and ten live rounds of ammunition. There they also found the 6 pounds of weed in several clear plastic bags. No one was around, so the high value street items were labeled as found property.

    Police Say Robbery Victim May Have Only Bumped His Head
    A few minutes ago, police provided details on the shooting we told you about at the top of the news. They say that messenger for a law firm, Nyrere Parchue was riding on St. Thomas Street when a man pulled up, pointed a firearm at him and demanded that he hand over a folder containing documents. Parchue handed it over, but set chase after his assailant and caught up with him on St. Joseph Street where, again, the robber pointed the firearm at him. This time, Parchue fell to the pavement, knocked his head and lost consciousness. He woke up in the hospital with injuries to the right side of his head and both hands. So, was he shot - as police told us at the scene?

    Bank Worker Fined For Fatal Accident
    Back in August of 2012, Shoshana Moody knocked down and killed Liang Shen Chen, and the Supreme Court says that she has to pay $15,000 for it. She went before Justice Marilyn Williams today where she pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter by negligence. For her guilty plea, the judge sentenced her to pay a fine of $5,000 to the court, and an additional $10,000 to the estate of the deceased. She has until January 1, 2019 to pay the fine and compensation, and if she defaults, she will serve 6 months in jail. The accident happened early on the morning of August 11, 2012, on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Haulover bridge.

    What Re-Registration Is Like At The Far Edge of Belize
    The re-registration exercise is wrapping up its second week - and - the projection is that close to 30 thousand voters have already gone through the process. The main complaint is that the process has been moving too slowly - but that's for folks who don't have to go too far to reach the re-registration center. But, for those who live in rural communities down south - it can be a whole other story! They live in remote and disconnected communities and while the Elections and Boundaries staff goes into some villages - they can't go to all, after all there are about 200 of them in Belize!

    Welcome Finally Gets Bail
    If at first you don't succeed, try again, that is what 18 year old Roaring Creek resident Rudolph Welcome did today in court. He applied for bail a second time for an attempted murder charge and he got it: $8,000 with 2 sureties. Welcome was charged with the June attempted murder of Burrell Boom resident Eugene Henderson Jr. He was asleep in his aunt's house in Roaring creek when Welcome allegedly crept up from the back of the house and shot him in the head. Now, this bail comes with conditions: he is to attend the Belmopan Magistrate's court on August 29th and on every other day the magistrate orders him to reappear.

    The Future of Tourism Is The Internet
    Marketing experts gathered at the Biltmore for the Belize Tourism Board's 4th annual Digital Marketing Summit today. The summit is a unique space where tourism sector businesses can learn and deepen their knowledge about the latest developments in online content and of course social media, among many other topics. We were there to find out more. Maynor Larrieu, Digital Marketing Manager, BTB: "This is the 4th annual Digital Marketing Summit and for the first time we have a full roster. There are 4 segments, key segments that we feel that the industry needs to be in the loop of. They are social media, digital strategy, online content and travel trade in digital. This is the only summit of its kind in terms of digital marketing summit that caters to tourism stakeholders primarily. The audience is basically hoteliers countrywide. We actually have people who flew in from Miami and a person from Houston so I think the word is going around."

    Telling Tourism Stories On Social Media
    Now there were a number of local and international presenters at the summit speaking on a wide range of topics. One presenter from Maine, USA presented on the impact of social media storytelling. Now we know people share everything on social media - especially on Facebook from what food they eat for lunch, to their new clothes and shoes, to all their relationship business - the list goes on. But Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons says the concept of social media storytelling is so much deeper than that and it is very useful in connecting with customers on a more personal level. Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons, Owner, Kristin Simmons Digital Media: "My involvement here with the BTB is that I am here to share social media storytelling. We have a lot of evidence after a decade of active social media use that people connect with stories. And so I am here to share with the people that are part of the BTB with the tourism and hospitality industry how they can use their natural story telling skills to get found online."

    Digging For Diamonds in Digital Ditches
    Another presenter who is originally from Brazil, Lia Cammarano, spoke on the importance of sifting through all the noise on the internet to find and gather useful and relevant information for companies. She told us more about the company she works for and more about her presentation topic. Lia Cammarano, Managing Director, South Eastern US Region - Meltwater: "Meltwater is a media intelligence platform and basically what we do is that we gather insights from the outsides so that businesses can make more informed and better decisions on their day to day."

    New CCJ President, It’s a Matter Of Trust
    Last week Wednesday, we showed you how Justice Adrian Saunders, took over leadership of the highest court in Belize, the Caribbean Court of Justice. President Saunders took over from Sir Dennis Byron, and he is now the 3rd president of this high court. He was formally installed last week before all the Caribbean leaders, and today, at the seat of the CCJ in Trinidad and Tobago, representatives from the bench and bar from all over the Caribbean held a special sitting of the court to honor his elevation.

    Why Newcomer Wants Cycling Presidency
    Two night ago, we showed you our interview with Orson Butler, the current vice president of the Belize cycling Federation, who's now running for president. The man who is currently President, Dion Leslie will run as Vice President. It's a flip flop of the status quo, which has an appeal for continuity, but not for Alexi Ordonez and his slate. He is a newcomer, and his slate, who call themselves "Team Upward Bound" say this much loved sport needs a new direction. Today, we asked him whether he's up to the task:.. Alexi Ordonez, Seeking Presidency - BCF: "These guys have been given a chance and we see the results of that now. We are mandated by our constitution which right now we don't have a constitution that governs the body. Secondly, we don't have any annual general meetings for the past 4 years. So lack of communication on a whole. No kind of financial statements are being presented to the people to let us know what's going on and it's only fair to give us a fair shot."

    The Brandon Polarity
    And one issue that sharply divides the two camps is Brandon Cattouse. The celebrated cyclist is currently on a provisional ban for using a prohibited substance, while awaiting a hearing before the Regional Anti Doping Organization. But Cattouse sidestepped RADO and got a Supreme Court injunction forcing the Federation to allow him to ride in the National Road Championship. Rather than risk that, the Federation, under Butler's de facto leadership, postponed the race. Tonight, we have what both sides think of the Cattouse situation and postponing the important race:..

    Belize’s Female Volleyballers Ready
    The Central American Women's Volleyball Championship is coming to Belize for the first time in August, and Belize's national team is ready. They've been training since last August and yesterday the Volleyball Association announced that the tournament will be held at the Civic Center from the 4th to the 10th of August. The Belize team looks good, but is considered an underdog. The championship will determine which national teams will be contesting the Continental Championship.

    Bystanders Catch A Thief
    A man who was busted attempting to steal a car radio in Ladyville - got roughed up by residents who caught him. 26 year old Elmer Martinez, a construction worker of Hattieville appeared yesterday at the Magistrate's Court where he was arraigned on the charge of theft. On the 9th July. 50 year old businessman Hugh Hulse, was at a home in Ladyville when he saw the lights on his Suzuki Tracker flashing. He went to check and found Martinez inside his vehicle. Martinez bolted off with the car radio in hand. However, the robbery attempt was foiled by a group of people on the other side of the street. They set chase and caught him.

    Emancipation is For Everyone
    Slavery is deeply embedded in the history of Belize - but it is not widely discussed or taught. In 1833 the British passed the Slavery Abolition Act which abolished slavery through out the British Empire, including Belize, although full emancipation was not achieved until 1838. While many Caribbean nations celebrate Emancipation day on August first, Belize does note. But, the United Black Association for Development in Belize, UBAD, is hosting its 5th annual black emancipation remembrance day. Chairperson of the UBAD Educational Foundation, Ya Ya Marin Coleman told us more. Making Migration Matter
    Belize and Mexico are longtime neighbors, and there is free interaction between both populations along and across the border on a daily basis, although not always legal. The issues arising from these border interactions create human rights issues, safety concerns and a host of other problems. It is with that in mind that representatives of both governments, in conjunction with the United Nations Migration Agency hosted the second cross-border meeting on migration. It involved stakeholders from Belize and Mexico at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. This meeting is part of an ongoing Mesoamerica Program that seeks to contribute to strategies for regular, orderly and safe migration of people from both countries. The Cross-Border Meeting is also in line with ongoing efforts of the Government of Belize to design a National Migration and Development Policy. The meeting began yesterday and concluded today.

    Channel 5

    Messenger Injured During Robbery on Saint Thomas Street
    Reports were received of a shooting incident this evening in Belize City for which one man, believed to be a messenger, was injured. Sometime around five o’clock rush hour, the [...]

    An Underground Oil Spill at Belize Natural Energy
    Personnel from Belize Natural Energy worked around the clock to avert any damage to the environment in Spanish Lookout where an oil spill occurred. The spill was caused by a [...]

    Civil Suit Against P.U.P. Area Rep Traversed to September Session of Supreme Court
    The civil suit against P.U.P. Orange Walk South Area Representative, Jose Abelardo Mai, was back before Supreme Court Justice Courtenay Abel today. Oral submissions were to be heard, however, there [...]

    CCJ Welcomes New President with Special Sitting
    The Caribbean Court of Justice held a special sitting today at its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago. The solemn occasion, the first of two, was held to honour the court’s [...]

    Ministry of National Security Says Major Crimes on Downward Trend
    The month of June saw the lowest number of murders; a fact that the Ministry of Police is recognizing in a release. But overall for the first six months of [...]

    SolGen Says Government is Fully Compliant with CCJ Consent Order
    Another round of litigation between the indigenous Maya community and Government of Belize is before the high court, despite a consent order from the Caribbean Court of Justice in 2015.  [...]

    A Long Way to Go Before the Maya Land Rights Issue is Fully Resolved
    According to the Solicitor General, the process of working through the terms of the consent order is fairly lengthy.  He says that while the Maya Leaders Alliance is entitled to [...]

    U.S. Fugitive Caught with Belizean Passport
    It went under the radar, but two weeks ago, American fugitive Kenneth Collins Dunn was caught in the Philippines with a Belizean passport under the name of Kelsey Brian Dunn. [...]

    Second Cross-Border Meeting on Migration Between Belize and Mexico Held
    Measures on how to improve and increase the number of Mexicans who enter Belize were discussed today during the second Cross-Border Meeting on Migration between Belize and Mexico. The meeting [...]

    After Walking Six Hours, Couple is Told They Are Too Late to Re-register
    A total of sixteen thousand, six hundred and seventy applications were accepted by the Elections and Boundaries Department as part of the first week of the mass re-registration exercise. That figure [...]

    P.U.P. Says Naturalized Guatemalans Who Have Been in Belize for Decades are Belizeans
    With re-registration of electors taking place, debate is raging about the registering of naturalized Guatemalans because it breaches the Belize Constitution. Section twenty-nine of the Constitution states that no person [...]

    P.U.P. Leaders Says Diasporans’ Concerns Must be Discussed Further
    Persons wanting to re-register must prove that they have been living at their address for at least two months. This is one of the requirements that some Belizeans living overseas [...]

    Opposition Leader: Cost of Living Burdening Belizeans
    Electricity rates increased on July first after an application by Belize Electricity Limited to the Public Utilities Commission was successful. The new rates will be in effect for the next [...]

    Digital Marketing Brings Tourism Stakeholders Together to Promote the Jewel
    Representatives from local tourism stakeholders joined international digital marketing experts for the B.T.B.’s fourth Digital Marketing Summit. The one-day event was held at the Biltmore Plaza. Sessions covered four critical [...]

    Marie Sharp’s Steak Sauce is of Superior Taste
    You know her for her fiery hot habanero pepper sauce, but tonight you’ll know her as an international businesswoman who received a prestigious distinction in Brussels, Belgium. Marie Sharp, owner [...]

    Female Tapir Knocked Down and Killed on Boom/Hattieville Road
    Reports spread like wildfire today that a tapir had been killed on the Boom/Hattieville Road. An investigation carried out by the Belize Tapir Project has since revealed that the young [...]


    Minor used as drug trafficking mule
    Drug traffickers are very creative with the methods they use to ship illegal substances. But now it seems they are using a successful and old method but instead of adults, they are using minors as mules. Officers from San Ignacio had set up a checkpoint on the George Price Highway on July 12. At 8:30 on Thursday morning they searched a bus that was traveling from the direction of San Ignacio heading towards Belmopan.


    At KHMH, specialist tells hernia sufferer “we don’t do that surgery anymore”
    The majority of Belizeans have no health insurance, so when sudden health conditions arise that require a visit to a doctor, most persons turn to the various public hospitals to seek assistance. In the past that was alright because they would be attended to at the public hospitals and clinics. If they had to undergo elective surgery that was never a problem, as long as they had the patience to wait until the hospital was able to arrange such a surgery.

    Grayson Cadle, 21, in coma; flown out to Georgia for treatment
    Grayson Cadle, the 21-year-old who was severely burnt in his home at the corner of Mahogany and Mopan Streets, opposite Brown’s Butane Depot, as a result of the explosion of a butane tank which had been leaking in the adjacent apartment, is currently in an induced coma and they are flying him out of the country to receive treatment. According to his mother, Marianne Cadle, she, Grayson, and her other son had been living in the apartment for only three months. Cadle also informed the media that Grayson had been admitted into the hospital in a critical condition, and that in a brief moment upon his arrival at the hospital, she spoke to her son, and he said, “Mommy, I did not do anything.”

    Alberto Vargas, Jr., 21, shot and killed in car
    At around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night, police visited the Northern Regional Hospital, where they saw the body of Alberto Vargas, Jr., 21, with two gunshot wounds in the neck. According to initial reports, Vargas, who was a shop assistant, was in a green Ford Escape on the Belize Corozal Road with his friend, Jose Medina, the driver of the vehicle. They then picked up another man, who sat in the back seat, behind Vargas. It is not known if the passenger was known to Medina or Vargas.

    BNE oil spill in Spanish Lookout
    Most Belizeans would not have known that there was an oil spill at the Belize Natural Energy (BNE) Spanish Lookout facility last Sunday if it had not been reported by the Belmopan-based Plus TV, which shared the information with Kremandala. On Tuesday, Amandala attempted to get information from BNE about this latest oil spill. We were told that the person who is allowed to speak to the media was not available, and the person we spoke with said he was not authorized to comment.

    Jalacte Mayas take GoB to court for taking lands without consultation
    Mayas from the village of Jalacte have taken out a Supreme Court claim against the Government of Belize for using their lands without consulting them, instead of abiding by the 2015 Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling which asserts that the Mayas of southern Belize must be afforded their customary land rights, which the government has been slow in implementing. This latest round of litigation on the part of the Mayas in Jalacte has to do with the widening of the Jalacte road, which they claim is being built on lands that were used for farming.

    Elderly couple gets court justice, after land where they live was sold 3 times
    An elderly man, who sold his property with the agreement that the buyer would subdivide the land, leaving him with the back portion, on which his house stands, went through an ordeal when the person who bought the property from him transferred the entire package to his wife, who then transferred it to a building society, who then sold it. The matter came to a near disastrous end when the most recent owner, after newly acquiring the property, ordered the elderly man (and his wife) off the land, but he triumphed in a cross claim in the Supreme Court—winning on the technicalities of the law, which allowed him to retain his property.

    BVA announces National Team Selection for Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship in Belize
    The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) is pleased to announce the National Team Selection to represent Belize at the upcoming XX Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship to be held in Belize City from August 4 – 10 at the Civic Center. The national team is comprised of our top female athletes: Shantell Arnold, Sherika Burton, Allyana Musa, Mya Musa, Melanie Palacio, Karen Quan, Fatima Ramirez, Nelissa Ramirez, Ayah Safa, Jahshema Saunders, Kevanna Sebastian, Tichele Solis, Tisha Solis, Maurissa Williams.

    Cricket Update
    Greetings from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)! Guess old age catching up on me; I completely forgot to send in the update from the matches played on June 30 & July 1! So, here are the results: On June 30 – Summer Fever won over BDF in the second game of the three-game series; therefore, Summer Fever advances to the semifinals. On July 1 – Easy Does It won over Sunrise in the second game of the three-game series; therefore, Easy Does It advances to the semifinals.

    Basketball community mourns loss of long-standing referee, Leroy Clother
    The Belize Basketball Federation (BBF), National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) and the Belize Association of Basketball Officials (BABO) join the entire basketball community in extending our sincere condolences to the family of Leroy Clother for their tragic loss. Leroy has been serving as a referee in Belize for many years, and his service to the development of basketball was invaluable. Our sympathies go out to his family, friends and loved ones, as our basketball community continues to mourn his loss.

    FFB National Over-40 update
    Catching up on some scores from the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) National Over-40 tournament, we note that some late information after we went to press on Tuesday indicated that the game in Dangriga at the Carl Ramos Stadium on Sunday was indeed played after all. We had reported that no-show referees had led to cancellation of games at the MCC (San Pedro Veterans vs Kulture Yabra Veterans) and also at the Carl Ramos Stadium (Dangriga New Site Erei vs Benque Veterans); but the game at Carl Ramos was played, with the result a 3-3 draw between New Site Erei and Benque Veterans.

    Editorial: Living a lie
    Saturday, July 14, 2018 marks the 229th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison by the French masses in Paris. Thus began the historic, cataclysmic French Revolution, which in turn spawned the Haitian Revolution in 1791, which constituted the only successful slave rebellion in history and gave birth to the first Black republic in the so-called New World in 1804. What the French masses were violently overthrowing in the French Revolution was a monarchical system of government with all its attendant evils, primarily a privileged, parasitic, and brutal aristocratic class. Whereas the French guillotined their King, Louis XVI, in 1793, the English, led by Oliver Cromwell, had beheaded their King, Charles I, in 1649, 140 years before the storming of the Bastille.

    A threat to Amandala from Barrow & Williams
    Dear Sirs: We are instructed by Mr. Alberto August who, as you are aware, is the chairman of the United Democratic Party and a political figure in Belize. In the Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 No. 3191 of the Amandala, Tuesday Issue, you caused to be published on page 23 under the headline article “Say no to the ICJ” words purportedly spoken by Derek Aikman, the following defamatory words: “The founder and leader of BUFERAD, former UDP politician and former Cabinet Minister, Derek Aikman opened the press conference explaining that “there is potential poison in the re-registration process.”

    The mystery of the “bend-fork”
    Dear Editor, It was 1959 and the Ramirez family had recently relocated to #150 Newtown Barracks from Racecourse Street. We were right in front of the majestic Caribbean Sea, one house away from Wilson Street. It was two years before the great Hattie Hurricane and I, Alfonso, was nine years old. My brother Ricardo was eight and our youngest brother, Gustavo, was seven. We had two older sisters and two older brothers from Mama’s first marriage. They were the Petersens. We were all enrolled at St. Joseph’s Primary School. The Cathedral that exists now had not been built yet and there was a small wooden Chapel next to the school.

    The inspirational journey of Kaedhyn Williams
    Her eyes twinkled with confidence and her smile enveloped the room as she exclaimed her future goals and intentions. Kaedhyn Williams is an 11-year-old Belizean American who is the oldest child of Belizean parents Marvin Williams and Tamarah Major Williams, who recently became the recipient of the prestigious scholarship of the Carson Scholars Fund. Kaedhyn, a 7th grade student at Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering in Lancaster, California, has all the reasons to be ecstatic. The remarkable journey of Kaedhyn began with the challenge of being born with Spinal Bifida, which affected her ability to walk. She had to endure several major and delicate surgeries over her childhood to correct the condition.

    Collateral for lawyers
    When you look at the tragedy of 265 men on remand for murder, and you do the math, you realize that this reality works out to the benefit of only one group in the country. This group can take that number to the bank. That number will work out for them, either as savings at the bank of their choice, or as collateral for loans for their big house or fast car or luxury boat. It is not for us to complain about all people who capitalize on pain. But we should complain if the people who capitalize on pain, are contributors to it. We men know of the violence in our natures. We also know that it can be tempered, or stoked. Now, from the little classroom knowledge I have, yes, straight from that, there are three kinds of big animals on terra firma, these being the carnivores, the omnivores, and the herbivores.

    Seeing “Woodstock” the film at the “Palace” movie theater in Belize City, Belize, in the 1970s at matinee on Sunday evenings as a boy had made me wonder what a powerful and enlightening musical explosion the “hippie era” in the United States had on the world as a popular culture. Some Belizeans were influenced by the cult of personality of the 1960s through the musical giants like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, as well as the dress, the spirit, the mood, the style and the “psychedelic” craze of drugs and the sense of wild unaltered freedom of expression.

    The growth of Black Consciousness in Belize 1914-1919
    That anger, perhaps somewhat ameliorated by the expectations of demobilization and their return to Belize, was reactivated on the long journey home by the so-called “Incident at Taranto.” That incident which was brought to light by C.L. Joseph and W.F. Elkins and is in need of further investigation – involved the revolt of some 50-60 members of the 9th Battalion of the British West Indies Regiment at the British Army transit camp at Cimino near Taranto in Italy in December 1918. Apparently, on December 6th members of the 9th Battalion, exasperated by weeks of discrimination in the camps, canteens and cinemas, humiliating fatigue duties and the overbearing arrogance of the South African camp commandant, attacked their officers and severely assaulted their unit commander.

    Ambassadors of Norway, Thailand, Bolivia and Turkey present credentials to Governor General
    Four ambassadors presented their Letters of Credence today, July 9, to the Governor General of Belize, H.E. Sir Colville Young, at Belize House in Belmopan. H.E. Mrs. Rut Krüger Giverin, Ambassador of Norway; H.E. Ms. Rommanee Kananurak, Ambassador of Thailand; H.E. Mr. José Vladimir Crespo Fernández, Ambassador of Bolivia; and H.E. Mr. Suleyman Gokce, Ambassador of Turkey all presented their credentials to the Governor General.

    American businessman, Cliff Kirk, 60, dies 5 days after being shot
    On Thursday at around 11:50 a.m., Cliff Kirk, 60, an American retiree, was in his home, which is located ten miles away from San Pedro Town and is only accessible by water, when four men wearing masks entered his yard and shot him in the head. They then entered his home and stole a briefcase full of money, a 9mm pistol, and a 12-gauge shotgun. In yesterday’s Amandala, we reported that three persons — Christian Espat, 22; Nigel Williams, 25; and a 16-year-old — had been charged with aggravated burglary, attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm.

    “I want my baby”, said Peter Bell, 54, charged with aggravated burglary
    Peter Bell, 54, an employee of the Moslem Masjid, who resides at 8 Landivar Street, kept saying today in the court of the Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser that he wants his baby after he was arraigned on charges of aggravated burglary, wounding and harm, to all of which he pleaded not guilty. Bell admitted that on July 7, he went uninvited to the house of Charles Lamb, located at 30 Fabers Road, but he said he did so because he wanted to see his two-and-a-half-month-old baby whose mother is Rachel Lamb, Charles Lamb’s daughter.

    In the midst of gloom, tourism shines
    In the Wed. June 27, 2018 Amandala, Courtney Menzies reported on a release by the Belize Institute of Statistics which showed the dismal state of Belize’s agriculture sector. Statistics showed that the sector declined by 11.9% in the first quarter of 2018, when compared with the same period in 2017, with citrus production down 19.3%, banana showing a loss of 5,000 tons, marine production down 44%, largely because of struggles in the shrimp industry, and sugar revenue diminished by lowered prices on the world market. But in the midst of these lowered exports, the tourism industry continues to flourish. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), in a press release dated Wednesday, July 11, 2018, reported that the latest statistics for the middle of 2018 showed that “tourism arrivals to Belize continue to register groundbreaking levels and moving on a steady upward trend.”

    Elderly couple gets court justice, after land where they live was sold 3 times
    An elderly man, who sold his property with the agreement that the buyer would subdivide the land, leaving him with the back portion, on which his house stands, went through an ordeal when the person who bought the property from him transferred the entire package to his wife, who then transferred it to a building society, who then sold it. The matter came to a near disastrous end when the most recent owner, after newly acquiring the property, ordered the elderly man (and his wife) off the land, but he triumphed in a cross claim in the Supreme Court—winning on the technicalities of the law, which allowed him to retain his property.

    The Reporter

    Shooting on Saint Joseph Street
    A shooting reportedly occurred a short while ago on St Joseph Street in Belize City. Police have cordoned off the area and have not yet released any details. We will

    Two police searches, one in the north and the other in the west, have resulted in the discovery of a stash of weed and a gun;

    In 1978, three years before Independence, the Government of Belize commissioned a legal opinion from two distinguished international lawyers: E. Lauterpacht Q.C. and Dr. D.W. Bowette, Q.C. Their terms of

    Butane Explosion Injures Three, One Critical
    An otherwise quiet Monday afternoon on Mopan Street turned almost deadly in an instant when a butane gas leak inside an apartment complex triggered an explosion

    SATIIM Dissatisfied With US Capital Consultations
    US Capital Energy has begun preliminary consultations with villages in southern Belize as part of the procedure for applying for a new oil concession; however, the Sarstoon Temash Institute for

    Thai Miracle: All 12 boys and football coach safe after heroic rescue
    The plight of the boys and their coach has captivated not only Thailand, but much of the world — from the heart-sinking news that they were missing,

    Was Sudden Death Caused By Medical Malpractice ?
    A family is blaming the public health system, and particularly the Western Regional Hospital, for the death of their loved one on Saturday; and they are

    Minister Bashes KHMH and Loma Luz over Dialysis Charges
    On Monday, July 9 in Belmopan, Minister of Health, Pablo Marin expressed his outrage at the nation’s largest referral hospital, the KHMH and Loma Luz, considered the best health facility

    Cops Seize $100K in Illegal Painkillers
    A significant shipment of Oxicodone pills, an opioid-based medication that can be converted into heroine, was intercepted by authorities in Spanish Lookout on Tuesday of this

    Belize has in recent years recorded one of the highest homicide rates in the world, per capita, but this week law enforcement authorities here reported a

    Dear Editor: This week the United States State Department’s travel advisory for Mexico listed the following states as areas not to travel in Mexico for

    Police Charge Nisani Garcia for Vargas Murder
    This afternoon Belize City construction worker, Nisani Daniel Garcia, 24, was formally charged for the murder of Alberto Vargas Jr., 21, shot twice to his neck

    Willoughby Resigns from NEMO to Run in Port
    No sooner had the UDP hopefuls for standard bearer in Port Loyola made the list in last week’s news, than Philip Willoughby, who was one

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Minor arrested and charged for drug trafficking
    Yesterday morning around 8:30, while conducting a police checkpoint on the George Price Highway, authorities arrested […]

    Belize Territorial Volunteers meet Guatemalan authorities inside Belizean Waters (again)
    Yesterday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) embarked on an expedition to Graham Creek in Southern […]

    Corozal House of Culture to host Ancient World Week
    The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Corozal House of Culture, the […]

    Belize participates at 54th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society
    The Livestock Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, through the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and […]

    Family claims young man died due to hospital’s negligence
    The family of 27-year-old Justin Neal of Santa Elena town, Cayo are frustrated after losing […]

    Belizeans participate in filming of La Reina del Sur
    Famous Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, otherwise known as ‘La Reina del Sur’, arrived in […]


    Things To Do In Corozal
    Corozal District is the northernmost district of the nation of Belize. The population was 33,335 in 2000. The capital district is Corozal Town. Pre-Columbian Maya Temples are found in Corozal at Santa Rita near Corozal Town, and at Cerros. Just 9 miles south of Mexico and 29 miles north of Orange Walk Town, Corozal has a vibe different from any other town in Belize. The Mexican influence is palpable on the streets of this provincial town, where you are likely to hear Spanish and eat tacos. Though it feels prosperous (especially by Belizean standards), most of the town's wealth comes from its position as a commercial and farming center – not from tourism. In fact, the town's fledgling tourism sector has been hit hard by the direct boat service between San Pedro and Chetumal, which has seen many travelers bypass Corozal altogether and several tourist-orientated businesses close.

    A 22-Year-Old Takes A $845.50 Girls' Trip To Belize
    Could you survive for 5 days in Belize on - $845.50 including your accommodations and transportation? See how this 22-year-old traveler managed to do so. This week's travel diary: A 22-year-old takes a chocolate-making class and drives a golf cart around San Pedro, Belize with her two girlfriends.


  • ELECTRI Cross Borders 2017 - Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2min. ELECTRI Council contractors, manufacturers and distributors traveled to Ambergris Caye, Belize, for ELECTRI International’s 2017 Cross-Border meeting. Each Cross-Border gathering provides educational and hands-on experiences while fostering long-standing relationships and partnerships.

  • Fundraiser for Vincent Dawson, 3.5hr.

  • Belize Sharks & Rays, 6.5min. Sharks & Rays off the coast of Belize near Caye Caulker and the Belize Barrier Reef.

  • A Day at Secret Beach Belize, 1min.

  • The People’s United Party is joining the Belize Territorial Volunteers, 3.5min.

  • Women's Business Cooperative of Belize, 10min. LaiSi and Betty discuss plans to support women's entrepreneurship and industries in Belize. Cynthia did not attend as she is in Belize. The plans are altruistic but they also allow for us to actualize our own dreams of owning businesses, owning our own land, having access to a smaller and more local government, being financially sustainable, building a sense of community and helping others.

  • Belize 2018, 7min. First Reformed Church summer mission trip to Belize!!
  • 0 161 Read More
    Ambergris Caye
    07/14/18 12:35 PM

    Help Coconut Leo bounce back from the fire and get a new home

    The San Pedro police and fire dept are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed one building and left another one partially destroyed in the San Pedrito area. Reports are that a wooden building caught fire sometime around 11pm on Sunday, July 8th. The building was home to islander Coconut Leo who says he was not home at the time of the fire. He suspects that the fire was deliberately set. Coconut Leo is grateful for the kind neighbors and fire department who quickly put out the blaze and prevented it from spreading.

    Information courtesy of San Pedro Sun newspaper. The property is not owned by Leo, he has resided there for many years rent free. The owner plans to rebuild so Coconut Leo can come back. There are two houses on the property and the owner has housed many islanders in need throughout the years, and wishes to continue to help others.

    More Information: GoFundMe page

    2 560 Read More
    Caye Caulker
    07/14/18 12:28 PM
    Belize Water Services informs customers in Caye Caulker that they will experience low water pressure in the water supply today, Saturday, July 14, 2018, starting at 10:00pm. The entire Caye Caulker Distribution System will be affected.

    This low water pressure is the result of routine maintenance at the Caye Caulker Water Treatment Plant. Customers may experience discoloration when water is restored.

    Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal on Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 7:00pm. If they experience water supply problems after that time, they should immediately call BWS’ hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS to report it.
    0 74 Read More
    07/14/18 12:22 PM

    Personnel from Belize Natural Energy worked around the clock to avert any damage to the environment in Spanish Lookout where an oil spill occurred. The spill was caused by a leak in a pipe at one of the wells. That leak led to a gush of an undisclosed amount of water and crude oil into a creek spreading to the main road in the community. The topsoil affected by the spill was quickly removed under supervision of the Department of Environment to contain potential damage. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.

    Allan Reimer, Chairman, Spanish Lookout Petroleum Board

    “It was a pipe that had ruptured, an underground pipe that for some reason, we don’t know why they rupture, but it ruptured and there was a large stream of oil and water along the roads, into a culvert and into a creek.”

    Duane Moody, Reporting

    On Sunday, there was a crude oil spill within the underground pipeline network of Belize Natural Energy in the Spanish Lookout Community in western Belize.  It is the third oil spill in sixteen months caused by breakage in the piping. Gallons upon gallons of waters and raw crude oil seeped into a nearby drain and down to a ditch hundreds of feet away and dumping into a creek along the stretch of road leading to the police station. The quantum of oil mixture lost is unknown at this time, but the Department of Environment has since been called in to supervise.

    Anthony Mai, Environmental Officer, DoE

    “B.N.E. does a walkthrough of the pipeline and they found the oil coming up at a particular location and then that area is dug and when the soil is removed, the pipeline is exposed. And where the pipeline was joined together, sealed together, there was a small crack in the seal and some oil was coming from that location. The oil went on the surface, flood off into a small drain and flowed down into a little small narrow creek.  It was the pipe that goes from Mike Nine to Mike Five and it is difficult to explain because most people would not know where those pipes are or wells are. But there is a six-inch pipe running from Mike Five to Mike Nine. There is a manifold at Mike Five where all the pipes connect to then it goes to central so it was that pipeline.”

    Apart from the dangers to animals and humans who come in contact with the layer of crude oil, the spill is damaging to the environment; it can cause loss to vegetation and erosion, and has a pungent smell.  Allan Reimer sits on the Spanish Lookout Petroleum Board and serves as the bridge between B.N.E. and the Mennonite community. He says that the frequency of incidents is concerning.

    Allan Reimer

    “These wells are producing up to seventy percent water and thirty percent oil; so it is a thousand gallons combined was my estimation.”

    Duane Moody

    “What I the concern in terms of these oil spills?”

    Allan Reimer

    “When you wake up on a Sunday morning and you see your nice lawn that you have along the roadside and you see a black river flowing through there. Imagine the feelings you’re having and the smell of it; it is just something that is abhorrent to find it there and nobody likes it. But we have to deal with it and after that comes the clean up phase and cleanup is never a nice job.”

    That cleanup is done by B.N.E. whose workmen have been on the ground since Sunday. The Department of Environment has been supervising the remedial works currently ongoing. Environmental Officer Anthony Mai explains the process, which begins with the removal of the topsoil where the spill occurred to minimize the environmental impact.

    Anthony Mai

    “B.N.E. personnel immediately contained it and they stopped it from flowing and they cleaned up the site by removing the soil from the area. The soil was taken to B.N.E. central at the decontamination site and it is being processed.  We went on the site to observe the situation. Before that we normally inform them that they need to contain the situation and then begin cleanup. And so we went on site and B.N.E. was doing cleanup activities and we stay on site as supervisors and we guide them through the process. Basically up to now they have cleaned the site and they are about to re-pressurize the pipeline to get the well back on stream. The good thing is that the B.N.E. employees were able to contain it so they stopped it from flowing quickly. Again the creek was not like flowing waters so it didn’t move along quite far. I think on the surface beside the road was about seven hundred feet and then it went down into a small little creek and it was stop about a hundred feet from that.”

    According to Mai, the Department of Environment routinely receives reports from the oil company on oil spills, but the leakages are usually contained.

    Anthony Mai

    “All the tanks at B.N.E. are required to have a containment bond; all the oil head are required to have a cellar which is a containment bond as well. So most of the spills occur within the bond and it doesn’t overflow into the environment so in that case it is easy to cleanup. Only in instances where the spill occur in such a way that it goes outside the bond that is when we need to go on site, we need to supervise, we need to ensure that they clean up properly.”

    Allan Reimer

    “The bad side of it is that we have to do things that we don’t like to do, but yet we have no alternative. It wasn’t planned by anybody; these leaks are not planned and so we bear with the company while they clean up and kinda suppress our emotions a little.”

    Channel 5

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    Food & Recipes
    07/14/18 12:18 PM

    Marie Sharp wins “Superior Taste” award in Brussels, Belgium

    You know her for her fiery hot habanero pepper sauce, but tonight you’ll know her as an international businesswoman who received a prestigious distinction in Brussels, Belgium. Marie Sharp, owner of Marie Sharp Fine Foods, received the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. She received the award for her Fiery Hot and Exotic Steak. Sharp appeared on Open Your Eyes on June twentieth and spoke of her award winning steak sauce.

    Marie Sharp, Owner, Marie Sharp Fine Foods

    “The tourist trade has really been like a God sent for me. I think that has really what made my name internationally famous. To be honest with you, right now we have a trophy in Brussels that we are supposed to go to for this month for that steak sauce.”

    Marleni Cuellar, Host

    “Now they are going to fly off the shelves in Belize. Smoke, spicy exotic steak sauce. You say this is based with green mango?”

    Marie Sharp

    “Green mango and it is ginger and tamarind.”

    Marleni Cuellar

    “And then all your secrets spices.”

    Marie Sharp

     “Yes. It is very, very nice. I mean once you taste this, you will never touch A1 again.”

    Channel 5

    10 17,269 Read More
    Previous Days Weather
    07/13/18 05:40 PM

    The Cloud & rain picture

    You can see the Sahara dust in the below picture, and you can see a very large area rotating weather in the Atlantic, moving our way, yet the weather people make no comment about it. OK it is very large and has been developing over the last 3 - 4 days, but is unlikely to develop into a Tropical Storm, but it should be watched.

    2 162 Read More
    07/13/18 04:25 PM
    Got an electric golf cart? Check this out! 48V Golf Cart Charger for sale. Wiring, plug & USB port included $1300BZ.
    0 67 Read More
    Daily news prior to today
    07/13/18 12:32 PM


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Gladstone Bucknor is new officer in charge of San Pedro Fire Department sub-office
    As of Monday July 2nd Gladstone Bucknor is the new sub-station officer in charge of the San Pedro Fire Department. Bucknor took over the position held by Newton Lennan, who was transferred to Belize City. Originally from Belize City, Bucknor comes to San Pedro with over 22 years of experience as a fire officer. He has been a fire officer in Dangriga Town, Toledo, Belize City and Belmopan City. According to the new officer in charge one of his main goals is to raise awareness of the best practices to prevent fire incidents. “My goal is to educate island residents and businesses through public meetings and presentations on ways fire incidents can be prevented, as well as how to react in case there is a fire happening,” he said.

    Coconut Leo’s house burns down in San Pedrito
    On Sunday, July 8th, another fire in San Pedro Town left an islander without a home. The fire victim is Leo Martinez, popularly known as Coconut Leo of the San Pedrito Area, who is admired on the island for his Bob Marley interpretations, acrobatic skills, and coconut tree climbing exhibitions. His house had no electricity and Martinez suspects arson, however, police have no information suggesting it was deliberately set on fire. Coconut Leo lost everything in the fire, which reportedly started shortly after 11PM. Leo said he left home around 8PM and a few hours later he received a call that his house was burning. He indicated that there was nothing inside the house that could cause a fire and believes that someone is responsible. Coconut Leo said that he does not have enemies and cannot tell of anyone who would want to harm him.

    Ambergris Today

    Tourism Arrivals To Belize Continue On Upward Trend
    The latest statistics for the middle of 2018 shows that tourism arrivals to Belize continue to register groundbreaking levels and moving on a steady upward trend. Overnight tourism arrivals in June registered double digit increases for the past three consecutive years while the first half of the year registered a 17.1% cumulative increase.

    Belize Hotel Association Hosts 2018 Annual General Meeting
    The Belize Hotel Association held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 from 1:00 PM- 5:30 PM at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom, Belize. In attendance were the Board of the BHA, Association Members, other Tourism Stakeholders and guests.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    GLOW Camp 2018
    GLOW Camp has finished. A huge thanks to the Peace Corps volunteers and everyone else that made this happen again this year! "Peace Corps Belize extends our heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to our Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Camp 2018! 80 girls (ages 10 – 13), 14 Belizean Counterparts and 12 Peace Corps Volunteers, from all over Belize, gathered for a week of learning and fun. The girls made friends from all over the country! They learned about cultures different from their own and developed their leadership skills by building their self-esteem, self-expression, and self-reliance. They also made crafts, danced, laughed and learned about self-defense! We are so proud of these girls for their full engagement in such a new experience. These girls worked so hard throughout the school year to prepare for the camp. Some engaged in fundraising activities for the trip while some even wrote application essays to attend.

    Renovations at St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral
    Renovations continue at the St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral in Belize City. The renovations is part of the hard components of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. Funds provided by Taiwan ICDF and the Government of Belize.

    Re-opening of the Consulate of Belize in Chicago
    It is with great joy that the Government of Belize announces that the re-opening of the Passport Station and Consulate in the City of Chicago at Evanston is scheduled for August/September of 2018. We thank members of the Belizean Community in Chicago for their input in providing feedback as to location and accessibility. The Government of Belize also underscores its gratitude for the community's patience during the time of interrupted services. The intent of the closure was to improve the services provided to the community.

    Impersonation of Staff - Elections and Boundaries Department
    It has come to the attention of the Elections and Boundaries Department that there are individuals impersonating Staff of Elections and Boundaries Department who are visiting residents to obtain information. The public is advised that all staff of the Elections and Boundaries Department is issued with valid Staff Identification Cards. The public does have a right to request such an identification card prior to providing any information.

    Celebrity Spotting
    Tim Duncan of the San Antonio’s Spurs spotted arriving in Belize.

    Ministry of National Security Statistics Point to Decrease in Major Crimes
    Statistics compiled by the Ministry of National Security show that major crimes in Belize are on a downward trend. The figures were released and analyzed at the Ministry’s monthly meeting with the high command of law enforcement agencies in Belmopan on Monday, 9th July 2018. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Ministry to review the current crime situation in Belize where it was noted that there is an observable downward trend in major crimes. This updated information incidentally came after a meeting with the business sector including the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Chinese Association, the Indian Association, and the Belize Teachers Union; where they reportedly were of the view that crimes were spiraling out of control.

    Second Cross-Border Meeting on Migration Between Belize and Mexico
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration of the Government of Belize and the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), in coordination with the Embassy of Mexico in Belize, hosted the second edition of the cross-border meeting on migration between stakeholders from Belize and Mexico. The Second Edition of the Cross-Border Meeting was held on July 12th and 13th by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration of the Government of Belize and the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), in coordination with the Embassy of Mexico in Belize at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. The Cross-Border Meeting is part of the Mesoamerica Program, which seeks to contribute to the development and implementation of strategies for regular, orderly, and safe migration.

    San Pedro Pirates vs. BDF FC
    Our 3rd pre season game will be vs BDF FC ! Which are the Sub Champions of the season! Boat leaves at 1:00pm from front Gas Station (cholo’s) Just $30! Round Trip! Book your Spot now!

    2018 Spartan Classic Bodybuilding Competition
    Corozal, 14 July 2018. CCC Auditorium, 7pm.

    Coconut Frond Art Workshop
    August 20-23, Corozal House of Culture, $50 per person.

    Activities this weekend in Corozal and Orange Walk
    Here is a call out to our brothers and sisters from Orange Walk and all surrounding villages in Corozal. Visit Corozal Town this weekend. Featured Events:- Friday, July 13 - 15 - BIKE RALLY (All Weekend) Saturday, July 14 - 2018 SPARTAN CLASSIC BODY BUILDING COMPETITION Saturday, July 14 - Art In The Park (Special Performances)

    JULY 2018 EDITION of ArT In ThE ParK
    Special feature will be a wonderful performance by the participants of the Carnival Around the World Summer Program taking place at the Corozal House of Culture which has been on since July 2nd. Don't miss it.

    Cayo Wellness Seminar
    Today, from 9:00am through 1:00pm, there will be a Wellness seminar at the SISE House of Culture. They'll have ideas for healthy cooking, along with exercise routines. "HERE IS INVITING ONE AND ALL TO THE SAN IGNACIO/SANTA ELENA HOUSE OF CULTURE THIS FRIDAY JULY 13TH, 2018 TO A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND WELLNESS WORKSHOP FROM 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M."

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Overboard, Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis, Traffik, Gotti

    Wooden Phone covers benefit CZMAI
    Get your beautiful limited edition wooden phone case today for only $60 from our friends at A&S Covers. All proceeds go to the Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute Scholarship Program. Phone cases come in 3 designs, each representing a different partner. Be sure to check out the CZMAI and Oceana Belize design too! Collect all 3! The WWF #Mangrove design highlights a huge conservation win in Belize as new legislation was passed supporting the preservation of Mangrove forests. This was one of the key factors involved in getting our #Belize #BarrierReef #WorldHeritage site OFF the #UNESCO In Danger list.

    Channel 7

    Man Who Survived Explosion Flown To Burn Center
    Burn Victim, 21 year old Grayson Cadle survived a terrible explosion at his Mahogany Street apartment on Monday. He was left with burns to 70% of his body. And that's why tonight, he's being taken via air ambulance to the Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia where he will spend the next 3 to 4 months. He will be getting free treatment through the Burn Victim Mercy Fund. We were at the hospital when Cadle was taken from the KHMH to the waiting air ambulance. Courtney Weatherburne has the story.

    Chopping Victim Got Shot, Tesecum Tempts Fate With Another Near Fatal Injury
    41 year-old Michael Tesecum, a resident of Tibruce Street, is in intensive care at the KHMH tonight, after he was shot multiple times last night. It's the second attempt on his life in 7 months, and it comes at a time that he is struggling to recover from the last time someone tried to kill him. He suffered a severe eye injury when his co-worker, Dennis Bowden chopped him in the head with a machete, and the road to recovery has been very difficult. He was at risk of losing that eye to complications, and now, he must recover from gunshot wounds to the back, the stomach and the left foot. So, how can one man be so unlucky? That's what our news team attempted to find out today. Daniel Ortiz has that story:

    Police Snatch A Plethora of Painkillers
    The cops are reporting tonight that they've made a significant bust of oxycodone, a highly addictive painkiller that has caused many deaths by overdose in the US. It's in the category of drugs known as an opioid, and in Belize, it is listed on the schedule of controlled drugs that is illegal - unless you have a prescription. On Tuesday, cops from Spanish Lookout busted 3 people who they believe were attempting to smuggle 8.4k kilos of the drug in a tablet form stuffed inside a knapsack. Today, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch gave the press a briefing on the seizure and arrests:

    Was OW Murder Product of Drug Buy Gone Wrong?
    Yesterday we told you that police were looking for a known suspect from Belize City for the shooting death of Albert Vargas Jr. in Orange Walk town. Well, today police have charged that suspect. He is 24 year old Nisani Daniel Garcia, a construction worker of Belize City, and this evening, he was formally arrested and charged for the murder of the 21 year old Vargas. At the police press briefing earlier today, investigators discussed the possibilities of this latest homicide being related to a drug-buy gone wrong between the men in the vehicle:

    Cliff Kirk’s (Alleged) Killers Will Soon Face Upgraded Charges
    2 days ago American Cliff Kirk died at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland, while receiving treatment for a gunshot to the head. The US Army Veteran was shot at his home on Northern Ambergris Caye a week ago. 4 assailants shot him and then went to steal his firearms, a briefcase, and a jet ski. As we reported, 3 San Pedro residents: Nigel Williams, Christian Espat, and a 16 year-old were remanded on charges of robbery, attempted murder, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Well, police told the press today that the attempted murder charge against the defendants will be upgraded to murder, shortly:

    Beware, The E & B Imposters
    It's re-registration time, and that means staff from Elections and Boundaries could be coming around to your house to confirm that the persons who are registered there, actually live there. But, apparently, some fraudsters have been using the exercise as a way to get into homes. The E & B office issued a notice today saying that "there are individuals impersonating Staff of Elections and Boundaries Department who are visiting residents to obtain information."

    Guest Turned Gunman, He Robbed Radisson
    Today, twenty-seven year old Phillip Maclaren, pleaded guilty to a daring robbery of the Radisson front desk. Maclaren quickly changed his plea from not guilty to guilty after and the first witness, Radisson receptionist, Shakira Brown testified. Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser sentenced him to 5 years for robbery and 5 years for attempted robbery. The sentences are to run concurrently, so he will only serve 5 years.

    Philloughby Not The Only UDP Hopeful Forced To Resign
    It turns out Phillip Willloughby is not the only government employee being forced to resign before running in a UDP convention. The UDP's so called ground commander Anthony Boots Martinez told 7News today that at least three others, including labour commissioner Ivan Williams, NEMO employee Kent Parham, Finance Employee Robert Pennill, Works Employee Dean Samuels, and the Youth Apprentice-ship program's Dianne Finnegan will all be required to resign. And indeed, that's the rule: you can't be paid from the public purse while running in a political convention. Martinez says the Barrow administration has gotten a legal opinion on it to confirm that it must be so.

    Man Found For Barroom Killing
    Police say that they have solved a murder which happened 3 months ago in the Corozal Village of Ranchito. On Sunday morning, April 15th, 38 year-old Emmanuel Evan Sosa was at Pasadina Bar. The female owner was attempting to close up for the night when a masked man with a sawed off shotgun showed up at the door. Sosa intervened on her behalf, and they started to argue. The owner got her door closed, and a short while after that, the robber shot him to death. For several weeks the cops investigated, and today, they announced that they've arrested and charged one man for his killing.

    Police Need Eyewitnesses For Woman’s Shooting
    But, the cops aren't having the same kind of luck, just yet, with the Belize City shooting of 34 year-old Ambrosa Bernardez. The innocent bystander's shoulder was shattered by a gunshot on Tuesday night while she was sitting with some friends near the Queen Square Primary School. She was in the company of a group of people, including several women and children. But, that didn't stop a gunman from riding up on a bicycle and opening fire on the group, completely disregarding the danger to those who were also present at the time. Today, the cops shared some details with the press:

    GOB Claims No Fault In Jalacte Upgrades
    Last night, we told you about day 1 of the lawsuit that the Maya of Jalacte, Toledo have brought against the Government of Belize. They say that the Government made a major misstep when it upgraded the Jalacte Road, and built the BAHA substation and a Medfly Inspection Center on their village's communal lands. As we told you, those were constructed back in November 2014, and the Government was attempting to raise the standard of living for Belizeans in the most remote part of the country. Before it was properly paved, the Jalacte road was in terrible condition.

    What About the CCJ’s Consent Order?
    We also got a chance to to ask the Sol Gen for the Government's perspective on how far they've come in the implementation of the the consent order from the Caribbean Court of Justice. Government committed to make Maya Communal Land rights a real thing, and not just a judgment of the highest court. If you ask the Maya, they say that the Government has utterly failed in its commitments to do right by the Maya. We asked Hawke if he agrees:

    Is GOB Ignoring The Rule Of Law?
    You'll also remember that Cristina Coc, the spokesperson for the Maya Leaders Alliance, and the Toledo Alcalde's Association, accused the Government of ignoring a court order, and failing to uphold the rule of law. It's not the first time that we've heard a litigant accuse the government of flouting its responsibility. We asked the Solicitor General about that charge:

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration is hosting the 54th annual meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society. It is the first time that Belize is the host country for this important regional forum that brings together researchers, scientists, professors and other experts in agriculture. This year's meeting was centered around the topic of linking the agricultural sector to the tourism industry. Yesterday we showed you the growing numbers of tourist arrivals in Belize for the year 2018. Well the Ministry of Agriculture is attempting to capitalize on those figures.

    Is Belize Climate Smart?
    Another critical element of today's forum was what is known as the Climate Smart Country Profile, which is both a regional and global initiative with the ultimate aim of equipping countries with the latest techniques and general know-how as it relates to climate change resilience and sustainable practices in the agricultural sector. In line with the objectives of the forum, the Ministry of Agriculture launched its Agriculture Census and a campaign to digitize all current data relative to the sector- from the amount of farms in the country, to the types of crops that are being grown and when they are being grown.

    Can The Primary Sector Rebound?
    Now, while the forum focused on increased productivity for the growing demand of the international market, the reality for Belize is that the export revenue for the primary industries of Belize recently have taken a sharp dip this year. According to data from the Statistical Institute of Belize, the total domestic exports for the month of April 2018 amounted to $27.2 million, registering a decrease of 21.9% or $7.6 less than exports for April of last year. In the month of May the steep down turn continued. According to SIB, export revenue for that month was just under $58 million, representing a decrease of 20.2% or $14.6 million dollars less.

    A Safe Trip Down Sarstoon As BDF Faces Down The GAF
    There was some tense action on the Sarstoon today as Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers were going on a humanitarian mission to Graham Creek in remote southwestern Belize. To get there, they have to go via the Sarstoon river, but Maheia says they got an unexpected welcome party. First, the BDF told them to wait for permission, and then the GAF showed up on the Belize side, just watching the action.

    The Science and Art of Proper Childcare
    Every now and then parents need a babysitter to hold over while they work or maybe they just want a night out without the kids. Well, the Belize Training and Employment Center is training a group to become certified childcare providers so parents don't have to worry if these 'sitters' are properly taking care of their kids. We dropped by the ITVET to find out more about the workshop. In the final week, the participants will complete an internship at one of the child care providers agencies.

    Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
    Beltraide along with its Central American partners are developing a project to empower female entrepreneurs. It is just in its initial stages but the project will provide guidance and important tools that will help improve their business. Today all the partners met to share ideas and try to come up with a solid framework for this new project. Here's more from the meeting. The pilot project will cater to 20 female entrepreneurs. Beltraide will keep us posted as to when the project has been finalized.

    Marketing Intelligently
    And finally from Beltraide, their 3rd training today was for private sector firms such as poultry, rum and pepper producers. The theme was market intelligence. We dropped by to find out how important this tool is in the success of a business especially when exporting. There were 35 participants. It is a two day workshop.

    Mysterious San Pedro Stabbing
    Police from San Pedro don't know what to make yet of stabbing injury that the island resident, 26 year-old Adrian Suarez, showed up at the Poly Clinic with. At around 3 a.m., on Monday, Suarez was taken to the clinic, and he was suffering from a very serious injury to the left side of the chest. He had to be airlifted to the KHMH for medical treatment, where he is in a critical condition. The cops discussed the case with the press today:

    Major Crime Sharply Up For 2018, Trending Down Since Command Changes
    And, indeed, major crime for the first half of 2018 is up significantly over 2017. Figures through to June show 593 major crimes, 114 more than the same period last year. Murders are up by 12, robberies by 58 and burglaries are up by 50. But, if there's any sliver living on that very dark cloud, it's that since John Saldivar and a new command structure took over in April, major crime has been trending sharply down - but it's still above last year's mark.

    The Alliance, Finding Another Way To Skin The 90 Million Dollar Cat
    The Ashcroft Alliance failed to convince the Caribbean Court of Justice to force Belize to pay that 90+ million-dollar-award for the UHS debacle, but they aren't backing down. On June 1st, the CCJ rendered a judgment dismissing the Belize Bank's application for enforcement against the Attorney General and Prime Minister Barrow, as the Minister of Finance. They were trying to do an end run around the Belize Parliament, where a bill for payment is currently lying on the table.

    Kate Cas, La Reina Del Xunan
    La Reina Del Sur, Kate Del Castillo was Le Reina Del Xunantunich last night as filming of her telenovela continues at the mayan site. Pictures snapped by a fan show them using the towering El Castillo temple as a backdrop - and fog machines creating an eerie ambience. Her shooting wraps today and she flies out tomorrow. Also arriving in Belize today was NBA hall of famer Tim Duncan and his family for vacation.

    Channel 5

    Michael Tesecum Survives a Second Attempt on His Life
    A forty-one-year-old resident of Belize City narrowly escaped death on Wednesday night after a second attempt was made on his life. Michael Tesecum was on Tiburce Street when a gunman [...]

    Nisani Garcia Charged for Orange Walk Murder of Alberto Vargas Jr.
    Police have moved swiftly to crack the murder of Alberto Vargas Junior in Orange Walk.  A Belize City construction worker was arrested and charged; twenty-four-year-old Nisani Daniel Garcia is believed [...]

    1 Man Charged for Murder of Emmanuel Sosa
    Thirty-eight-year-old Emmanuel Ivan Sosa was fatally shot back in April at the Pasadita Bar in Ranchito Village. Three months later, twenty-one-year-old George Bednarik has been charged for the murder which [...]

    Murder Charges to Come for Cliff Kirk Killers
    The expectation is that the charges will be upgraded to murder for Christian Espat, Nigel Williams and a sixteen-year-old minor following the death of Clifford Kirk, an American expat.  The [...]

    Man Critical after He Was Stabbed in San Pedro
    A man was stabbed in San Pedro Town sometime on Thursday. He is now in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H. and police say they are now questioning a woman [...]

    Cops Make Oxycodone Bust in Spanish Lookout; More Tablets Seized in San Pedro
    Police made two separate drug busts. The first seizure was made about a week ago in a warehouse in San Pedro but the contents of the packets were tablets and [...]

    Police Weigh in on Shooting of Ambrosa Bernardez
    One man has been detained for Tuesday night’s shooting of thirty-four-year-old Ambrosa Bernadez.  Bernardez was shot in the vicinity of West Canal and Armadillo Street when a man rode up [...]

    Grayson Cadle is Off to Burn Center in the U.S.A.
    Tonight, twenty-one-year-old Grayson Cadle is on his way to Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia in the U.S., to get specialized treatment at the Burn Center. It will be a long [...]

    Opposition Leader Says G.O.B. Can Afford to Reduce Fuel Tax
    The price of premium gasoline decreased by eleven cents at midnight on Tuesday; it now sells for eleven dollars and sixty cents per gallon. It is a small reduction for [...]

    John Briceño says Government Needs to Invest More
    In June, the government said that if it reduces fuel tax by two dollars per gallon, it would mean a seventy million dollars hole in government revenue.  That reduction would [...]

    SolGen’s Advice is Sought on Public Officers’ Eligibility to Run in Elections
    The notice of resignation tendered by NEMO’s Operations Officer Phillip Willoughby on July eleventh, paving the way for him to contest an upcoming U.D.P. convention in Port Loyola, was preceded [...]

    SolGen Says Jalacte Claim is Way Out of Time
    A lawsuit involving the Government of Belize, brought against the Office of the Attorney General by residents of Jalacte Village, is being heard before Justice Michelle Arana.  On Wednesday, submissions [...]

    Jalacte Village Sues for Millions in Compensation for Loss of Lands
    During the trial, expert testimony was provided by a number of individuals, including engineering consultant Avondale Moody, for the Ministry of Works.  Among the reasons given for the placement of [...]

    Will Prime Minister Barrow be Compelled to Pay UHS Debt Via a Writ of Mandamus?
    On Monday, an application was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Belize Bank seeking permission for a judicial review to be conducted to compel Prime Minister Dean [...]

    Opposition Leader: “It’s in the D.N.A. of the U.D.P. That They Fight over Everything”
    The People’s United Party is joining the Belize Territorial Volunteers in condemning the comments made by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. Elrington recently told the press that people have to be [...]

    BTV’s Humanitarian Mission Disrupted by Guatemalan Armed Forces
    A humanitarian mission embarked by the Belize Territorial Volunteers this morning got off on a bad start. According to Leader Wil Maheia, the group was intercepted by Guatemalan Armed Forces. [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Says Arthur Saldivar Has Not Won Anything
    The P.U.P.’s Vetting Committee has accepted Arthur Saldivar’s application to contest the party’s Belmopan Standard Bearer convention. Whether his application will be approved is another matter. The P.U.P. decided to [...]

    B.T.B. Boasts ‘Groundbreaking’ Tourism Arrivals Figures
    The Belize Tourism Board is boasting ‘groundbreaking’ figures as it relates to tourism arrivals. B.T.B.’s latest stats show that for the first six months of 2018, overnight tourism arrivals and [...]

    Be on the Lookout for Persons Passing Off as Elections and Boundaries Staff
    There are persons impersonating staff members of the Elections and Boundaries Department visiting residents and obtaining information. The public is advised that all employees of the department have staff identification [...]

    Belizean Exporters Learn the Tricks of the Trade for New Markets
    A two-day marketing intelligence training workshop for local business owners began today at the ITVET Compound in Belize City. It is being held through a partnership between the Caribbean Export [...]

    CEDA Training to Assist Export Capacity of Belize & the Region
    The two days will feature presentations from the Belize Bureau of Standards, the Belize Intellectual Property Office as well as BELTRAIDE and CEDA. Marketing Intelligence and Caribbean Export Advisor, Zamani [...]

    Babysitters Train to Become Certified Childcare Providers
    A four-week childcare training is ongoing at the Belize Training and Employment Centre at the ITVET compound in Belize City. Some eleven participants, all from the childcare sector—primarily pop-up babysitters— [...]

    SBDC Belize Working with SICA to Empower Women Entrepreneurs
    A national entrepreneurship workshop was held at the BTEC office in Belize City. The workshop brought together key stakeholders to the discussion table on integration of synergies and transferring of [...]


    San Pedro resident critical after being stabbed in chest
    A construction worker is stabbed on San Pedro Ambergris Caye on Tuesday and is today listed in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police say 26-year-old Adrian Suarez was stabbed in his chest but they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. ASP Cowo spoke on the case. ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: …

    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister to visit Belize
    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu is expected to arrive in Belize on July 16, for a two-day visit. Wu will meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow as well as visit the Taiwanese Embassy. He is also expected to visit El Salvador. The trip is in an effort to strengthen Taiwan’s ties with its allies. China’s …

    One detained for Tuesday shooting in Belize City
    One man is detained in the shooting of Ambrosia Bernardez and are asking the public to assist them in collecting evidence to further close the case. The shooting happened on Tuesday, July 10 in Belize City shortly before eight o’clock at the corner of west canal and Armadillo Streets. Bernardez was shot in her right …

    BDF to BTV’s rescue
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers is reporting once again of Guatemalan incursions on the Belize side of the Sarstoon River. Wil Maheia of the BTV said they were on a humanitarian mission to Graham Creek this morning when they encountered Guatemalan Armed Forces. Wil Maheia – Belize Territorial Volunteers: “As we were going up the Sarstoon River …

    Agriculture sector hopes to supply the tourism industry
    The Statistical Institute of Belize and the Belize Tourism Board’s latest statistics show that tourism was responsible for driving the economy. However, the question is how much of that money earned actually stays in the country? Research has shown that for each dollar that tourists spend in the Caribbean, at least 60% of it goes …

    Belize City man charged with murder of Albert Vargas Jr in Orange walk
    Orange Walk Police have charged one man for the murder of Albert Vargas Junior. The 21-year-old was fatally wounded in Orange Walk Town on Tuesday night while he was along with a friend, Jose Medina in a Ford Escape. Police say they have evidence to show that both were accompanied by a third person, who …

    Chopping victim is shot several times in Belize City but survives
    An early night shooting on Wednesday in Belize City has left Michael Tesecum hospitalized. The 41-year old was walking on Tibruce Street shortly after seven o’clock when he was shot several times. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo says that the department has not uncovered a motive for the attack on Tesecum. ASP Alejandro Cowo, …

    Villager charged with April murder of Ivan Sosa in Corozal
    Almost three months after he was killed in Ranchito Village, Corozal District, one man has been charged for the murder of 38-year-old Ivan Emanuel Sosa. Police say they have charged George Bednarik, a 21-year old resident of the same village with murder. Sosa was killed on April 15 as he and the owner of Pasadina …

    Three arrested and charged for large stash of Illegal pills
    A police patrol in Spanish Lookout intercepted three persons with a substantial amount of illegal pills on Tuesday. The officers were on patrol on River Side Street in Spanish Lookout when they came across a taxi with three occupants. Officers searched the vehicle but did not find anything incriminating. However, when they searched in immediate …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize and Mexico hold second cross border migration meeting
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Immigration; and […]

    American fugitive using Belizean passport nabbed in Philippines
    An American fugitive, wanted for burglary in Oregon, USA; was recently caught at the Ninoy Aquino […]

    Belize Passport Station and Consulate to re-open in Chicago
    The government of Belize has announced that the passport station and consulate in the city of […]

    Belize city man shot while walking on Tibruce street
    A Belize city man, Michael Tesecum, was shot last after 7:00 last night as he was walking along […]

    Woman shot in Belize city was not intended target
    Police have issued an update on a shooting which occurred on the south side of Belize […]

    Elections and Boundaries Department warns of impersonators
    Today, the Elections and Boundaries Department issued a warning informing the public that there are […]

    George Benarik arrested and charged for the murder of Ranchito resident
    According to police, George Bednarik, 21, from Ranchito village, Corozal, has been arrested and charged for […]

    Fire destroys home in San Pedro Town
    San Pedro police are investigating a fire that completely destroyed a home. According to reports, […]

    San Pedro police investigate stabbing incident
    San Pedro police are investigating the stabbing of a construction worker that occurred on Monday, […]

    Belize City man charged for murder of Alberto Vargas
    Today, police charged twenty-four-year old Belize City resident, Nisani Daniel Garcia for the murder of […]

    Three arrested in large prescription drug bust in Spanish Lookout
    Three people in Spanish Lookout were arrested and charged on Tuesday after police found them […]

    Minor, 14, raped and 10-weeks pregnant
    Belmopan police are investigating a report of rape in their jurisdiction. A 14-year-old Belizean minor […]

    Man shot in Punta Gorda town
    Punta Gorda police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday. Kenworth Jackson, 29, was […]

    Tim Duncan vacations in Belize
    Legendary NBA power forward and five time champion with the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan […]

    Man killed by passenger picked up on highway
    Orange Walk police are investigating the murder of Alberto Vargas, 21, who was shot around […]

    Ministry of National Security reports decrease in major crimes
    Statistics compiled by the Ministry of National Security shows that major crimes in Belize are […]

    Marie Sharp wins “Superior Taste” award in Brussels, Belgium
    Two of Marie Sharp’s products, the Fiery Hot and Exotic Steak sauces, recently won international […]

    Belize to host Central American Basketball Championship
    Belize will be hosting the regional Central American Basketball Championship next weekend at the Civic […]

    Belize Audubon Society awards $15,000 in small grants to deserving fisher folk in Northern Belize
    On Wednesday, July 4, the Belize Audubon Society awarded six small grants valued at $3,000 […]

    Heritage Bank opens new sub-branch in Santa Elena
    The grand opening of the new Heritage Bank sub-branch in Santa Elena town was held […]

    Belize Police Department honors officers for years of service
    The Belize Police Department, yesterday, held its Long Service Awards Ceremony at the Birds Isle […]

    Belmopan Civic Center to host first ever “Tek Time Fi Read” Book Festival
    The Belmopan Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (BJYSEP) under their new project, “Tek Time Fi Read” […]

    Belize Territorial Volunteers condemn Sedi’s Pro ICJ Statements
    Yesterday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) issued a release condemning the statements made by Belize’s […]

    Orange Walk man killed by passenger
    Orange Walk police are investigating a murder that occurred on Tuesday night. Alberto Vargas Jr.,21, […]

    Premium gas sees a slight decrease
    Yesterday, the Belize Bureau of Standards informed the public of a decrease in the price of […]

    Man shot in Belize City last night
    Belize City police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night. According to reports, forty-one-year-old […]


    A Profitable Beach Bar Business In The Caribbean Haven Of Belize
    Tricia Koba and her husband, Charlie, have a lifestyle that most only dream about…They live in a beachfront condo with a pool in Ambergris Caye, Belize, where they are just steps away from their successful beachfront bar business. Coco’s Loco Beach Bar is one of those places you imagine when you close your eyes and picture the Caribbean. It has a swim-up bar with stools inside the pool, a great island vibe, and a beautiful view of the sea. Exotic food trucks come by daily, so patrons can sample local food, and almost every night, there are fun activities going on, such as trivia or game nights. “We grew up in the Midwest; me in Illinois, Charlie in Wisconsin. We lived in Wisconsin for 20 years before moving to Phoenix for nine years and then to Belize,” says Tricia. “I was a nurse, working in the pediatric ER, and Charlie was the sanitation foreman for the city of Mesa. I had never been to Belize before. After only six months here we bought the bar.

    Are There Any Security Measures Expats Should Take When Living Overseas?
    In general, the overseas destinations we cover at IL are safer than where you probably live back home! I’ve lived in Mexico for the last 10 years. Mexico gets a bad rap for security, but in fact most of the country is very safe…and at IL we don’t cover the areas that are dangerous. I have never felt threatened at any time during my years in Mexico, and in fact have found people to be warm, caring, and concerned about their own and their neighbors’ security. But petty crime can happen anywhere. For instance, I would advise looking for a home or accommodation on a well-lit street. Many homes where I live are up narrow, poorly lit, pedestrian-only streets–and, if there’s ever a problem with muggings, that’s where they’ll take place. Likewise, use ordinary precautions when out at night: be aware of the people around you, and don’t flash huge wads of cash or fancy jewelry if you expect to be walking home by yourself.

    Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
    The quirky and small, but mighty, bird. Scientific Name: Archilochus colubris. In recent years the birding community has become increasingly more inclusive of all people: young or old, adventurous or relaxed, fast-paced or leisurely. Belize has world-class birding with over 600 species of birds and enthusiastic birding tour guides. Among the hundreds of species is one particularly quirky and small, but mighty, bird-- the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird; a small hummingbird found in Eastern North America during the summer, and Florida, Mexico, and Central America during the winter. Hummingbirds are unique little birds with many hidden talents. For example, did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly forward, backward, side to side, upside down, and hover in mid-air? This is because their wings only connect to their bodies at the shoulder socket, allowing them to rotate their wings 180 degrees.

    International Sourcesizz

    How to Take Your Next Trip Without Single-Use Plastics
    AVOIDING SINGLE-USE PLASTICS like bottles and bags is hard enough at home, and can be especially difficult while traveling. When you’re on the go and trying to pack light, it’s easy to grab a plastic-wrapped sandwich and bottle of water. But eliminating single-use plastics on a trip might be easier than you think—even in a foreign country without potable water. I took on this challenge in Belize, a country that is no stranger to ecotourism. Its government recently announced a ban on major single-use plastics like bags and straws to go into effect by Earth Day 2019. And UNESCO has removed the Belize Barrier Reef from its list of World Heritage in Danger, after years of efforts to restore the reef’s long-term health. The green mindset reaches local scales, too: I loved visiting smaller cities like Punta Gorda, where a glass soda bottle is cheaper than a plastic one, because the glass bottles can be sanitized and reused.

    Belize’s IFSC Issues Five Warnings Against Unlicensed Entities
    The International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) issued five warnings against unlicenced entities on Thursday. The companies in question are Sigma-market, B.O Tradefinancials Ltd, FONDA BRANCH, Ultimate Trade Option Ltd. and Height-Option Broker. According to the collection of warnings from the regulator, all companies are unlicensed in Belize and are therefore not permitted to provide, carry on, transact financial services to residents of Belize.

    Cave-diving experts feel the ripples of the Thailand rescue — a rise in demand
    Summer is usually the slow season for scuba diving at Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, about an hour south of St. Louis. But not this year. Not since 12 young soccer players and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave in Mae Sai, Thailand, captivating the world and thrusting diving into the spotlight. “My gosh our phone’s been blowing up, it’s been great,” said Douglas Goergens, who owns the mine with his wife, Catherine. He said the calls started coming in one week into the two-week ordeal and continued through the rescue, with people inquiring about diving and diving certification — and wanting to talk about what they were seeing in Northern Thailand. “It’s shown how diving can actually save people’s lives who are not divers,” Goergens said. “Had it turned out bad, I don’t know, but my gosh, the way it turned out, it’s a miracle.”


  • Vacationing in Belize without using plastic, 3.5min. National Geographic Travel. We're not saying it's easy to ditch single-use plastics for an entire trip—but we are saying it's totally possible. And every little bit helps

  • Martijn in Belize, 3min. Footage of the snorkelling trip in Caye Caulker, Belize!

  • Sea turtle swimming close by in Belize, 1/2min. At the blue hole dive sites of Belize, I saw this guy swimming. He was curious and got very close to my gopro and was loving the attention.

  • Fly Fishing in Belize, 5min. Learning the 101 of Fly Fishing with Blue Bone Fish.

  • Talk Ah Di Town July 12, 2018, 34min.

  • Beyond Belize, 4min. Dive under the water, run through the temple, venture into the jungle...this is my adventure in Belize!

  • Belize City Belize 2018, 8min.

  • Belize 2018, 21min.

  • U Chan Muul Yaax K'aax (Maya Museum in San Lazaro, Belize), 2min. A short video learning basic Maya during our visit to the U Chan Muul Yaax K'aax (Maya Museum) in San Lazaro, Belize.

  • CHILLING IN BELIZE - CAYE CAULKER, 8min. This was our first time in Belize, Caye Caulker is a small little island off the coast of Belize with a population of roughly 2000 people. We didn't have much time but it was still a fun relaxing day :D

  • San Pedro Belize : Travel With Aquatic Sports, 7min. Aquatic Sports takes dive teams all over the world. Join us on the very first episode of our travel vlog series, San Pedro, Belize!

  • Belize Mayan Cave Tubing 2017, 2.5min.

  • I Got The Voice Season 3, 2hr.
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    White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
    Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
    We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
    Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
    Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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