Refugees Plus - Again

MK note: These comments are mine but based on info from Poe and Hofheinz.

There is Snyder again, in front and to your left. Hofheinz and Poe say that the guy to your right is Lt Bunders who, now that I think about it, was (probably) the 2nd Platoon Leader. I think that I am there again - far back and to your right.


Poe and I both remembered the animal that the refugees had with them as being a very big goat, but Hofheinz said that this is the photo of Davenport and a cow. The scurvy animal also appears in a video tape version of the event, but I still can't be sure what the heck it is - as if it mattered.

Of course, a goat is a much more entertaining animal and that's what I will continue to remember it as no matter what you think. A late flash: Because the old man was carrying a goat under his arm in the first refugee photo, according to Hofheinz, Poe, and me, and because the animal in this photo looks more like a cow and is too big to be carried in that manner, the unremembered truth may be that, as they would say in Belize, there was one of each and two of both! Whatever. MK.

MK late add-on (05 Aug 2003) You may now see the front end of the "refugee parade" and read more about it on the Don't Carry Me Back page. MK.

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