Goals and Objectives of Hol Chan

1) To maintain a sample reef ecosystem in its natural state

  • To restore the earlier beauty of the reserve area
  • To preserve areas of critical habitat for endangered species

Huge Elkhorn coral formations line the rim of the cut

2) To provide recreation and tourism services and preserve the value of the area for fisheries

  • To provide an undisturbed area for recreational opportunities in a controlled and well-informed manner
  • To promote uses compatible with conservation development objectives, primarily through zoning
  • To provide protected habitats for important species
  • To enhance the social and economic benefits of the area

3) To provide an area for education and research

  • To foster general interest in the coastal environment through educational programs
  • To encourage scientific research in all sections of the park

4) To conserve genetic resources

  • To provide an undisturbed area which will result in increased recruitment to the fisheries of the adjacent areas

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