Snyder's Pages

Because these Snyder Pages are my public memorial to (Gerald) Dudley Snyder, this first page be a partial reproduction of my first public memorial to him that was entered in the web site of the Korean War Project, to which you can find a link on my 3rd Division Page. After the KWP memorial, is an Index to Snyder's Pages. Please browse those pages to join with me in honoring my best buddy and dearest friend in Korea.

United States Army - 15 INF RGT 3 INF DIV
KIA 31 Jul 1952

Submission 3155 By (David) Mervin Key

Yes, I remember how he switched from the 3rd Squad to the 4th Squad because of our friendship, how we shared the same bunker, how he would give me his beer ration, how we griped about and endured the situation together, how he showed courage and bravery on the day he died at the base of "Kelly", the outpost across the Imjin River, and, I guess most of all, the sound of the mortar round that killed him. I wish he had followed his premonitions and been less brave on that terrible day.

Index to Snyder's Pages

Letter of 11 Aug 1952 - to Mary Snyder, his mother.
Letter of 4 Sep 1952 - to Mary Snyder after her reply to my first letter.
Letter of 5 Jun 1989 - to Richard Snyder, his elder brother.
Snyder's Photos - a link to his pages in the "Can Do" Photo Album.

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