Snyder and ?

MK note: Some of these photos, furnished by the Snyder family, may be as blurred and hazy as my my forty-nine year old memory, but maybe they'll lead to getting some help, from someone, in clearing up the who and where puzzlements. For now, my best shot appears below. MK.

I suspect this photo was taken at Division reserve the early spring of 1952.

Better eyes than mine can tell me whether or not that is Snyder getting the big hug.

I should be, but am not able to come up with names for the other guys in the photo.

About these three winter of 1951-1952 photos below, I'll make some wild guesses which may be the product of wishful thinking only. In the photo to the left, I'll say that it is of  Snyder on the left and me on his left watching someone giving somebody a haircut. In the middle photo, I'll say that it is of Snyder giving me a haircut. Noticing the lack of a sturdy covering for the structure depicted in the photo on the right, I'll say it is the warm-up bunker on the reverse slope of the MLR.

I wish so much that I could come up with the certain names for these two old familiar faces from the past.

But, since I can't trust my own old memory enough to hazard my best guesses here, I'll leave it be until someone .........!

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