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If you spend a moment people watching outside Iguana Jack's you'll find strolling people brought to a stop, staring at something inside. In that vacant staring moment, that slackjawed, through-the-looking-glass, lost in eternity look, is there some primeval truth revealed, a reptile to reptile brain communion, perhaps? Welcome to the strange, beautiful and exotic world of Iguana Jack's. An Iguana vase may be the perfect ceramic decorative piece to commemorate your visit, or perhaps the emotional impact of these pieces capture you. Certainly these are unique pieces, unique in concept, and unique to Ambergris Caye. Each iguana is hand sculpted; no two alike. In these WebPages you'll experience the creations of this Belizean art studio. As any work of art reveals the artist, you'll be looking straight into the creation and fusion of ceramic expertise, artistic vision, and the rich cultural heritage of this Caribbean paradise.Kinich Ahau, Maya Sun God, the Jade Head found at Altun Ha

Editor's note - There is a danger in showing this artwork here. If you own a iguana vase, or have been to the island, then this will simply amplify that experience, but if this is your first view of Jack and Alberto's work . . .well, these small images aren't going to provide the same impact that seeing them in person does. But, I'm including them because I must, because they're a part of this entire virtual Ambergris Caye, and because so many people hold them as part of their image of this very real paradise. Support Belizean art! this is a production studio and gallery, owned and operated by Belizeans.

To inquire about one of these fine ceramics, please FAX or Phone
011 501-26-2767
Dealer Inquires are Welcome!

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