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A note from a Belizean bride


Okay, first I must say that Ambergris Caye was an absolute blast!!!! Everything was perfect, even though it rained on the day that we flew into A.C. and we got a little wet from the shower on our wedding eve!

Where do I start? I know I have forgotten a lot! We got to Ramon's on the 4th and immediately went to Fido's for food and a Beliken. That night was about settling in and making sure that we had everything set for our wedding. (We tried to finish writing our vows and finished making our guests' gift baskets and all that stuff. We were just so tired!)

On Monday, Andrew and I biked up to Capricorn to finalize the wedding dinner with Anabel. Boy, what an awesome lady with an awesome restaurant!!! And, her bartender, Andrew, makes one mean rum punch. It was the best that I have ever had! Anyway, I'm not much of a biker and that trip up to Capricorn was a doozy for me! Luckily, Anabel introduced us to her good friends, Susan and Richard, who had a pontoon boat and they offered to take us back down closer to Ramon's as they were going to BC's. So, it was off and on, we went and did a little barhopping and then ended up in BC's with the most fabulous and nicest couple! Then, we had to go because our first batch of guests were arriving and we had to meet up with them.

So, met up with them at the Purple Parrot and drank some Purple Parrots (yummy!) and ate. Can't really remember much more than that for that day, I was pretty tired.

Tuesday, we went snorkeling. We golf carted it to the very south end, by the dump, and snorkelled by that sailboat, over by the owner of Fido's house. I heard that a family was murdered on that sailboat and that the sailboat was washed ashore by a hurricane. That is really sad if it's true. We met a local named Max and he showed us all sorts of stuff. He had a knack for killing things like an eel, stone crab and little lobster so that rained on our parade so we left. Little too freaky for us. I really don't remember what we did for the rest of that day but I am sure it was eating and drinking.

On Wednesday, we went snorkelling again because Ramon's gave us a half day free so we took it. Some of our guests wanted to come with us so that was fun. We did Hol Chan and Shark Ray. It was wonderful! Then some more Purple Parrots to quench our thirst!

I don't really know what we did on Wednesday after that but I do know that we were sitting in Jambel's having some food and some Belikens and then one of our guests came up with the most brilliant idea! To buy a blender so that we could make our own Purple Parrots! So, on to the store to buy a blender and all the fixin's for a Purple Parrot! (Message to Ramon's: Thanks for giving us the recipe!) All I can say was that blender paid for itself in one hour!!!!! It became Club 47 at Ramon's as we no longer went to the Purple Parrot to party, we went to Club 47, our honeymoon hut on the beach, and had the bootleg version: THE PURPLE FERRET!!!!

Okay, now I'm really forgetting what we all did but I know that we really liked Jambel's and went there a few times and Fitz gave me an aweful shot. It came out of a bottle that had all sorts of wooden looking things in it! I couldn't remember what the shot was called but since I was getting married in a couple of days, I did it! Then, I ran into Ybon and made her do one too. I don't think she likes me anymore. A quick stint to Big Daddy's and then it was back to the room to crash while everyone else went to Iguana's.

I really am forgetting now but we ate at some fabulous places: Estel's, Elvi's and some other places that I am forgetting the names. Sorry! I do remember having some meat pies from the children that sold them to us on the beach, those things were good! All we needed was some Marie Sharp's and they would have been great!!!! (By the way, we had to bring some of that home!!! I just hope it will last for a long time!) Also, we had some muy excellente lobster burritos from a really small vendor. We had to wait twenty minutes for them but it was worth it!

We went fishing another day and caught 40 some snappers and mutton snappers and a couple of african pompano's. Our fisher guide, who I can't remember his name right now, but he was the most awesome and he took us to some really good spots, fillets them all for us. Then my dad had Ramon's cook 'em up all four ways and all of us had a great lunch. (Except, I don't think Ramon's cooked ALL the fillets. I think they may have kept some for themselves! But, that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!)

Okay, I'm just going to cut right to the wedding. It was Saturday and the ceremony was suppose to start at 4 PM but some people (my brother) took a nap and that made us 15 minutes late. No biggie! Had the ceremony, I didn't get to meet with Iraida as she hurt her back but she had her assistant, Susanna, filling in. Susanna did an incredible job and I couldn't have been any happier! Okay, twenty minutes for the ceremony (I cried) and then that was done and I became a wife. :0 Then it was picture time with Kay, who is a great photographer and who helped me in a pinch when I needed some bobby pins for my hair! Thanks Kay! By the way, the pictures turned out great!

Now, we are at the champagne part, (we had 8 bottles!) had some of that and then hopped on Willie's boat for an hour cocktail cruise. That was fun, we got to bring our own music and my dad packed a cooler full of Belikens and Lighthouses (which, I must say he got for $ .79 each at the distributer!) so that all would have stuff to drink. I think it was almost 6 PM at this time and then a quick shower and we got a little wet but when we got to Capricorn, Anabel was so sweet and had towels waiting for all of us! It was great.

So, now we're at the "more cocktailing" part and eating appetizers part...AKA - Pre-Dinner. A little of this and then there was no more appetizers and the Best Man of our wedding, Paul, cut me no more drinks for me other than water! Oh well, it was for the better I suppose and by looking at the video, it was the right decision!

Then we sat down, I had lobster but didn't feel like really eating...I wanted to buzz around and see what everyone else was eating! Andrew managed to get some food down me and then after dinner it was dessert...what a great rum cake...and then back to the bar for a little more cocktailing!!! Yeah!!!

Eventually we left and I have no idea what time it is now but I am sure it was early, we hopped on the boat for the ride back and now the boat became a dance floor! I am surprised that we didn't tip that thing over. (Boy, according to the video, I am a very loud little girl!) Alcohol + Tammy = Loud Little Girl

Okay, we get back to Ramon's, and it is dead! I thought that we were going to party some more but new hubby said that we had to go to bed. So, everyone else got to party 'til the wee hours and I had to go to bed. (It was pretty nice, thanks Andrew!!!)

So, woke up and it's Sunday, didn't feel so good but that's why they invented Motrin. Got some grub and then it's back home. We were jealous because all of our guests were staying for a couple of days longer and we had to go back to work. Oh well, we leave tomorrow to go on our we can't wait for that!!!

Sorry so long and sorry I am forgetting stuff. But thank you for all of your help, information and advice. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this board! You guys are great! Don't worry, I won't be going anywhere, I still will be reading up on everyone's trips and stuff!

Oh yeah, Dulce, did the flowers and they were STUNNING!!!! Thanks Dulce!!


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