First let me thank all of you who prayed for my friend Chad. I want to set the record straight and give a "Boogie update". It is Saturday night and I am at the SunBreeze Hotel office. We just had two jumpers from Philly say "I Do" above the Blue Water Grill bar. It was a fantastic day to get married. We have Tony Brown's band warming up by the pool for a great reception. Amanda Syme and her daughter jumped today, photos to follow! Windjammer made a birthday jump but we haven't seen Wyoming Carla in a few days. We threw Ron out of the plane this week for a great video and article in the SP Sun. Melody from Ambergris Today jumped last weekend and loved it also. To date we have flown over 1,000 jumps, including 67 tandems. Two of our jumpers went to the mainland when the weather was bad earlier in the week. I was worried and asked the SP police to keep an eye out for them. They showed up a few days ago and felt really silly and all is well. Now for the rumors. Not one single jumper landed in the lagoon. we had a tandem land by sweet basil's because he wanted to be safe and he made the call to land where he knew he would have plenty of options. My staff has an average of 11,000 skydives EACH. We never have jumped in winds that have been dangerous to the jumpers. Yesterday we put up a load of highly experienced jumpers to determine if the winds where OK. I have more safety gear on our standby boat than the local ambulance has. I grounded a jumper for not landing at the landing area and that person has left for home. One jumper landed in the water last week about 30ft. from shore in 3ft. of water. She knew it was a pilot error mistake and has since jumped 20 more times, all onto land. Now about Chad. He had over 4,000 jumps. He was flying a wingsuit with his girlfriend flying a wingsuit next to him. A wingsuit is like a flying squirrel outfit. It enables a jumper to fly slower and farther. Chad impacted the water just outside of the reef. He did not deploy either his main or reserve parachute. He didn't have an AAD automatic opener on his reserve. We spotted him with the jump plane and Aqua Dives employees and some of my staff recovered him. We did a thorough inspection of his gear. It was all on properly and was in perfect working order. A report has been given to Belize Civil Aviation and the SP Police Dept. I will never know what happened. Our guess is that he lost altitude awareness over the water, or had a hard time getting to his proper handles. Our group made the decision to keep jumping. In spite of Chad's death we are moving on. We had a moment of silence for him today. I will be bringing his ashes back with us on the jump plane. I'll have a full trip report when I get home next week. Rich Grimm President, Tsunami Skydivers Inc. cool frown