Early morning accident involving an apparently intoxicated police officer goes unconfirmed by local police. Images and footage of what appears to be a damaged police truck north of San Pedro Town have been circulating on social media. The photos show the police vehicle on the side of the road with a damaged front wheel caused by the impact allegedly made when it hit a light post. According to witnesses at the scene, the incident happened early on the morning of Friday, June 26th, and one of the officers, in uniform, appears to be under the influence of alcohol.

In one of the videos, while some people are trying to help move the police truck, one of the police officers approaches the person who was videotaping. The officer asked if the video is only for work purposes because the person recording works near the area of the crash. The officer appeared to slur his words, warning if the video does not go on social media (Facebook), everything should be fine.

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