The Silver Star

By direction of the President:

Is presented to



On the night of 21-22 January 1952, near Majon- Ni, Korea, a combat patrol from Company "A" of the 15th Inf Rgt came upon a strand of wire that apparently marked a minefield. Sergeant Jones, the platoon leader, immediately stopped the patrol and the point man moved along the strand of wire, looking for a safe path for the patrol to follow.

After he had moved a short distance, a terrific explosion was heard from the direction he had taken.

Fully aware of the dangers involved, Sergeant JONES unhestitatingly went to the aid of his apparently seriously wounded comrade. While making his way through the total darkness, he detonated another mine and was injured by the shattering blast.

Calling back to the patrol, he ordered his men to remain where they were so as to incur no further casualties and for them to contact the company to send aid. Sergeant JONES' selfless and gallant actions in entering a minefield to rescue a member of his patrol and refusing to let the other men of the patrol to endanger their lives by trying to rescue him when he was injured reflect the highest credit upon himself and the military service.

Email comments by J. C. Poe: The photo is of Brig Gen Dasher presenting the Silver Star to Sgt Jones on 31 May 1952. By the time of the presentation, Sgt Jones had already been promoted to Master Sergeant. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded a Battlefield Commission and transferred to Baker Company.

Merv, I am very proud to have been part of the ten man detail led by Cpt Pearson to bring Sfc Jones and his point man back from that mine field to the MLR. J. C. Poe.

MK note: The point man, Jim Carrigan, was KIA by the exploding mine. His photo already has been posted because he was in Fred's Gang.

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