A Reunion, By George!

MK note: This photo is from my touched up scan of a copy of a copy of a copy of a part of a page which appeared October 1997 in The Dragon, which is an official newsletter published by the 15th Infantry Association. Using my limited photo painting skills, I did the best I could with it and decided to post it as it is because it may be enjoyed by the guys who are in the photo and in the Bunker. Also, its being here may lure some of the other posers into jumping in the Bunker. Who knows? Some kind soul may send me a better take.

The words immediately below the photo are as printed in The Dragon and corrected by Henry Burke. Thanks again to Henry and Sherwin ("Arc") Arculis for getting all of Henry's stuff to the Bunker. MK.

Ten men of G Company, all of whom endured the ordeals on Outpost Kelly, gathered for a picture during the 1997 annual meeting of the Society of the 3rd Division held in Fort Worth.

Front row (left) are George Pilkington, Nile Stuart, Henry Burke, and Erwin Kroger.

 Second row (left) John Burke, Jack Schubert, Walter Reed, Fred Perry, and Joe Dash.

R. C. ("Pat") O'Conner (the only man in the third row) is nearly hidden behind John Burke.

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