I need some suggestions of a possible product to purchase so I may be in constant contact via e-mail and surfing the web anywhere that I go. I have a laptop but need something smaller so I can bring it to the beach with me, on a boat, out to dinner… bla bla, wherever. I don't have a lot of time available to relax due to my business… however, if I can find a product to be in touch with clients etc when I‘m trying to “relax“ I figure I can relax even more this way and be ready for Belize sooner!
It does need to be easy to use (for an old geezer) with a large viewing screen and spell check is a must (a works/word processor on it would help too) so I can copy and paste items to e-mail too. ;-)
Soooo tell me what’s better... an I-phone, Wings, Pearl blackberry… OR is there even something better out there?
Many thanks for your help!