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8 hours ago

The story of the ancient Mayas precedes the classic period. Some data puts the first Maya in this part of Central America even before the birth of Christ. We know about their excavated temples that still stand so majestically across our country, as well as their sacrificial rituals, there many gods, and their popular past time, the Poktapok. But now there is interesting information coming out of this year’s Archaeological Symposium – information that could see us re-writing history. News Five’s Marion Ali traveled west today to gather what came out of the week-long event. Here’s their report.

Dr John Morris, Current Director of Archaeology
“The new technology, DNA, Lidar studies have allowed us to get a better grip on our studies of the ancient Maya. Perhaps the narratives we have of the ancient Maya we might need to change a little bit.”

Marion Ali, Reporting

New data coming out of ongoing archaeological excavations suggest that there’s a whole new and different aspect to the ancient Mayas we never knew about. It happens that while the COVID pandemic kept archaeologists from gathering in large assemblies to exchange their knowledge, it didn’t hinder excavations across Belize from proceeding. So now that the pandemic has let up just enough to allow for such a symposium to occur, it has exposed some interesting information about the Mayas, according to Dr John Morris from the Institute of Archaeology.
Dr John Morris, Current Director of Archaeology

“We have been finding the evidence of people going back to ten, twelve thousand years ago. So clearly there were people living here who may or may not be associated with the ancient Maya. They’re native American Indians, if we can use that term, and they’re people who perhaps came through the Berring Strait and then came down North America into Central America and then eventually settled all the way in South America. We’re looking into periods such as the archaic – that dates back to let’s say between 3,000 B.C. and 10,000 B.C. and Belize has a lot of information with regards to that around Ladyville. There’s a lot of archaic sites where we find the archaic points.”

Incoming Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Dr. Melissa Badillo, told News Five that there are unexcavated sites all the way in the Maya Mountains.

Dr Melissa Badillo, Upcoming Director of Archaeology

“We’ve also learned about some of the inequalities with households in the southern area like Uxbenka, Pusilha, those sites, that type of analysis. We’ve also had some new areas that we need to look at and figure out how we move forward with those, for example in the Mountain Pine Ridge area. We’ve not seen sites before in that area and with new research, we’ve found granite production sites, so that is an area that’s new for us that we’ll have to delve more and get more research done in that area.”

And there are also new revelations, according to Morris, that suggest the Mayas could impart knowledge with us over the millennia on how to cope with present-day challenges.

Dr John Morris

“What we’re seeing is that the resilience that the Maya had in maintaining their civilizations for millennia can give us ideas how we can today meet the challenges that are affecting the country of Belize and also the world at large. I’m certain that the Maya had to deal with diseases. They had to deal with dry periods. They had to deal with hurricanes, and much of the information that is coming out shows exactly how the Mayas were very resilient for them to survive.”

Because the Maya had close to two million people living in this area at the height of the Classic Period, it is believed that much of the country we now call Belize is littered with remains of ancient Maya dwellings, ceremonial complexes, workshops and artifacts.

Dr John Morris

“We still have a tremendous amount of work to uncover all the sites of Belize. Our database has something like over ten thousand sites in this country. With the advent of extremely new technology, like Lidar and remote sensing, we’re now able to really document the extent of ancient Maya civilizations and their occupation of the landscape in Belize. So we at the Institute of Archaeology have to be very cognizant of that fact. There’s development, there’s agricultural development, there’s road improvement, so we have to mitigate whenever those things are being done.”

Channel 5

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8 hours ago
Belize is featured in Discovery Channel’s travel editorial by Lucy Sherriff. The blog "Belize's Jungles are Wild, Mysterious and Full of Discovery" explores the adventure wonders tucked away in the peaceful Toledo District such as Punta Gorda Town, Santa Cruz, Nim Li Punit, Cerro Hill, and Rio Blanco Falls. The blog provides readers with a vivid journey throughout the culture-rich destination.

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Living in Belize
8 hours ago

The BEL Board Chairman explains the Cost of Power continues to rise, another side-effect of the war in Ukraine, which is driving up world energy prices.

The Public Utilities Commission has made a decision to keep your electricity rates low going into next year, but in order to achieve that, BEL's shareholders are absorbing the additional cost of power. The company has already made the point that this current state of affairs is unsustainable in the long term and today, Chairman Marshalleck reiterated that. He stressed that urgent actions need to take place if your electricity rates will remain stable:

E. Andrew Marshalleck, SC - Chairman, BEL Board of Directors
"Well, the cost of power has been steadily increasing, and with the war in Ukraine and the shocks on supply. Energy prices have increased globally. Notwithstanding, we've been able to maintain it relatively low at 39 to $0.40 a kilowatt-hour. That rate is on par with what is charged in New York, for instance. It's less than what it's charged in California, which is about $0.53 a kilowatt-hour, far less than what's being charged in the UK, which is $0.76 per kilowatt-hour, and in Germany, $ 0.54-kilowatt-hour, just to give you a sense where we are. We're at 39 to 40 cents, so we've been able to do fairly well in terms of pricing and to keep it relatively low in an environment where the pressures for price increases are significant."

Daniel Ortiz
"Is it not sustainable, though?"

E. Andrew Marshalleck, SC
"Well, that's not the thing. It's - we can do that for a time, but that's not sustainable indefinitely into the future if things remain the way they are. And in order to change that and maintain price stability, what we see as necessary are significant investments in in-country solar generation, as a matter of urgency to help stabilize those costs. We also need to see some improvements to the transmission system with the inclusion of batteries which allow us to store power gained from solar in the day and use it at night, or alternatively to buy from CFE when prices are low and to use that energy during peak periods and the margins we can get off those things we think will be enough to stabilize the cost of power going into the future. The trouble we've experienced with that is, is getting those projects executed and on the ground because there isn't a very good track record of actually realizing generation projects on the ground."

Channel 7

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8 hours ago

172 new COVID cases were reported today, taking the active number to 1,015. The daily positivity rate is now at 20.0%. There were no new deaths, but there are 7 hospitalizations.

And the vaccination rate is still hovering right below 50%. And it will probably stay that way for a while longer since the only vaccine presently in the country is Johnson & Johnson. But the Minister of Health said yesterday that they're planning on getting another donation of vaccines in the near future.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health
"We are not going to stop purchasing vaccines, in fact we are getting vaccines, we have a donation, for example recently, Peru has offered, we have accepted to get 10,000 AstraZeneca vaccines, we have the Pfizer vaccines that are also being procured through the COVAX facility because we have to continue to provide for the second dose and the booster dose for our Belizean people. But we don't want to over request because at the end of the day we don't want to be able to have to do like what Jamaica, they destroyed hundreds and I think thousands of vaccines. Yes we had to destroy a few as well in the Pfizer, the deadline had passed in May. It's unfortunate that you invest in our people and then they don't utilize but again, like everything, I believe we have done our part as a government to ensure that those resources were available and we continue to encourage our Belizean people, for those who are not vaccinated, to come out and get vaccinated and bring your children."

There has been a double digit positivity rate for the last 5 weeks, and three vaccinated persons died of COVID in June.

Channel 7

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Specials & Events
8 hours ago
The San Pedro Town Council presents the San Pedro Soca Festival from Sept 16 to Sept 21. We are proud to announce our first on the line-up International Djs – DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo for Sept 20 with a Special Performance for their first visit to Belize.

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Living in Belize
8 hours ago
The Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour, and Local Government appointed a Minimum Wage Task Force on March 2, 2022, to oversee the gradual implementation of the five-dollar minimum wage, a commitment of Plan Belize.

Following the Task Force's appointment, the ministry issued a Call for Proposals both locally and regionally and received four proposals. The Minimum Wage Task Force held interviews for the consultancy position on June 15, 2022, and PPF Capital Belize Limited was the successful applicant.

In the coming weeks, the Minimum Wage Task Force and PPF Capital Belize Limited will hold countrywide consultations with key stakeholders and the public. PPF Capital Belize Limited will submit a Plan for the Gradual Implementation of the Five-Dollar Minimum Wage upon completion of the consultancy.

After the study and consultations are completed, the change in the minimum wage will go into effect and will be legislated through a statutory instrument.
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Ambergris Caye
Yesterday at 05:06 PM
As of March 1, 2022, we have had a big loosening of Covid restrictions in Belize. A moment many of us have long been waiting for – and a handful started on early. I say that because for a while now more people, both local and travelers, have not been wearing masks outdoors. Also because a friend’s cart went missing temporarily a while back and nearby security camera footage definitely showed people out past curfew. I also noticed from my heart of town veranda view, that more people were playing beat the curfew clock on weekends and not winning – this has been going on over the last few weeks.

We do however still need to wear masks when: shopping, in any business establishments, Government buildings, on public transportation. Also, masks must be worn at social clubs, wedding ceremonies, funerals, or any group event that is held indoors or in a close-quarters space. A friend just told me he has already seen maskless people in both grocery and hardware stores.

Click here to read the rest of the article in Tacogirl's Blog
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Ambergris Caye
Yesterday at 04:40 PM
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San Pedro Catholic Church celebrates Father Eduardo Montemayor’s 20th priestly anniversary during Dia de San Pedro

The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church observed the Dia de San Pedro on June 29th with several religious activities, including a celebration honoring Father Eduardo Montemayor’s 20 years as a priest. A special program was held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, where Father Montemayor was honored for his service over the past two decades. The event also saw several community and church members awarded.

In August, Montemayor will complete one year since becoming the official pastor at the island’s Catholic Church. He shared with The Sun that following his theology training and becoming a man of God twenty years ago in his country of Mexico; he spent several years in the United States of America. He served in different specialized ministries within the church, starting in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he spent eight and a half years as the Director of Evangelization. From there, he moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he served for five years, and then another five years in Phoenix, Arizona. Afterward, he was transferred to San Pedro Town.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Yesterday at 10:05 AM
Another thing that's already in practice, though not on the books, is the sale and purchase of COVID self-tests which we've seen at Brodies and have heard of at one other retailer.

Government had long banned the use or importation of these because it undermines the concerted public health effort and distorts the statistics.

We asked Minister Bernard about the new relation in regs, and here's the explanation he gave us:

Hon. Kevin Bernard - Minister of Health
"The ministry has already granted approval in some cases for importation of these test and pharmacists can apply for them to import. Again, the idea that we are leaving it now to the responsibility of individuals, if you feel that - I for example, if I feel that I am down on the weather, not feeling well and I had a rapid test, I'd test myself right to make sure that one, I'm isolating myself and protecting my family and we encourage people to do so. Of course we would want to set up some mechanism that it is able to be tracked and reported at the regional hospitals, the nearest facility you can report it to and that is one part of the cabinet paper we are also presenting to put in that regulation in place."

The Minister also told us that all COVID self-tests sold in Belize must be approved by the US FDA.

Channel 7


Ministry of Health to Approve Home Tests for COVID-19

According to the Minister of Health and Wellness, the next step in COVID-19 testing is to allow Belizeans to purchase rapid tests across the counter at local pharmacies. Minister Bernard says, his ministry has already granted approval to some businesses for the importation of rapid tests. While this will allow Belizeans to know their COVID-19 status within the comfort of their homes, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has not yet figured out how it will track and gather these results.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness

“I think that one of the next steps we are going to do is to allow people to bring in their own test so that it can be purchased at the pharmacy and you can go and buy just like when somebody pregnant they go and get their test over the counter. You should be able to do that. The Ministry already granted approval in some cases for importation of these test and pharmacies can apply for them to import. Again, the idea is now that we are leaving it up to the individual. If you feel that, if I feel that I am down on the weather and not feeling well, and I have a rapid test then I test myself to one make sure I am isolating myself and protecting my family. We encourage people to do so. Of course, we would want to set up some mechanism that it is able to tracked and reported at the regional hospitals, or the nearest facility that they can report it to. That is a part of the commitment to put in that regulation.”

Channel 5
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Yesterday at 10:03 AM
We've been reporting on the COVID daily positivity rate which zoomed to 23% earlier this week.

There are over one thousand active cases, but the number of hospitalizations reman low - which is consistent with the current strain of Omicron currently in circulation.

Today, the Minister of Health said that they are watching the trends and feel comfortable relaxing the last remaining COVID restriction on movement:

Hon. Kevin Bernard - Minister of Health
"I think yesterday we had a total 0f 1,011 it had gone up all the way to nearly around 2000 and the analysis that has been given to us and to me by our key people at the ministry is that there is 0 to minimal hospitalization reported and the case and the tests that have been done have proven that it is mainly the B1 B2 sub-variant and so there are little to no major effects in people. With all of that and having opened up the borders and having making sure that we are able to get things back and get to some level of normalcy we feel that it's now time for us to go back to Cabinet and say well we have reached the stage where we have pushed our efforts to vaccinate our adult population. We see the slow number of intake in the adult population. We are now pushing for our pediatric vaccinations and that agenda will continue but we feel that it has reached a level where it is now your personal responsibility whether you want to be vaccinated or not. Going forward it is of the view that we remove all restrictions that currently exist and those restrictions really were that if you're un-vaccinated you cannot leave the country and coming back in you are required to test. Based on the numbers that we are seeing and I said the numbers of 0 to very low levels of hospitalization the advice we are getting is that we remove all restrictions and then allow people to move freely."

Remove Restrictions First, Deal With the Paperwork Later

And while the final regulations has been relaxed, we heard about it on a voice note sent by the Minister of Health and wellness. That's hardly the way to promulgate public policy - but he said in the voice note that's how it would be until Cabinet meets again after the PM's return.

But, is there a formal executive decision, or a statutory instrument? The Minister said right now it's only an internal policy:

Hon. Kevin Bernard - Minister of Health
"We are going to Cabinet whenever we resume Cabinet in the next week or two, when the Prime Minister comes back, there is a Cabinet paper already drafted with that position and recommendation that we remove all restrictions.I'm saying that here but it's not a decision that has been approved by Cabinet, however, there is an internal policy decision that has been made between our Ministry and the Ministry of immigration to allow for un-vaccinated people to move across borders, on the requirement that when they return they must present a negative test."

Cherisse Halsall
"Is that irregular at all for a decision like that to be made outside of Cabinet?"

Hon. Kevin Bernard
"I don't think it's irregular; it could have been done through a simple S.I. but we want to ensure that it goes through the cabinet."

Channel 7
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Yesterday at 10:02 AM
Those who are looking at visiting Belize will find it easier, and cheaper after the mandatory travel insurance is removed. According to the minister, there's no actual date set as yet but he's been in consultations with tourism stakeholders, who have agreed that the mandatory insurance might not be necessary anymore. "Hmh! Yathink!?" Here's how he explained it to us:

Hon. Anthony Mahler - Minister of Tourism
"We are looking at time frame, hopefully before we go into the next high season, we had some discussions with the private sector, BTIA has lawyers supported, BHA initially said no then BHA came back and said it's a good thing because it's not just COVID relief, it's appendix being removed, trauma to the head, broken hand, broken foot, all sorts of stuff and it has a cancellation policy in there as well. So we're looking at it, we're listening to the industry and the industry is saying now, maybe it's time for us to remove it and I have always had a good relationship with both BTIA, BHA, and all of them. I listen, I consult, and we look at it from a technical standpoint, pros and cons, and then we make decisions so hopefully soon we can remove it."

We note that countries like Jamaica and Bahamas continue to have a mandatory travel insurance while others like Costa Rica have eliminated it.

Channel 7
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Yesterday at 09:48 AM
The Belize Tourism Board is proud to announce that Air Canada will resume flights to Belize from Toronto, Canada, starting 4th December 2022. The airline will offer nonstop seasonal service from Toronto on Sundays, then twice weekly in March 2023, using an Airbus A220-300.

Flights are currently open for reservations. The initial Sunday nonstop service is scheduled to depart Toronto at 9:30 a.m. and arrive in Belize City at 1:15 p.m. The flight will depart Belize City at 2:15 p.m. and arrive in Toronto at 7:35 p.m.

Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market and in the international market to and from Canada. Through Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program, customers can earn rewards and benefits for their travel including earning points with popular retail partners online such as Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, etc., and redeem for merchandise, gift cards, and more.

Air Canada first started flying to Belize from Toronto in late 2017 and with the closure of the PGIA due to the pandemic, flights had ceased. The BTB, therefore, welcomes the resumption of flights by Air Canada as it will make it easier for travelers to experience the unique offerings and attractions that can only be enjoyed in a top tourist destination like Belize. The non-stop service also complements BTB’s effort to strengthen Belize’s presence in international markets.
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06/30/22 04:45 PM

Belize hosted its first-ever Climate Change Catalogue Showcase in Belmopan. Hosted by the Belize National Climate Change Office, the event features presentations on key climate change documents such as Belize's Updated National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Master Plan, Belize's Low Emissions Development Strategy and Action Plan, among others.

The event included the signing of memoranda of agreement with the Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government; Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy, Logistics and E-Governance; Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise; and the Belize Livestock Producers Association for key activities under the Enabling Gender-Responsive Disaster Recovery, Climate and Environmental Resilience in the Caribbean (EnGenDER) Project.
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Ambergris Caye
06/30/22 12:36 PM
Notice to Motorists in San Pedro

BWS hereby informs motorists that our crews will be repairing a sewer manhole on Coconut Drive in San Pedro from Saturday, July 2, 2022 to Friday, July 8, 2022.

Motorists are being advised that only Golf Carts, Motorcycles and ATVs will be allowed to use the alternate route of Carlo & Ernie's Runway Bar Property.

BWS apologizes for any inconvenience caused.
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Ambergris Caye
06/30/22 12:28 PM
San Pedro Town Council

We try to accommodate everyone to use the field. Everyday we have 100+ persons using the field. We just managed to fix these fences and this is what we got back in less than a week. Please let’s all be responsible and take care of our beautiful field.

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06/30/22 12:22 PM
The People’s Constitutional Commission is taking shape. The commission is being established to take a comprehensive look at the Constitution of Belize, as well openness and transparency in governance. The commission is also expected to deliberate Belize’s decolonization process. Nationwide consultations are to be held by the commission on these issues. Back in March of this year, Minister Henry Charles Usher announced the creation of a Good Governance Unit under the Constitutional and Political Reform Ministry that will be the secretariat for the People’s Constitutional Reform Committee. Today, reporters asked Prime Minister Briceño for an update on the formation of the commission. Here is what he told us.

Prime Minister John Briceño

“Yes, what happened is, we discussed it at the last Cabinet meeting. It was a lengthy discussion. It is important for us to start the process of setting up that commission. We want to ensure that commission can report back within one year. We are in the process of inviting persons from different sectors of the community, from the NGOS, to private sector, political parties, and so forth. I know now that I have heard some people in the media say well, no one has invited them from the media. I don’t think it was done deliberately that we do not want to invite the media. If there is interest from the media, when we get back we can certainly take a look at that and invite a member of the media to be able to represent you all.”

Channel 5
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06/30/22 12:21 PM

For several months, there had not been any report of a drug plane landing in Belize.  That lull, however, was short-lived as local authorities were informed over the weekend that an aircraft had departed from South America en route to Belize. That track was monitored closely until the flight entered Belizean airspace several hours later. The suspected drug plane eventually landed in a remote area of southern Belize and, despite a team of B.D.F. and police officers being deployed to a location behind Sunday Wood Village, may have been successfully offloaded of its illicit cargo.  This afternoon, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams provided additional details to say that the burnt vestiges of the aircraft were spotted from above by a B.D.F. Defender that provided the team on the ground with the actual coordinates.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“On Saturday evening or Saturday night, actually, we had received information of a track coming out of South America and that it may be coming our way. Based on that information that we had received, we deployed our troops which comprises of police and B.D.F. to different locations as we would normally do.  Sometime after two a.m. on Saturday night, which would be Sunday morning, we received information from our Mexican counterparts that the plane may have landed in the area of Sunday Wood.  That’s a village in the Toledo District and, again, this area as you would know is one of rugged terrain and our troops that were deployed in the Toledo District had to move from where they were and redeployed to that area.  But again, due to the rugged nature of the terrain, it took the troops hours to get to the location.  By the time we got there, it was sometime after two p.m. on Sunday and that’s because we had to be guided to the location by the Belize Defense Force Air Wing which did a flyover and saw the burnt remains of the plane and directed the troops to the area.  When we got there, the team found a number of bicycles and some other items which we believe were used by those persons involved in the illicit landing of that plane.  We certainly suspect that the cargo onboard the plane was drugs and we have launched a number of operations in the area with a view to see if we can locate the findings.  But again, the area is more close to the Guatemalan border than Belize.  So we believe that the product may have been taken into Guatemala, as opposed to Belize as the area where the plane landed is near the Temash River and the Temash River, if you come out of that, it takes you to the area of Barranco and from there you go through the sea and you’re right into Guatemala. So we believe that the drugs may have taken that route.”

Channel 5

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06/30/22 12:16 PM
In the tertiary, or services sector, tourism in the first quarter of 2022 still hadn't quite rebounded to pre-COVID numbers, but because early 2020 was a dead time for tourism - the comparative percentages were off the chart:

Channel 7
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06/30/22 12:12 PM

Last week it was the former Deputy Prime Minister Hugo Patt who was awarded 145 thousand dollars in damages from the government after he was unfairly maligned by the Marshalleck Commission of Inquiry into the sale of government assets.

Today, the judgement came down for his former boss, Dean Barrow. The court awarded him a whopping 185 thousand dollars in damages. And while it is a whole lot - it's nowhere near the almost half a million dollars in damages which Barrow's attorney, Naima Barrow was asking for. She was also asking that the entire report be stricken but Justice Lisa Shoman agreed with the attorney for the Commission Godfrey Smith that there was no bias.

That was a save for the government, but still, she awarded the former PM almost 200 thousand dollars in damages. Today at his office he told Courtney Menzies he was very satisfied, and that he hoped the government had learned a lesson - one that he accepts will end up costing taxpayers.

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister
"I am very pleased. I am certainly happy with the quantum of damages that I was awarded."

"You initially wanted $500,000, were you disappointed?"

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister
"No not at all, because $500,000 was never a serious bid. You know how it is, you look at a range of awards in comparable circumstances and so we threw a figure out there, but there was never any real chance of getting anything near that amount. The bottom line is what has been given is absolutely fair. Ofcourse, every adverse reference to me is quashed, but the rest of the report remains."

"Some would say at the end of the day it's the public that loses, because now I believe the bill is over $300,000. It's the public that has to pay that."

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister
"Well, the public losses and gains. The public gains because the public can now feel confident that any further commissions of inquiry will well know how not to do things - will be in fact constrained to do things properly, so that's a benefit. Ofcourse the public losses by the tax payers having to foot the bill for the damages. Hopefully, the government, the current administration has learnt its lesson. It is to blame for this bill to the tax payers, because its cocked-up things and so if it is as I suspect the government's objective was always more to pursue a political vendetta against persons such as myself and Hon. Patt. Then they've been taught a lesson."

"When you launched these commissions of inquiries, you must do so for the right reasons. The lessons learnt by the current administration and by the society at large is that next time do it the right way."

"Yesterday when we spoke to the Prime Minister, he sort of downplayed it, he said that the government lost because of a - he called it a technicality and he said that the judgement doesn't prove innocence on the part of yourself and Mr. Pott, it just shows that there was a technical error."

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister
"You know I am really surprised, I don't say this with any pleasure, because he is the Prime Minister of this country, but that is a degree of ignorance and shallowness that I find altogether disappointing. How can you describe what the court confirmed and what your two senior counsels had to concede, how can you describe the absolutely fundamental naked, serial violations of people's constitutional rights, how can you describe that as a technicality? Thats monumentally ignorant on his part and shows him to great disadvantage. Look, you have lost because you've cocked it up and because you had bad faith. That is what the court found. Don't try to paper that over. Just concede that you made terrible mistakes, he is either a fool or a naive. He is either a fool for not understanding the gravity of what has happened or he is a naive for understanding it, but trying to dismiss it and cast it aside."

The parts of the report dealing with both Barrow and Patt will now be redacted. 50% of costs were awarded.

Channel 7

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06/30/22 11:21 AM
Congratulations to 11 yr old Corisha Mendoza, from Roaring Creek, Belize. Her coloring book, life under the Caribbean Sea is now available on Amazon. Her book will be featured in Jamaica Observer this weekend.

Parents there is still time to enroll your child in our online reading and writing program. Starts July 4, 2022. Go at your own pace. Only 10 mins per day. Help your child improve their skills by playing games and writing their own books. Only $20. Signup at or call/whatsapp 600-1611.

You can find Corisha's book on Amazon at Let's make her a best selling author.

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Specials & Events
06/29/22 05:59 PM
BTB's National Tourism Awards Call for nominations are open!

The Belize Tourism Board is pleased to announce that the National Tourism Awards will be held in October 2022! This signature event acknowledges the outstanding services from various categories within the tourism industry. As we rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to commemorate our stakeholders for this spectacular occasion.

Submit your nominations here:

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Ambergris Caye
06/29/22 05:54 PM
Police are investigating an incident on Monday, June 27th, at the home of business owner 52-year-old Elsa Odina Poot in the San Mateo subdivision north of San Pedro Town. The situation has been described by police as ‘Aggravated Burglary/Aggravated Assault, as Poot’s son-in-law Justin Campos and another person broke the house’s front door and pointed a firearm at her.

The official police report indicated that around 2AM on Monday, Poot was in the house with her husband and grandchildren when two male persons entered by breaking the front door. She recognized one of them as her son-in-law Campos, who asked about her daughter’s whereabouts and then pointed a gun at her. Poot told Campos that her daughter was not at home and then managed to ‘escape’ from the house as she felt threatened.

According to the report, shortly after, Poot heard what appeared to be gunshots coming from inside her house. After that, she observed Campos leaving the house with his daughters (Poot’s grandchildren). However, the children were later safely reunited with Poot’s daughter (the mother).

Police have not confirmed if Campos has been detained.

Other crime incident

On Sunday, June 26th, a San Pedro resident was reportedly stabbed after being attacked by a group of people. The police have not issued a report, but unofficial information identified the victim as 33-year-old Efrain Campos. The attack was not fatal, and according to witnesses, Campos was attacked while socializing with a pair of tourists. After the stabbing, the tourists reportedly transported him to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II.
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Ambergris Caye
06/29/22 12:52 PM
[Linked Image]

Dear Friends of Wahoo's Lounge

Wahoo's Lounge, home of the Chicken Drop, an Icon of our beautiful island San Pedro, is moving to a new location. After servicing the island and our tourists for over 25 years from the center of town in the Spindrift Hotel, we are moving to a bigger location to be able to offer you all more and better services.

We take this opportunity to give Thanks to all our San Pedrano Community and all our guest who have in one way or another been a part of Wahoo's Lounge growth and development and we look forward to keep serving you. Visit us at our new location Corona Del Mar starting July 14, 2022.

The last Chicken Drop at our present location the Spindrift Hotel will be July 7, 2022 and on July 8. we will be closing for a week and reopen on July 14, 2022 at our new location at Corona del Mar.

Thanks again and we look forward to keep serving the island both locals and tourists.
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06/29/22 12:46 PM
Here's a gentle reminder that the 2021-2022 Queen Conch Season in Belize closes today - June 26 2022, due to the quota for this year being met earlier than the June 30 scheduled closure date.

The fishing community is advised that all conch fishing activities shall cease as of this date, until the opening of the next fishing season on October 1 2022.

General information: Queen Conch is harvested through a managed fishery throughout its range. Regulations on time of year and location where the queen conch can and cannot be captured are defined by most countries where it is fished. This species is highly sought after for their meat and are one of the most valuable species in the Caribbean. For this reason, they are vulnerable to overfishing.


The Belize Fisheries Department hereby informs all fishers and the Public that in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 54 of 2012, the Honourable Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation will declare the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) fishery closed at the close of business on June 26th, 2022. This is necessary due to the realization of the Queen Conch Production Quota for the 2021-2022 fishing season.

The fishing community is advised that all conch fishing activities shall cease as of this date until the opening of the next fishing season on October 1st, 2022.

The Belize Fisheries Department further advises all establishments and the Public to use, consume and dispose of all Queen Conch meat in their possession on or before June 26, 2022.

Any person or establishment found in possession of the Queen Conch meat after June 26, 2022 will be charged and prosecuted in a Court of Law in accordance with the Fisheries Regulations.

The Fisheries Department advises the Public to report any illegal fisheries activity by calling telephone numbers: 224-4552 or 223-2623.
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06/29/22 12:24 PM
[Linked Image]

The island’s female football team, the San Pedro Pirates, overcame Jewel Fury 2-1 in the first leg of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) semi-finals on Saturday, June 25th, at the Ambergris Stadium.

Jewel Fury is considered one of the toughest teams in the tournament, and it took the San Pedro team 40 minutes to open the score against the visiting squad. Island player Elva Nuñez defeated Jewel Fury’s goalkeeper with the aid of a crossed ball from the right side of the pitch. The first half ended with the San Pedro Pirates leading 1-0. In the first minutes of the second half, Jewel Fury made a comeback, and at minute 49, evened the game with a goal by Khalydia Velasquez. But the island team was not going to stop at a draw or let the visiting team leave with the win. The island girls went on the offensive, and at minute 89, Tamara Baptist outran Jewel Fury’s defense. After one-to-one with the goalkeeper, Baptist comfortably scored San Pedro’s second goal sealing the game 2-1.

San Pedro is in second place in the NAWL tournament with this win. They are now getting ready for the second leg of the semi-finals this Saturday, July 2nd when they face Jewel Fury at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in the capital city of Belmopan.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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