The art and craft of kite making may be fading into memory, one of those cultural pastimes lost to modernity and plasticity, but the Taiwanese Embassy is helping NICH and Restore Belize to bring it back.

NICH has teamed up with Mr. Glenford Hyde, a master kite maker, and his son, Ronald Hyde, to teach the art of kite making as a part of the Restore Belize Programme. The idea is to give the Belizean youth a constructive activity to deter them from crime while preserving cultural practices and traditions.

The project took form in a series of workshops which started in January and will finish this Saturday, from 1pm to 4pm at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts.

The project was given a $12,000 dollar grant by the Taiwan Embassy. Also, two Taiwanese artists will teach the participants how to paint their kites.

Teachers, sports and other group leaders are invited to attend. Participants will also be given manuals on how to organize kite festivals in their communities.

Channel 7