The Road to Little Gibraltar

The photo on the left speaks for itself and lets us know that the hill known as
Little Gibraltar to some was known only as Hill 355 to Herb and to most guys in the 15th Infantry Regiment at the time they were fighting to take it or hold it.

I was never on 355 but several of the guys in our Bunker, besides Herb, spent some memorable moments there; so, you will come across Hill 355 many times on the Bunker pages.

I've been told that it had a third name - that The "Aussies" had named it Dagmar. Supposedly, the hill mass (maybe because of its double crest) reminded them of the movie actress by the same name. Well, someone told me wrong about who came up with that name. Ron Cashman (#44) sent an email saying:

    "Hello, Merv. I have read the yarn titled 'Road to Little Gibraltar' and noticed that someone thought my lot had named it Dagmar. I am here to tell you in the 51 years since I became acquainted with that hill, the first I knew of that name was when reading this site. Regards, Ron."

Thanks, Ron.

Herb says the photo on the right above is of another member of the 4th Plt of H Co and his name was either Locket or Shields. He is sitting by the spot where Houseman was standing in the last picture. If the two photos look different to you, it's because I messed up the left side of this one trying to do something about a big black splotch.

This photo is of four guys outside of their bunker and high up on Hill 355. Herb says he remembers that the ROK on the left (without a hat) was named Kim (as are, I would guess, about a third of all Koreans) and the guy on the right is Young, whom you saw in the next previous photo. Two for four ain't a bad batting average after more than fifty years.

The story about how Hill 355 became one of "our hill" to begin with is told at the page Getting 355 and 317 - Maps and Story.

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