Aircraft Storage

I‘m looking to buy a remote piece of property in Belize and would like to fly from either Belize City or the International Airport to the property. Is there any long term aircraft storage facilities at either airport? Thank you.


You can contact the Fixed Base Operator at the International Airport, Belize Aviation Engineering Ltd in Ladyville (Phone: 225-2696). Talk to Gliss Marin. They can take care of it while he is in the country.

You can also contact these folks:

Minister of Tourism Civil Aviation
106 South Street
Belize City, Belize
Phone: +501- 2272801/02
Fax: +501-2272810

Director of Civil Aviation
Phone: +501-225-2014 / +501-225-2052
Fax: +501-225-2533

Belize Airports Authority
Municipal Airstrip
P.O. Box 1572
Belize City, Belize
Phone: 223-3784 or 223-4200
Fax: 223-4300

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