Gather around boys and girls, it's time to check your stockings and under the tree! Santa Reaper has been shopping all morning and has come up with some wonderful gifts. So who's been naughty and who's been nice????

Hon-You are at the top of the list. You get TWO lumps of coal, since you can never get your vacation time right and join us in February. Naughty, naughty!

RMT-You should get the same, but it's a Christmas Day lobster burrito from Warraguma for you.

Amanda Syme-A Louisville Slugger, for you and Cal to keep the boys away!

JeanH-Adoption papers so I can finally be one of your sons and get to join you and Bruce in Belize, on your dime, mom!

Spurs-A tall, handsome cowboy. Enjoy!

Otter-A Buckeyes Bowl win, and a strong run in the next election.

klcdude-A royal flush on the flop.

Rykat-The DVD box set of "Sarah Palin's Alaska".

Jesse and E-yes that's right, Jesse and Ernie together with one gift. A "Rock 'em Sock 'em" robot game. You can sit at the bar and duke it out all night, without pulling a muscle, breaking a hip or having an MI.

GoVikes-A newer, younger QB.

Phil-A "Reaper Cup" victory in February.

ChunkyRuth-A happy and HEALTHY new year!

CollyK-A bag full of stuffed animals for "be kind".

LaurieMar-That birthday drink, since we didn't run into you later that evening.

Chloe-A great big huge {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}!

SJ-Some more adventures in 2011. This time at least ONE ocean photo please!

Bobber-A trip to SP in February so we can finally meet.

Jhill123-More bandwidth so you can heckle the right.

CBT-Some tiny pink Speedo's, so you can have the cement pond all to yourself this summer.

Papashine-A new skydive t-shirt and a beer or two at BC's in February.

AzBob-Nothing, until you buy me dinner that you owe me from a couple of Super Bowls ago! The Steelers won, remember. Naughty, naughty. Be glad you didn't get that coal, since I'm all out giving it to Hon.

GwenA-A sold house.

Portofino-A full resort in 2011.

Bill Mc-A co-pilot ride in Feb.

ScubaLdy-Lots of bubbles in 2011.

Shuffles-A B&B full of jumpers.

Happy Cappy-A new wardrobe to go with the new body.

Taco's-Lots of adventure and business in 2011.

Seashell-A box of TimBits, a pair of new mittens and some hot chocolate. Eh.

Clover-See Jhill123;)

BarbaraK-See Bobber's gift.

SunandSand-Less "customers" at work, and more trips to SP.

JZB-An open Caye Chapel, making a happier hubby for you! (And it gets him out of the house)

Gela-A published article in the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine!

And to Marty-Please unban Pedro, this board has been pretty dull this year without him, and thanks and have a happy new year!!!

Santa Reaper has forgotten a lot of folks, but he is getting older and suffers from CRS these days. He's a retired old fart now, so you know the mind is the first to go.

Merry Christmas and everyone have a SAFE, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!!! Hugs from the Reaper's! See you guys in February!!

(disclaimer-no elves, reindeer or farm animals were harmed in the posting of this)

(all gifts subject to a two Belikin GST. No refunds. Except Hugs, they can be returned at anytime)