Can I import solar panels to Belize?

Yes you can but to avoid taxes you must bring an entire system. Panels, controller, inverter and batteries. Batteries are your largest savings but realize you will have a significant load to transport. SESB has great quality solar panels, inverters, ... Read More

How do I address a letter to San Pedro?

Send to person's name, address if known (or General Delivery) San Pedro, Belize, Central America The Postmaster, Angel, has specifically asked that you NOT put AC or CA or any other info on the mail. Many times the "CA" marking has resulted in a leng... Read More

Moving furniture, household to Belize

Hello - can you tell me how I move my furniture from Belize City to San Pedro and how much it will cost. I do have my QRP status and wondered if it would be worth moving it over? Try Crystal Shipping and if they can't, ask them who can. I assume thi... Read More

Shipping Personal items to Belize

If I want to have a barrel of personal things shipped to Belize from the U.S., what do I need to know to do that? Here’s a few links that might help… https://www.shi... Read More

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