Letter of 11 August 1952.

MK comments: This letter was returned to me (an email copy) by a good friend to me and to the other guys in the Bunker. He is Dudley Snyder, the nephew and namesake of (Gerald) Dudley Snyder (#8) - my "Snyder".

I guess many letters like this one were written from Korea; some of you guys in the Bunker may have written some yourselves. This one (below) to Snyder's mother, Mary Snyder, was written eleven days after Snyder was KIA, turned in at Company A Headquarters on the same day, and (as you may see by the postmark if your eyes work better than mine) handled by the good old APO (only?) five days later (16 Aug 1952). I ain't griping about the time delay; after all, I didn't have to buy a stamp. But, in 1952, I was a little annoyed at the APO when my own mother accused me of carrying my letters to her around for a few days before I "put them in a mail box".













The next page is another letter which I wrote to Mary Snyder from Korea after I received a quick reply to this letter. Then, there are three pages of a letter I wrote to Snyder's older brother, Richard Snyder, after I got his out  of the blue phone call.

That letter to Richard Snyder tells about some of the (nearly true) details of 31 Jul 2000 in response to his request in that out of the blue phone call, made when he first found me in 1989 - only he and God knowing how, I having been lost in the tropics for nearly all of the prior ten years.

Since then, Richard Snyder also has been a good and helpful friend to me. Having known his brother so well, I also knew that the rest of the family would be the kind of folks I found them to be - you add the adjectives. MK.

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