Articles on San Pedro and Belize

  • Island Life
    Tia Chocolate
    Writings about Ambergris Caye. Short stories, anecdotes, Life.....
  • “Un-Belizable”: Belize Jungle, Caves and Reef (with a stop in Tikal, Guatemala),
    Tab Hauser, 2011
    An excellent trip report from a two time visitor to Belize. Very descriptive and lots of great photos.
  • Belize Islands Guide,
    Lan Sluder, 2010
    A Guide to Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Belize's Other Islands. Download this 200-page eBook in PDF. Only US$5 Shareware (Pay later -- only if you're satisfied and find the book useful).
  • Rambles around Belize, 2009,
    Lan Sluder, 2009
    19 pages of recent news and information about Belize
  • Belize's Best Hotels & Restaurants,
    Lan Sluder, 2009
    150+ Top Hotels Rated and Reviewed! 75+ Top Restaurants Reviewed! 117-page eBook -- ad-free and packed with unbiased information. THE guide you need to book your hotels and choose restaurants with confidence!
  • Belize Ag Review Newsletter,
    Beth Roberson, Editor, John Carr, Assistant Editor, Bi-monthly
    Belize's most complete independent agricultural publication.
    Jan. 2010, Nov. 2009, Sep. 2009, Jul. 2009, May 2009
  • Welcome to Ambergris Caye,
    Belize Tourism Board, Summer, 2001
    A brief description of Ambergris Caye and the excitements awaiting you here.
  • San Pedro Stories,
    Katherine Huskey, Nov-Dec 2002
    Story and pictures of Katherine's trip to San Pedro, very well written!
  • Articles on Fishing
    A nice assortment of articles from many different writers on fishing in Belize.
  • A Soft-Camping trip with Belize Reef Charters,
    Ann Hollier, January 2001
    Camping out on the reef for several weeks, Ann keeps a diary. A wonderful, very well written account.
  • The Xaloc Chronicles,
    Susan Guberman-Garcia , May 2002
    These are the voyages of the Catamaran XALOC. It's mission: To boldly sail from North Carolina to Belize!
  • Ocean And Fisheries Law,
    Sustainable Development Law & Policy, Fall 2006
    Protecting Our Oceans: New Challenges, New Solutions. Exploring how today’s development affects future generations around the globe.
  • The San Pedro, Belize Journal,
    Reef Ransom, Nov, 2001 to the present
    Events and out takes sharing the day-to-day events of San Pedro and the country of Belize. A diary of daily life.
  • August 2003 Trip Report,
    mobunny, 8/25/03
    Our first trip to SP was in March of 2003. We loved it so much we had to come back as soon as we could. We were a little apprehensive wondering if the island would hold up to our high expectations the second time around. We were not disappointed. We had a fabulous time. LOTS OF PICTURES!
  • Trip Report,
    Daylon, 5-15-2003
    Daylon in Belize...everything's great. LOTS OF PICTURES!
  • Belize: The Adventure Coast,
    Summer 2003
    Aldous Huxley wrote that British Honduras, as Belize was called before its independence in 1981, would certainly be one of the ends of the world. "It is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere is all but inhabited." With only a population of just over 250,000, Belize remains one of the most relaxed countries in Central America. It is gratifyingly cosmopolitan with a mixed population of black Creoles, Spanish-speaking mestizos, Maya, East Indians, Syrians, Mennonites, Chinese and North Americans. Today, Belize is one of the world's leading ecotourism destinations. We were looking forward to jungle hikes, wildlife and snorkeling around a coral reef whose size trails only Australia's Great Barrier Reef. INCREDIBLE ARTICLE, great photographs!
  • Shadow players: ecotourism, development, corruption and state politics in Belize ,
    Rosaleen Duffy, Third World Quarterly, Vol 21, No 3, pp 549– 565, 2000
    This article examines the way that developing societies have been increasingly incorporated into global networks, and the effect that this has had on the states themselves. The notion of a shadow state is used here to inform the ways that the state has been modified by the global networks represented by ecotourism development on the one hand and drug trafficking (and associated offshore banking sectors) on the other. Belize provides an excellent example of the way that these North–South linkages, in the form of global networks, undermine the ability of states to enforce regulations in offshore banking, drug trafficking and environmental protection that are demanded of the South by the North.
  • My trip report ,
    Mobunny, 3/21/03
    My week in San Pedro was the best week of my life. I don't know how we could have had more fun. LOTS OF PICTURES!
  • Paradise revisited,
    Coleman Warner, Summer 2003
    The fishing village of San Pedro, on Belize's Ambergris Caye, retains its friendly character and some of its lushness remembered from a summer 25 years ago. But 'progress' and spikes in tourism and development have brought unsettling changes, too. It was thrilling to travel again to the village where I had worked and played at a small beachside hotel for most of one college summer.
  • Fishing Trip to Belize Became More Than a Visit to Paradise,
    James Prosek
    A small, sparsely populated country, Belize has a great deal of untouched wilderness. The camp was near the southern end of the second-largest barrier reef in the world and around the point was the Monkey River, where you could see howler monkeys and beautiful birds from nesting oropendula to toucan. You could also, if you choose, fish with hand lines from dugout canoes for large mutton snapper.
  • Trip Report,
    scubachic, 5-26-2003
    I just got back from my first visit to Ambergris Caye and LOVED IT! I just wanted to take a few minutes to post my restaurant review and short trip report b/c the reports of others that I read is what helped me so much in making this trip a success!
  • Trip Report,
    Seaislegal, 5-21-2003
    Ambergris Caye is definitely a place I intend to return to, be it next year or beyond.
  • Country Experience in Land Issues, Belize,
    The Lands and Surveys Department, 4-24-2003
    Land management in Belize was marked, in the colonial period, by a high concentration of landholding among a particular group of persons, to the exclusion of other members of the settlement. Over the years, the management has evolved through the changing role of the state to accommodate shifts in productive activity and resettlement/expansion, the increased involvement of the private sector.
  • Trip Report,
    River Shark, 5-15-2003
    All about our excellent trip to Ambergris Caye.
  • Why I prefer AC,
    My following list may reflect why AC is my preferred vacation spot. My views are also those of my travleing companions. There is no discreet item that makes this place my choice, but a combination of everything that yields in us a feeling of total relaxation and renews our spirits. My personal thought is that I must get my toes in the salt water sand at least once a year to purge my soul.
  • Last Flight Out, Chalillo Dam,
    Bruce Barcott, 2003
    The Macal River Valley in Belize is home to three-toed tapirs, elusive jaguars, and a rare subspecies of scarlet macaw. But if Belize Electricity Ltd. gets its way, one of the richest riparian habitats north of the Amazon will disappear beneath the waters of a controversial hydroelectric dam. So who's gonna get zapped?
  • Trip Report,
    dbdoberman, Message Board, Jan, 2003
    I absolutely fell for the charm of AC. The warmth of the San Pedranos, those wonderful old wooden structures, and the many contrasts to life in the US, all made it appealing to me. I will return of course, once you lose your heart to the place, you own a piece of it.
  • Memories of Belize,
    Dan Osborne, Jan, 2003
    Dan describes the Belize of 1981 he visited for the first time. He has returned many times since, and his experiences and recollections are very interesting.
  • Letters to the Editor about Belize,
    MSNBC, Jan, 2003
    Various folks write in to MSNBC describing their experiences in Belize.
  • Living Your Granpa’s Dream,
    Duane Graffice, Dec, 2002
    Mom told me that Paw always wanted to go south because it was so "cheap". What a deal. The things I remember that he gave me are looking at the little circle and knowing that however big we made it there were still 360 degrees in it.
  • Fun in Belize!,
    Kim Worley, Dec, 2002
    This is a series of emails I sent off in late Nov/early Dec to family, parrot head friends & the Texas Mermaid School of Floridays & Feminine Ways. Please excuse any likely inaccuracies as I am, quite frankly, a moron.
  • Belize's diverse pleasures,
    Richard Siklos, Toronto's Globe and Mail, January 11, 2003
    Travellers to the Central American haven of Belize can expect certain things: a Caribbean beach culture built around the world's second-largest barrier reef, an abundant jungle full of ecotourism attractions, ancient ruins and wildlife and a gentle, welcoming populace. But Belize also has its store of surprises.
  • Sun & Sea on Ambergris Caye,
    Caribbean Travel and Life, July-August 1995
    Great article on the island.
  • Tiger Woods Comes to Belize,
    San Pedro Sun, August, 2002
    Tiger visits Ambergris Caye, and loves our people and natural wonders.
  • I Am Spoiled, Everyone Will Love It. Trust Me!,
    Patiaryl, February 23, 2003
    A visitor to the island writes up her opinion of San Pedro on the message board
  • Inside Chiquibul Cave,
    Thomas Miller, National Geographic, April 2000
    Exhilaration and disappointment accompany divers as they explore submerged passages thought to link segments of a 60-mile-long [97-kilometer-long] cave complex on the Belize-Guatemala border. LOTS of pictures.
  • The Yucatan Express Trip,
    , February, 2003
    A story about what its like taking the Yucatan Express
  • Sailing in Belize,
    Eva Hill, February, 2003
    They call me Typhoon Tonya. "Tonya" is my nom de guerre, my boat alias. "Typhoon" was added to it because my impending arrival to a destination seems to herald disaster, visiting hurricanes, tropical waves, unseasonably bad weather, and other unwelcome natural phenomena on my intended vacation spot. And so it was that "Tonya" and the two "Jacks" found ourselves heading for a bareboat sail in Belize.
  • Tobacco Caye Magic ,
    Gogo, July, 2000
    I know not everyone feels the same way i do about Tobacco Caye, and frankly i'm glad. I am ambivilant everytime I do a posting recommending some aspect of it, afraid it's going to become too popular and overcrowded, yet I want to suppport the people trying to make a living there.
  • Bountiful Belize, The Mayan Connection,
    Elaine Lembo,
    A catamaran charter through the reefs and atolls of this western Caribbean country reveals a land of plenty, both past and present and above and below the surface of the sea
  • Into the jungle with the undead,
    Anne-Marie Conway, July, 2002
    A last minute trip to the jungle of Belize with a tour group left Anne-Marie amazed and tired!
  • Sailing to Belize from the USA by way of Cuba,
    Tom Vidrine, July, 2002
    As many sailing, pirate, and other sea adventure books that I have read, it did not come close to giving me an idea of what it is really like to be out there in blue water in a sailboat.
  • Driving to Belize,
    Terry Warburton , July, 1998
    Travelling to Belize by road from the USA through Mexico
  • Trip Report From Family of Teens,
    KJ, April 2002
    A nice account by a family who stayed on the island, and what they did each day.
  • Research Expedition Aimed at Halting Loss of Black Coral,
    National Geographic News, June 8, 2001
    Off the coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, researchers are diving deep below the sea to study black coral, which is disappearing around the world because of over-harvesting by commercial collectors. The research is part of a five-year National Geographic program of marine exploration called Sustainable Seas Expeditions.
  • New Tech Helps Belize Reef Experts See Big Picture,
    National Geographic News, February 10, 2003
    Each year throngs of scientists circulate through the world's coral reefs, leaving reams of data in their wake. Members of a UN-sponsored expedition to the Belize barrier reef system say much can be gained by better information sharing among research groups and the public. <b>Full story and photo gallery:</b>
  • Belize, UN Try to Save Reefs and Help Fishers,
    National Geographic News, March 7, 2003
    In Belize, the colorful realms of the Western Hemisphere's biggest coral barrier reef are showing the effects of unsustainable fishing&#151;but some help has arrived. Conservationists and fishermen are working together on preservation programs that may promise a sustainable future for all.
  • World Heritage Status a Mixed Boon,
    National Geographic News, February 3, 2003
    Since its inception over 30 years ago, the World Heritage Convention&#151;a treaty administered by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization&#151;has designated 730 sites in 125 countries for their global cultural, historic, or natural significance. Conservationists say the addition of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System in 1996 has aided the tiny Central American nation. <B>Full story and photo gallery: </B>
  • Belize is shopping Mecca,
    Marie Trone, March 7, 2003
    For more than a decade, the thought of Belize has conveyed images of an ecological Eden that was so pristine that it could only be reached by a magical plane ride. However, our recent trip to Belize replaced these impressions of a wild and luscious land with ones of a shopping Mecca. Based on the advice of several local Mexican friends, we drove across the border into an unimagined compound of high-quality bargains. It was like a gigantic outlet mall, only Belizean style!
  • Paddling Cay to Cay in Belize,
    Caitlin Liu, March 23, 2003
    Kayaking around heavenly isles in the Caribbean is a daunting challenge.
  • Trip Report – Ambergris Caye, Belize,
    PalmLovinCouple, April 7, 2003
    I am posting this trip report under the name “Palm Lovin Couple” as I am usually on this message board as "Seeking Tarpon". My real name is Scott, and my wife Tracie. Our friends Kelley & Greg (New England Girl) were traveling with us. Our other friends Jody & Billy (Lizzard) were already there waiting for us to join them. This report is intended to hopefully help others in their future vacations to AC. I’m not one to paint a pretty picture if it’s ugly, this report will be told straight up & honest. Please don’t be offended by what I write, I just tell it how I see it. If you disagree, no problem mon!!
  • Moving to the Turneffe Islands,
    Harriette Fisher, April, 2003
    The trials and tribulations of the first day in the Turneffe Islands after moving!!!
  • Trip Report,
    slk230, Message Board, February, 2003
    All about our adventure in Belize!
  • All Over Belize in Boats, Planes, and Golf Carts,
    Keith M Swartz, January 2002
    In all the time we were here, most of which was spent on the island of Ambergris Caye, we set foot in a car twice: from the airport to our hotel, and from our hotel to the airport. Getting around in Belize.
  • Whale Sharks- Belize's Banquet Of Behemoths,
    Rachel Graham for the Placencia Breeze, April 2002
    We are pooling our pieces of the puzzle and finally beginning to see the larger picture of the life and ways of our giant ambassador of the seas.
  • Retiring in Belize,
    Where to Retire Magazine, Winter 2000/2001
    Belize, the English-speaking country on the Caribbean Coast puts out the subtropical welcome mat for Americans. Read all about it.
  • Hiking the Maya Way,
    Michael Shapiro, July 2001
    Hiking in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Chiquibul National Park. jaguars, tapir, peccaries, armadillos. And a little lesson on the Maya Way of doing things
  • Ancient Mayan cities looted,
    Jeremy McDermott, November 2001
    The race for remains, , as Mayan figurines fetch tens of thousands of dollars on the international art market, and losing history.
  • Temptation' fever swamps travel agents,
    Newhouse News Service, February, 2001
    Lotsa folks head to Belize in winter of 2001 as Temptation Island premieres on the FOX network.
  • Sapadilli Tam - (A Sailor's Tale),
    Belize Audobon Society Newsletter, January 2001
    The whale shark was immortalized by this humorous poem by James S. Martinez
  • Actun Tunichel Muknal,
    Posted by "Gogo" on Message Board, August 28, 2002
    A description of the wonders of this incredible cave.
  • Sold down the river ,
    The Guardian, November 9, 2002
    A proposed dam scheme in Belize threatens to destroy one of the world's richest natural habitats. But should the project ever have got off the ground?
  • Snakeman and the Ancient Mayan Medicine,
    by Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger, May 15, 1999
    Peter Singfield, aka Snakeman, does amazing with alternative medicine in Xaibe Village
  • Bountiful Belize,
    by Elaine Lembo, Cruising World, August 1, 2002
    A catamaran charter through the reefs and atolls of this western Caribbean country reveals a land of plenty, both past and present and above and below the surface of the sea
  • World's Best- Top 15 places for a home away from home,
    Modern Maturity Magazine, June 2001
    This magazine has Ambergris Caye rated number nine.
  • A note from a bride,
    Scrivic, November 2001
    The experiences of one bride in Belize
  • Floating into the depths of Belize's underworld, cave tubing in Belize,
    Associated Press, June 2001
    All about cave tubing with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, a remarkable adventure.
  • Axeman's Trip to Ambergris Caye
    Mark Emerson, May, 2001
    A diary of one man's trip to San Pedro. Humorous and fun.
  • Diving the Great Blue Hole
    Australian Paper, March, 2001
    The Blue Hole is a wonder of nature, formed 15,000 years ago when an ice age exposed the limestone beneath the reef and formed huge subterranean caverns. Read all about it.
  • Calgarians land in middle of Temptation Island,
    Calgary Herald, Feb. 2001
    A story about when Sundiver Beach Resort, Temptation Island and FOX TV, and Hurricane Keith all arrive together in the same spot.
  • In Belize, Recovery From a Storm
    NY Times, Jan. 2001
    Hurricane Keith and the island began recovering from its wrath.
  • Xcalak (ish ka lak) is a wonderful little piece of paradise,
    Centro Ecologico Akumal, October 2001
    A li'l story about Xcalak
  • 25 Years Ago, in San Pedro,
    Angel Nuñez,
    Lots and lots of articles about "the way it was" 25 years ago on Ambergris Caye. First electricity, first boats, first planes, Christmas 25 years ago, all kinds of fun things.
  • Destruction of the ecology of Roatan,
    Lorenzo Dee Belveal, June, 2001
    One man who saw it warns about the future.
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