Caye Caulker Village Council Notice on Sargassum

At this moment, our island is invaded by sargassum sea weed and there is little that can be done by our CCVC workers. The Caye Caulker Village Council, is asking all residents, hotels and business owners to assist the CCVC to overcome this problem by collecting it into piles on a section of the beach area which will later be picked up tomorrow and monday to be disposed of by the CCVC workers. The sargassum will be taken to the Sports Complex Area in Bahia to be used as landfill for our project. There are however some other uses for this sargassum: it can be used as landfill, with time it turns into a material that can be used as a natural fertilizer!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


PG tackles Gulf Weed problem

Sargassum or Golf Weed is becoming more and more a problem in coastal communities. Every year around this time, tons and tons of the seaweed wash up on shore and communities have to contend with either leaving it where it lands or clearing it. For Punta Gorda, the decision was simple, it had to be cleared up to avoid the stench and the possible health hazard that it poses.

With that, Punta Gorda Mayor, Ashton Mckenzie gathered a group made up of a number of volunteers. On his Facebook page Mayor Mckenzie posted this: “where hands are many, burden is light. Beach Clean Up. It is indeed a pleasure to be engaged in such an initiative. Big respect to our partners Department of Youth Services. Community Policing Unit. BoneVille Community Church. Oceana. Residents of Punta Gorda Town.”