Reflections of a Belizean Medicine Man

by Peter Singfield

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The prostrate problem, from Prostatitis, BPH to cancer is floundering in the US and other modern countries as far as treatment is concerned.

On a scientific levels great strides have been made. For instance, just a few years back, non-bacterial prostatitis was considered a psychosomatic condition!! The patient exhibited all the signs of a prostrate infection but no bacteria could be cultured!!

Now we know of over 600 forms of bacterial and other (virus for example) infections that cannot be "cultured".

In my early work in this area I practically received death threats when I suggested exactly this scenario!! Doctors and scientists do not mix. I believe they are among the most ignorant segment of the human species. Ignorance defined here is unwillingness to learn.

Anyway, I worked on the assumption that the majority of prostrate infection cases (the non-bacterial) are really due to infection by Chlamydia -- our most sexually transmitted disease. Seven years back I was the pioneer in stating this publicly and plenty stones were thrown my way!! I do believe that today it is accepted in many medical circles (but not here in Belize and environment) that this is the cause.

Chlamydia can not be cultured!!

I produce a small amount of medicine -- limited due to the rarity of the sources. I have a dedicated clientele that brings patients to my practice purely by word of mouth. The first condition being that I must rule supreme in the treatment regime and tolerate absolutely no interference from any branch of "modern Medicine".

I also am famous for a medicine that simply wipes out chronic prostatitis, BPH, Prostrate Cancer.

Indulge me insofar as to say that what may seem obvious to you, due to your in-depth knowledge and experience of the matter, is very unclear to one like me who lacks your eruditon on the subject. Can you describe this medicine to me? I do not want to get your secrets, but I would like to describe for our readers possible solutions to their very real problems.

A total waste of time. They'll discuss it with their Docs who will ridicule the entire thing and I'll come under pressure again. I don't need the business or the pressure.

Again, please define this acronym, BPH.

Benign Hyperplasia Prostrate -- that is where the prostrate gland swells and restricts urine passage by blocking the urethra. The cause is atrophy of the muscles in the prostrate that are responsible for pumping ejaculation.

Search out the Merck Manual on the net and look up BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Here is the Merck Manual Url: For searching. A good place to start right there. for further research

One case I handled was a fellow who had prostatitis when he was 66 years old. I straightened him right up at that time. But he slowly went off treatment (after 5 years) and turned to Saw Palmeto and antibiotics starting one year ago. I shipped last Monday a large treatment as his problems are coming back. I'll know more about saw Palmeto in one month or so. That is if he improves dramatically we can say the saw palmetto was not effective.

In his case at least -- it would appear that Saw Palmeto is lacking. The reason he stopped my treatment is that it is rather expensive.

What is the cost for your treatment?

The snake dust (local medicine called Cascabel) made from the bones of Crotalus Dirisicus -- sub species Tzabcan -- found only here in Northern Belize) -- the main ingredient costs $1.00 US per gram. But for my local customers it is 50 cents US per gram. business.

A normal treatment for a severe case would run 90 days of 20 grams per day. That is $1800 US for North Americans. In severe cases they feel great relief from symptoms in 3 to 5 days. But these infections are very tenacious and require long treatments to drive to complete dormancy. Notice dormancy -- not cure -- Chlamydia, as example, goes to a "spore" state where it is virtually indestructible. Just like fungal infections -- you pretty well have it for life.

The average severe prostatitis patient will need Cascabel for flare ups at least two weeks twice per year. And that if they catch it early!!

The second medicine -- called root -- reverses the BPH by stimulating normal hormone production in the older human -- both men and women. For BPH, this means a return to sexual activity and thus exercising the gland -- reversing the atrophic condition.

This medicine I sell for $40 US per week of treatment off-shore -- most of the price going to the expense of airmail -- and $12.50 per week here in Belize.

This is totally contra American medicine where they believe testosterone (as example) levels should be severely depressed (ergo -- the chemical castration agent -- proscar). What is really amazing, is even in the face of massive failures in this regime -- they continue to promote it!!

Another medicine that works wonders in older men is our local shark liver oil. You know -- those omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with a couple of other wonder drugs. It use to be consumed by all the older people here -- and to great benefit.

It is no longer common in Belize. I stock some, but not much. If you search the net for "Shark Liver Oil" you'll be simply astounded as to the info and amount for sale. Suggest you do that.

They promote the Northern Shark -- but actually it is the Southern, tropical water shark liver oil, that is much better. This because it contains lower levels of vitamins. Vitamins are toxic at the levels found in Northenr Fish liver so one can't take to much oil. Tropical fish livers have far less vitamins so can be taken in larger amounts of the benefits of the real medicines inside of it.

But they got "modern" here and are now paying the price. Thank God North America is becoming organically aware or else I would be an extinct medicine man. As it is, I am becoming quite an item on the international circuit and a non-entity here in Belize.

You know what -- I like it like this!!

As for modern American medications in this field -- you have to be kidding. Chemical castration agents such as Proscar!! Simply running honest trials comparing people that are taking absolutely no medication in comparison to people taking Proscar would surprise the hell out of anyone!! In other words, tests comparing a herbal to American medication are always suspect as it is quite possible the benefits are not coming from the herbal but from not taking the FDA, American, medication!!

An interesting point. Are there studies that are available to net surfers?

Yes, but a mountain of rubbish to sift through to get to the heart of it all. All the reports can be found by searching Medline. These are peer reviewed, research papers. It is such a shame that Doctors don't read.

In Cancer that has already been well demonstrated. Cancer death rate of 70 percent for people taking modern therapy compared to death rate of 64.6 percent in cancer patients taking no therapy. This in a study of over 10 million people, USA, Canada and England, over a 20 year period!!

This came out in 1996 I think. Two sources. The first was a general survival report on +10 million cancer patients in the USA, Canada and England. 70.2% I think overall death rate to cancer. The second was from archival reports -- regarding survival rates in the USA in 1951 -- 64.6 percent death rate. Incredible what a trillion dollars of cancer research can accomplish in this modern world -- isn't it!!

Mostly is accomplishes propaganda to make everyone believe that they are doing OK.

Another example -- the drug cocktail for Aids. Statistics are not supporting the medical fraternities promises of cure -- or even longer life!

It would take me ten years in closely observed trials to find out if Saw Palmetto is effective. That is what it took me with my present product!!

I would love to hear about your methodology.

When you need it -- come see me. I work very scientifically -- like the ancient Maya did. I have you take simple tests with our local pathology lab -- very economic. But very revealing. I am looking at White Blood cell counts and differential. Sedmentation rates, blood pressure -- all kinds of stuff that allow me to track how the cure is proceeding. Everything contrary to "modern" Doctors. I want to see high white blood cell counts and the accompanying fever. That means your immune system is responding to treatment. You have to live through it to understand. Ity is a jump into a medical world that the vast majority of people are not comfortable with.

Mind you -- with my thousands of cases histories here in Belize over the past ten years -- I have garnered a large experience on hands on treatment of truly severe and serious disease.

It is kind of strange that this is now being put to use for treatment of disease out side of Belize.

By the way -- check this out.

A man come to me last week from San Antonio (Corozal) village. "Mr. Peter" he says "I am dying!! I have spent $7000 BH so far on Doctors over the past 5 months."

Apon further questioning I did out this was "spread" over three Doctors here in the Corozal Area, two clinic in Chetumal and one clinic in Mirida.

"Mr. Peter -- I have a nice truck I am selling for $5000 -- can you cure me for that.?"

Now one look at this man and I knew he had malaria!! I told him to save the truck and go get a blood test -- for $10 and come see me after as I suspect he had malaria.

It would cost him a further $60 BH for the medicine. He asked me if he owed me anything for the consultation. I said no --

That is the last I saw of him!! But the next day I had to pick up some lab results in Corozal for a woman (61 yrs) who is staying in Chetumal while taking a treatment from me on Crohn's disease. Which is my favorite disease these days -- only take 3 weeks of Cascabel to put into remission. She is now as I type this. They have absolutely no cure for this in the US. Canada or England. She had it for 15 years with two intestinal sections for diverticulitis already.

Anyway -- Azilda -- the pathologist -- is telling me about the man I had sent down for the malaria test. She had never seen such a high malaria count in a blood sample before. I had also called for him to have a CBC -- complete blood count -- she had never seen such a low count!!

That is what five months of going to a Belizean, or Mexican Doctor or clinic will do to one if they have malaria!! That makes 8 cases like this (all over $5000 spent) since June!!

When Azilda told him he had malaria she said he got real mad (he never wanted to believe "me" -- nobody likes to know they have been made a fool of by the Doctors) and to this day I or Azilda have heard no more from him.

To bad -- cause I would have sold him for $60.00 BH a treatment of Artenam which would have cleared all his malaria in just 4 to six hours!!

In the first place, him being of Hindu ancestry, not going for any treatment, his immune system would have cleared the malaria in under 3 weeks time. In the second case, a simple "free dose" of chloroquine would have cured him. But now he needs the artenam due to a very severely depressed immune system from to much antibiotics!!

What do you suppose he went and did?? I suspect he returned to Chetumal for more expensive treatment with antibiotics!! Just to prove to his friends and family that he is really sick. That he had good reason to blow their life savings and destroy all future for his family.

I keep trying to warn everyone that taking antibiotics with malaria is a killer!! Like the case with Chlamydia, nobody wants to hear!! Not the Doctors, not the people, not the GOB.

I am so tired of practicing medicine. Let them, you and your readers keep blindly plunging ahead in your beliefs in your systems. Just leave me alone!! My definition of survival of the fittest is live or die according to your beliefs. That will make for a strong human race -- purge us of all the fools.

Here, when the end comes, they should lynch the Lawyers first then the Doctors.

Just got off the phone with my patient in Missouri. 74 year old woman that was suffering from a 3 inch diabetic ulcer. She has been diabetic for more than 35 years. Started treatment 6 months ago, she is totally healed now.

She was to old to survive the only American solution to her problem -- amputation!!

But she is now complaining about diabetic neuropathy -- that is pain in her feet. I will E-mail her son with her prescription -- 30 milligrams of Quinine per day will usually stop those kind of cramps.

She is feeling her feet!! She hasn't had that experience for years -- normally the severe and long term diabetic loses all feeling to their extremities, especially the feet, due to severe articular sclerosis. I have her on Cascabel and Shark liver oil, which is opening up her circulation. The pain is similar to what one experiences when a frozen foot thaws out -- and for the same reason.

Small doses of quinine help in relieving this.

One last comment -- if freedom is another word for nothing left to lose -- that's me. The greater part of all the money I collect goes right back to these same villages in purchasing the raw material I use. I am the biggest cash cow for all the truly poor villagers in this area. In the past three weeks since Mitch I have bought close to $10,000 worth of dead snake -- that would have been killed whether I was here to buy or not. So don't you go getting green peace all over me!! Jesus, there is another bunch of historical idiots -- blaming global warming on the Mayan Milpa system while ignoring the 60 million tons of coal they burn every day in the US just to make electricity for those same idiots to blow dry their hair.

Or the fact that the great, destructive, clear cutting of virgin jungle for the raising of Beef that is of poor quality, but pays well when selling to the pet food industry, so that same green peace idiot can feed their cat or dog -- which they treat like the child they never had -- since they live in a world so screwed up it is not conclusive to the raising of human children.

When I hear that talk of the worlds resources being stretched to much due to over population I always would like to shout back that why don't we start with everyone stop keeping cats and dogs.

One pet cat in the US consumes more beef in a day than a family of five consumes any form meat in a week in Guatamala. What a bunch of hypocrites we have created amongst ourselves. That beef could be coming from Guatamala, grown on land that was communal to a Mayan village that was wiped out by attack helicopters 12 years ago -- to the last man, woman and child.

Green Peacers -- may they all end up where they belong -- in Hell!!

51% of the land of the country of Belize is now under their control. God save us all.

And I'll bet you can never agree with any of this -- or print it. But then, you have not been here for 20 years traveling from village to village. You come from a place that believes the real problem is that these Indians are lazy -- and if they could only work they could have everything any North American has -- what a crock of shit!!

At some point you must personally decide which side of the humanity fence you are. Modern World or Salt of this world.

Best you just let me crawl back into the mists of time -- I don't want to know the world you live in -- and really am not interested in the problem with diseases you are all having. It comes from life style -- change that and no more prostatitis -- or Aids.

If you walk with me your eyes will ever be opened -- do you really want that??

Put some nice milk-soup article together regarding BPH -- the readers don't want to know the truth -- just to be comforted.

My Friend !!!

Are but receptions
Of our Fantasies

Which can be
The monopoly
Of our fear

Then -- what of reality ???
Do we banish with a cheer
All our feasibility ???

Oh !!
Comfort me
My fantasy

All is not right!
Feel my fright
Of this!!
Our cold reality

Yes -- I wrote poetry once to -- that from 30 years back.

-- leave this medicine man go back to his work.

Over and out --

Peter Singfield
Xaibe Village
Belize Central America
The Last Medicine Man
[email protected]

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