SLOW DOWN.... smile
Lan Sluder just let Cruisers know what is in the immediate area, read above. Plus he also indicated some side trips.
The water taxis/travel tour boats will naturally be in the area as well, it's an active marina to begin with. BUT, it's a slow traffic zone.
After you are tendered to the shore line by your cruise line, you will reach the Trouists area within 5-10 minutes, no one is begging you to buy their wares. The people are there to work, not beg.
Yes, your trip to shore should be free from your cruise line.

Belize is a proud country, let them show you. Be patient. It's very laid back. The only anxious folks are the visitors from other countries.

Take time to enjoy your short lived visit, from a cruise ship. Another time you may want to come and see more of the beauty of Belize and spend more time smile

Cruises can be nice, but not enough time is allowed to really see much. Been there, did that !!