The Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development in partnership with the National Association of Village Councils will be holding a second consultation with village councils, water boards and interested community members on the amendments to the water board act legislation. It is scheduled to continue on August twenty-third at the Belmopan Convention Hotel starting at eight thirty in the morning. Interested persons from the Cayo District are invited to attend. The amendments to the Water Board Act legislation were proposed as a result of Belize’s participation in the Millennium Development Goals Acceleration Framework, MAF. Belize is one of ten pilot countries that is taking part in the framework that looks at impediments to progress in achieving the MDG 7C, which aims to halve the population that is without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. As part of the MAF, a Country Action Plan was developed which identified the Water Board Act as needing revision and strengthening. The draft proposal is being made in response to the identified challenges the MLLGRD in partnership with NAVCO and with support from UNDP. The legislation was opened for public comment through national consultations that began on August eleventh in the Toledo District. The consultations will provide feedback before presenting the proposed legislation to the National Assembly for consideration. The proposed legislation aims to produce a Water Board Act that can accommodate the needs of small and large rural communities by seeking to give better guidance and direction to systems and practices of local government in Belize towards greater equity, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the delivery of local services. It also promotes greater participation and inclusion of women.