I wonder whether other people importing goods for business have the same experiences that I do. I recently brought in a shipment from Miami, made up of goods from several suppliers in different parts of the US. In all cases the suppliers did not charge separately for shipment of their goods to Miami; in one case the goods were discounted (which is why I bought them) and shown as such on the invoice; in one case some items were listed separately with no cost shown (they formed part of another item that was priced); and in one case some items were given free as an incentive according to the size of the order, and again accurately described on the invoice.

Belize Customs have decided to impute delivery charges within the US as an additional 10%-15% of the value of the entire order. They have also decided to invent values for all items not shown as having a specific value.

The result is a total dutiable amount that is some 25% higher than I have actually paid. And it seems there is absolutely nothing I can do about it - pay up or have the goods confiscated.

Any comments?