Fred's Gang

Fred (through Poe) didn't say where or when this photo was taken, but it must have been before 21 Jan 1952 when Jim Carrigan, the middle man in the middle row, was KIA - he was the "point man" mentioned in the citation which awarded to Sgt Oscar C. Jones (Entry #22)
The Silver Star.

Fred IDs those (in this photo) whose names he remembers as:

Bill Sullivan - back row, second from the right.
(He was one of Fred's "Fall to Winter" photos also - no luck finding him.
Fred Hofheinz - middle row, on left.
Jim Carrigan - middle row, next to Fred.
Dewey - front row, in the middle.
(What Fred remembers of Dewey is said at his photo below. MK)


Poe remembers the background in this photo of Dewey very well and says that the photo was taken at a stopping place when Able Co was on its way to the POW camp near Pusan - he even remembers that the tents were of a command post and that it might have been the HQ of Able Co or the 1st Battalion.


Fred also remembers that Dewey was KIA 31 Jul 1952 which, of course, was the 1st Battalion's biggest day on Kelly. However, my search of the Korean War Project data base failed to find a listing for anyone in the 15th Inf Rgt and with the first or last name of Dewey. As much as one would hope that Fred's memory is mistaken, I suspect that it is the Army records or my searching methods which have erred. MK.

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