The Cacao bean, and chocolatl

Peter Singfield here -- From Belize Central America, the land that invented "chocolatl" -- or natural viagro.

The Cacao bean was real currency. Traded by the Cacahuateros. 6 beans bought a turkey, according to Bernal Diaz del Castillo in his work "The Conquest of Mexico" (1517-1521)

Only the very rich could afford to drink their money!! And the reason for this incredible value was the simple fact that the drink "chocolatl" was reliable in expanding the artery leading to the penis thus allowing regular sexual activity in older men through sustainment of a good erection.

Do not confuse this with the genetically altered brand of "Chocolate" you consume. It has no such properties!!

Personally I drink chocolatl every morning -- like most people drink coffee -- which I do not. Chocolatl is a great way to break the coffee habit. I could write reams on this subject -- but have neither time or inclination.

The modern "craze" for chocolate is so far separated from its historical use that there just is no point to rain on all your parades.

Suffice to say -- the real chocolate (which is no longer available -- what you all love is a genetically bred variation that replaces the real stuff with fat -- except what I have growing in my back yard here -- which is directly descended from the original Mayan stock) was neither prepared or used as it is today.

The beans are fermented in a mash made from the sweeter pulp of the fruit. These seeds when extracted are "bitter". This then lightly roasted and ground into a powder. The bean used in trade (cash) is simply the dried bean. I have some laying around that must be at least 100 years old!! So they have a great shelf life in that form.

A very close equivalent to the real stuff is produced in Jamaica and is called: "Roma Cocoa"

According to the nutritional facts printed on the side of the can, Total Fat -- 0

So no fun for the modern Coco "nut"! Though this product is not the original, it is as close as one can come.

Here is how I brew "chocolatl"

Boil up 12 ounces of water -- pour into a blender which has --

6 large Jabenero Chilli Peppers
2 ounces honey
2 table spoons (heaping) Roma Cacoa "powder"

Blend thoroughly.

Drink in tiny sips -- over at least one hour!!

For the people that may try this -- start with 1/4 of one jabenaro pepper. It takes about two years to "build" up to a real chocolatl drinker!!

Of further interest: The Honey!!

The Honey was very special -- known for its aphrodisiacal properties. Modern science of about 40 years ago labeled it testosterone honey.

Theoretically still available here -- I have not been able to acquire any quantities for the past five years. It is getting very modern in Belize these days and even the most isolated Mayan villages have TV and practice being "American" now -- so customs are a changing.

I must say -- that the many American Expats living here, that I have introduced to this old technology, highly appreciate it.

This is a natural product that supported Cocoa production as a literal "money" tree for many thousands of years -- trading with nations as far as Egypt long before the modern USA was even a twinkle in the eye of history.

Just thought you might be vaguely interested in what Cocoa was before being "commercialized".

Foot note -- it would require very little investment to start producing the "real" thing again. But why bother -- you do have "sweet fatty Cocoa" to pleasure your taste buds and viagro to do the other thingy. You "moderns" are such a trip:)

Further details on how this works...

Original Theobroma Cacao contains theobromine. Caffeine (coffee), theobromine (Cacoa) and theophylline (tea) are all closely related derivatives of Xanthine.

Xanthine, found in urine, liver and muscle, as well as tea leaves, is related to uric acid and to other purine derivatives occurring in the plant and animal kingdoms.

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor (diminishing blood volumes) -- keeps the dick limp!! Keep in mind, that Viagro works by vasodilation of the blood to the penis. So coffee is poison to sex life in older men.

Caffeine is the strongest stimulant -- however -- of the tree.

Theophyline is from our common tea.

Theobromine is from Cacoa. To quote:

On the central nervous system, caffeine is the most powerful stimulant, theophylline (tea) is less stimulating and theobromine least so.
Theobromine has been and to some extent continues to be used in medicine as a diuretic, a myocardial stimulant and a dilator of coronary or peripheral arteries.

Many proprietary combinations of theobromine are marketed (shades of Viagro??)

Neither theobromine or viagro stimulates production of seminal fluid or sperm, my product "Root" does that. But Root does not loosen up the delivery system of blood that charges the "rod". Older men all suffer from varying degrees of articular sclerosis in that pathway leading to the penis. Blood is what pumps up the erection.

As for the actual recipe the ancients used -- I just have part of their ingredients. The main one being the Cacoa. Followed by the Testosterone Honey (that makes the sperm and seminal fluids increase!!) and the Jabenaro is the "vitamins".

"Root" (my proprietary product) is made from Smilax glabra (China Root or Coclmecca -- the real stuff!) and Gangweo (which has never been scientifically cataloged) brewed according to a very complicated procedures involving four extractions at varying steam pressures that requires three days of continuous work to complete.

It works by triggering the older human body to produce hormones. Kind of like a fountain of youth. Not only the testosterone, but all of them steroids and hormones -- works in woman or man. And not foreign to the body, but produced by the body. One hell of a difference.

If you have a spare three months (the length required to feel the effects) come see me and we'll run some experiments. However, there already exists a thousand or so that have and agree it works.

Medically I use it for post menstrual osteoarthritis in woman and benign hyperplasia prostrate (BHP). It also relieves arthritis of all forms.

The sexual rejuvenation that occurs in older men and woman taking this product is purely a side effect -- so just pay it no mind.

As to the classical Maya and Cacoa -- well, smilax glabra is not supposed to exist outside of China!! Must be that was part of the Cacoa regimen?? Why else would they have been raising it here, in the heart of Cacoa country??

Peter Singfield
Xaibe Village
Belize Central America
The Last Medicine Man
[email protected]

For information on BPH, Prostatitis, Malaria, and Diabetes Treatments,, and just a little more "enlightened" version of medicine, click here for "Reflections of a Medicine Man".

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