Garifuna Settlement Day A chance to learn about a vibrant people

The vibrant culture of the Garifuna people graced our shores in 1832, and every year on November 19th, Belize honors their arrival with a holiday. November is a celebration of drumming, dancing, laughter and an appreciation for one of our more colorful ethnic groups.

Re-enactments tell the story of both the survival and flourishing of a resilient people, descendants of Arawak Indians and African slaves. All across the country, various activities are planned for the weeks leading up to the big holiday, and San Pedro Town is no exception. Besides Cultural Sundays, complete with live music and dancing at the Central Park, there will also be a fashion show on November 10th. November 12th through the 16th will be Cultural Awareness Week, and the grand finale for that week will be a fun Garifuna Translation Contest! Sunday November 18th will be another Sunday of music, food and dance, bringing in the big day on Monday November 19th.

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