10 day honeymoon at The Palms on Ambergris Caye

Breakfast :
Rubyís (4)
Esteleís (2)
Blue Water Grill (3)
Somewhere else I canít remember

Lunch :
Jambel Jerk Pit
Street vendors
Ali Baba (whole chicken)
Celiís Deli
Lazy Lizard (Caye Caulker)

Casa Picasso (2)
Blue Water (3)
El Patio (2)
Victoria House

Snorkeled Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan with Ramonís and Searious took us to Tres Cocos and Mexico Rocks. Both were great.

Did our first diving outside of class and local lake here. We went with Robbie from Chuck and Robbieís ( web page ) This is a smaller company and they are great.

Rented a golf cart for a day a explored the north part of the island (while it flooded) up to Captain Morganís. Stopped at Palapa Bar.

Went to Victoria House for dinner and watched the croc feeding on the way.

Went to Caye Caulker for the day. Did what most people do when they go there - Walk around, snorkel, get wasted at Lazy Lizard , get back on the wrong water taxi and go to Belize City where you get to sit for another 30 minutes and then go back to Caye Caulker and finally home to Ambergris Caye. You have to try this trip, it was awesome.

All of the restaurants were great. It rained the last three days but it wasnít bad. I snorkeled around Ramonís pier a few times Ė nice variety of fish.

Things that were good:
Most everything

Things that may bother some people:

-Rubyís breakfast got more expensive each day even though we ordered the same thing (it was still cheap though)

-Fidoís charged $17 for three beers (lighthouse) and a juice alcohol drink.

-we got offered the bud, good stuff, weed about 489 times a day. (this was funny to me, but if I had teenagers or something it probably would not be funny)

-the kids selling beads and the women selling table cloth things apparently donít look at your face because they ask you to buy stuff like if you walk by and then walk back by one minute later.


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