Safiyyah becomes a connoisseur of fine wines at Tinto y Blanco

[Linked Image] Looking for something new to do? This week, Safiyyah discovered a brand new place that can easily and quickly become your favorite place to frequent and relax. Tinto y Blanco is a new wine bar where you can lounge comfortably, enjoy a glass of wine in a perfect setting and get a bite from a large selection of chesses and cold cuts. Hereís Safiyyah.

Hey Guys Iím Safiyyah and this is whatís Happening Belize?

Since events seem to be slowing down a bit. Iíve decided to do some more travelling. But this time I want you to let me know about great restaurants, shops and people that are doing new things that Belize isnít used to. I want to know what you enjoy in your area. New Cool fun spots to hang out or just relax. Whether itís a big restaurant or a talapa that sells fast food, a big adventure experience or the just a great spot to swim, I wanna know so I can show Belize. This week Iíve selected a spot that just opened call Tinto y Blanco, a Wine Bar. Check it outÖ

[Tour of Tinto y BlancoÖ]

Relaxing huh? You should definitely check that place out if youíre a wine drinker. Itís sophisticated and relaxing at the same time. Remember if thereís a little spot u think I should know about let me know via email at [email protected]
Thatís all I have for now. Have a great weekend. Bye.

If thereís an event that you want featured, give me a call at 625-3079. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday at ten p.m.

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