Phil in Korea and at Home

MK note: The guys in the the Bunker who knew Arthur P. Hanks (Entry #10) in Korea and I now know that he was better known to the folks at home as "Phil". All in the Bunker knew already, from information furnished by Richard J. Lawrence (Entry #4), that Phil was KIA 4 Feb 1952 on Outpost Kelly while he was Plt Sgt of the 2nd Plt, Co B, 15th Inf Rgt. I learned the "Phil" part when Randy Willis, Phil's first cousin once removed, sent the email copied below with the two photos (also below) attached. The email and the photos have been (slightly) edited. I wasn't up to hearing "Taps" yet again and hope I'll be excused for playing the somewhat more cheerful background music. MK.







Randy Willis E-mail: I'm seeking information on my  first cousin once removed, Arthur Phillip Hanks, better known to his family as "Phil". A wonderful tribute to him is in the IBB on Hanks Page and, on another page in the bunker is a photo of the hill he was killed on: Outpost Kelly. My mother said that she saw my father, Phil's first cousin, cry only one time in his life and that was when the bugler played "Taps" at Phil's funeral. Last night, I spoke at length to Raymond Hanks, Phil's brother.  I'm adding a tribute to Arthur Phillip Hanks on my web site:

Any comments from those who knew him in Korea would be greatly appreciated. Randy Willis.

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