Hills and a River

MK comments: John Doherty, Robert's son, told me of some of the precious few things that his father told him about the war (in addition to those related under Robert's Entry #35). Robert said that he was "on the number two machine gun at first," that he remembered "a Korean who was nick-named Boxer because he was the North and South Korea boxing champ at one time," and that "the Koreans would carry boxes of ammo up the hill for them."

Those comments sure rang a bell with me because I, too, was a machine gunner and I, too, remember how well the Koreans could "choggy" those hills. The Koreans (i. e., the ROKs) who were in "my" squad would grab from me my extra box of ammo, or extra gun barrel, or whatever else seemed to be causing me to gasp for breath when we were on a long march upward.

The top photo is cropped from a post card with the caption "Imjin River - 1951" and the other photo was marked "Imjin" by Robert. The hills are, as yet, unidentified. Help?

John also sent me copies of two poems written by Robert and left among his effects. They are reproduced below with only slight editing to better fit this page and have "American" spellings. MK.

The U. N. O.

 With gods grace and all his might,
 We shall strive to do what's right.
For we are members of the U.N.O.,
Taking hope where ever we go.

Our strength lies in our own conviction,
  Of love and peace with world protection.

The Hell of War

The sun was shining bright that morn,
Making us feel a new day was born.
Yet, by twelve o'clock the devils scorn,
Began to deepen to a raging storm.

Upon our hill top, shells began to burst -
A five hour crop of thirty thousand or worse.
Men went berserk in this raging hell,
While some stood stark, others fell.

The shell fire ceased as eventide drew near.
Smoke, dust, and grime began to disappear.
Yet four hours more this battle roared,
As six thousand foes came like a devils hoard.

In glory we fought and in death we fell,
Yet three thousand foes we sent to hell.
From one hundred and fifty, twenty two men came.
Six were fit and the rest were maimed.

For the courageous acts of those left behind,
We should always hold forever sublime;
And, to their loved ones, let us say:
"They fought and lost, but won the day."


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