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First visit with out kids in tow was 1973. When we walked down the streets at night, we always spoke is a whisper as all the fisherman were in bed asleep getting ready to go out the next morning. No gift shops and the only thing our kids could buy was an orange or some bread at Martha's. Two vehicles on the island. Marciano and Nando Trejo. What a great time! Bought our house 28 yrs. ago. No running water or electricity. Now I bitch about having to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Even in the early 90's we didn't party too hard in town, but still managed to drink a lot. Big Daddy's and "jump up" at the Tackle Box were about it - of course the English soldiers always kept the parties going. Trying to get a taxi after 11 pm?- Good luck...walking home was dark, too.