Cash Donations and Discounts

Monetary gifts make it possible for the Library to purchase paper, pencils, and other school supplies for children who need them. Money also pays for emergency repairs which cannot be covered by the Library’s budget.

Cash donations made it possible for the Library to install hurricane shutters and A/C in the children’s section and in the adult section of the Library.

Several businesses in the community have provided discounted labor and installation charges and free rental of office equipment during the past year. These gifts have improved the physical environment of the Library for students and staff.

Critical Needs

The reading tutor program offers students one-on-one tutoring in a quiet area without distractions. However, there is no computer in that area of the Library and many remedial reading materials include interactive CDs in order to be fully functional.

The children’s section of the Library has a bare concrete floor. Tile or linoleum flooring would reduce dust, increase natural light in the area, and improve the appearance of the children’s section of the Library. This is the section of the Library that receives the heaviest use by patrons and tourists who visit the Library.


Volunteers give their time, their skills, and the sweat of their brows to keep the Library safe, secure, and pleasant for patrons.

Volunteers organize and staff additional services that the Library offers to the community and schools of San Pedro.

Wish List

The San Pedro Library always has a “wish list” of books, CDs, office and computer equipment, school, office, and housekeeping supplies, and maintenance materials and services.

  • Computer for reading program
  • Tile / linoleum flooring
  • Bookshelves
  • Printer/copier paper
  • Reference CDs
  • Educational CDs
  • Children’s books
  • Office supplies
  • Children’s nature magazines
  • “How-to” books for adults
  • Pens / pencils
  • White board or chalk board
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Crayons/marker pens
  • Construction Paper
  • Printer ink cartridges (Epson Stylus C44UX, T036120 Black and T037020 Color, also a Canon Pixma uses Color CL-41 and Black PG-40 )
  • Dust Devil hand-vac with floor extension
  • Paper cutter
If you would like to make a cash donation to the San Pedro Library, please contact Iracela Acosta, Sr. Librarian at the Library, for information and assistance. The email address is

If you would like to send office supplies, art supplies, computer supplies, books, or other items, please contact Ms. Acosta so she can assist you with a customs-exempt letter.

If you visit San Pedro, you’ll see the San Pedro Library Donation jars at various places on the island. We are grateful for any donation you are able to make to assist us with the children’s programs provided by the Library.

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