Shipping to Belize

I want to ship some sail boat provisions ahead of time to San Pedro, from North Carolina, USA.  Is there a “UPS Store” on San Pedro, or can I ship to my own name to the San Pedro Post Office and pick up there myself?  You mentioned once shipping via Fed Ex; are Fed Ex packages received and held at the post office, so I could pick up myself there?

There is no UPS "store" in Belize, and no UPS office in San Pedro.

There will be duties on items shipped. Recommended method of shipment depends on what is being sent.

Smaller packages sent by post do arrive at local Post Office, and clear customs there.

Depending on the provisions, this sounds like a huge hassle. We have plenty of goods for sale here.

I have a lot of my inventory shipped directly to me at the San Pedro Post Office. It comes from the US postal service and hardly ever a problem.

What you will discover is it’s expensive. When all is said and done I leave the post office having written a check for approximately 40% of the value of the merchandise. Some items like Lithium batteries and objects weighing more than 50 pounds go to the customs warehouse in Ladyville instead. If this happens hire a broker to get it for you. Trying to get it yourself from the customs warehouse will be painfully expensive, time consuming and probably fail. There is a Fed X office in San Pedro and It works but be aware your going to wonder why you just didn’t buy it here. In my experiences I’ve discovered Fed X charges a higher amount of duty and will not revise. assessing duty is arbitrary and Fed X charges the max with no arguments heard. For instance The post office can say ,’this is educational material’, so you’ll pay nothing but the same item with Fed X is printed material and hit you with 30%, no ifs ands or buts.

Hope that helps... You can always call the post office in San Pedro at 206-2260.

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