July, July, July – Hot, Hot, Hot
Water – Great
Breeze – Great
Air Conditioner in bedroom – Priceless
Rain – trace
View – Mesmerizing, soothing, relaxing and mentally healing

This was more of a kick back and relax trip for Brenda and me, but we did do a few things:

We joined the Taco’s and “poco loco” and her Canadian family for a sunset cruise. Hey, those Canadians can party and I was forced to drink Belikin’s all night. I met Gela for the first time and we had a great time cruising away. Tacogirl’s blog has all the pictures, but I noticed there were a number not posted! I wonder why? Gela, I’m not telling no matter how much is offered!!!!

BC’s Sunday Jam – It’s still going and they had absolutely the coldest Belikin’s. I had to brush the ice off the bottles. I met Gela for a FEW and got to talk to Simon for a bit. Sheri’s new bass sounds great and the US’s are still cooking!

Golf Cart Island Tours– New business in town: Yep, it’s a self guided tour, just rent a cart (no map) and head South, North, left, right and reverse!

This was Brenda’s second trip and she hadn’t seen anything outside of town, so away we cart! The resorts south, about 2.5 miles and further, were empty. It was eerie, but we saw birds, iguanas, lizards and butterflies. We meet one other cart and there was no one on the beaches and boats were docked. We had a really tasty lunch at Mike’s (shrimp poor boy, fish & chips). We got it “to go” and found a spot on the beach and enjoyed the breeze and, of course, the view.

North (I thought Mosquito Coast was south). The bridge is still being worked on, so it’s one lane. Of course you can’t see if anyone is coming from the other direction until you get to the top! First one to the top has right of way!

Brenda just had to stop and see the sink hole (now known as MOSQUITO HELL). I waited at the cart and immediately was attacked! Brenda took a quick look at the “hole” and came running back with a cloud following her! By the way, Skin So Soft didn’t work so good on our skin, but works great as a defense spray! Oiled the little buggers! She still has bumps and I’m not saying where! Did you know carts can do wheelies?

Everyone says how bad the road north is, well I can now agree with them COMPLETELY! WTH – that is not a road!! Beginning above Akbol, WATCH OUT! In Arizona I call that a BAD jeep trail and would use 4 wheel drive. Thank goodness for no rain. With rain you would have needed a swamp buggy to get through. We did make it past White Sands up to the “gift shop” (how does she survive way out there?) By then, my gluteus maximus(sic) had had IT! On the way back we didn’t even see any one that we could give a ride!

Drive Inn Fast Food
Yes, it does exist on the island. Just drive your cart to Central Park (The Square) and pull off at the first vendor. Absolutely the best grilled chicken w/ rice, beans and flour tortillas! All for $5US and you don’t have to get out of your cart or read a menu!

Open and operating with help of family. The lobster burrito was very large and very tasty. We believe it was worth the money. It was not as stuffed with as much lobster as the one we had in February, but we still enjoyed it and we really loved the papusa’s made by Maria’s sister. The family tradition is being carried on. By now, everyone knows Pablo is doing well.

Sunset Grill
The best dinner: almond encrusted snapper, Caribbean Trio and a lobster fritter (try it they are great – it’s actually a lobster tail lightly breaded and deep fried – Heck you could almost eat the shell like a soft shell crab)

Great hamburger and fries- Best on the island!!!!

Still my favorite breakfast (gotta have grits and fry jacks with anything)

There have been several discussions regarding snorkeling off piers and we are here to tell you there is very interesting life going on under the piers. We snorkeled from Wet Willies to 3 miles South off various piers where there are ladders or steps into the water and had a ball. Go early before all the 9 a.m. tour boats start to see the most life. Ramon’s is the absolutely the best spot for pier snorkeling. We saw several hundred fish with large schools of grunts and snapper and a wide variety of colorfully little ones; 2 string rays and even a juvenile moray eel. Best of all, we were fortunate to observe a “cleaning station” at work: a black w/yellow stripped juvenile angel was cleaning the mouths of grunts. The angel would swim head on into a school and grunts that would open their mouths and the angle would bite inside just inside their mouth. It was truly amazing to see.

I always try and post positive reports and believe in giving people the “benefit of doubt”, but we had two disappointments this trip. Maybe I have become too comfortable and trusting and was not doing the necessary “due diligence” that a “tourist” should do. I don’t feel like a “tourist” when I am there and that’s a big part of the reason I keep coming back. So these “little things” have not changed my feelings in any way. They are just “disappointments”.

Humming Bird
So many people have nice things to say about the Humming Bird. The people were very nice, but we were disappointed at lunch: the salad for $14BZ was extremely small and the special for the day, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, was also small at $12BZ; but what was so disappointing was the “ice tea”. I guess I forgot to ask, I didn’t see it on the menu and I was never told when they refilled our glasses, that refills were not free. I didn’t realize that until we got the bill and the ice tea was $20BZ. Lesson learned – ask.

Milo’s Grocery – Middle Street
I will not shop at that grocery ever again and customers beware. We had confirmed the price of each of the 4 items we were buying with the owner (I guess he is since he was the only one there). When we were checking out, Brenda and I were talking and only paying ½ attention. The total he said didn’t seem right, but I paid anyway (I know dumb). When we left the store Brenda re-added up the items and he had charged us and extra $10BZ. The few dollars was not the issue because we felt “ripped off”. We felt as if it was done on purpose. He saw an opportunity and took it. Maybe it was “tourist tax”. Lesson learned. Add it up and question immediately if in doubt.

No more complaints! It’s just another beautiful day in paradise!
All in all we did not have a good time WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!

"Hold on Tight To Your Dreams" ELO