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Why I prefer Ambergris Caye, Belize

by: Bobber

I discount the negative people as much as I do the people who say AC is paradise. My following list may reflect why AC is my preferred vacation spot. My views are also those of my travleing companions. There is no discreet item that makes this place my choice, but a combination of everything that yields in us a feeling of total relaxation and renews our spirits. My personal thought is that I must get my toes in the salt water sand at least once a year to purge my soul.

I Like:

Getting up before the sun and watching it rise over the ocean with a hot cup of coffee in my hand. Knowing that this peace and this event is an echo that has been played over every morning for hundreds of thousands of years.

A smile and a wave to the school children walking the beach to school.

They smile and wave back.

Any dog walking up with a wagging tail for a pat on the head.

The smiles of the people towards me, and the laughter of the kids.

The shopkeepers that are happy to see you, regardless of whether you are spending any money.

The pride of the people in their island and country. Talking to the everyday people you meet.

The ability to find good food within 5 minutes walk in any direction.

Good food doesn't have to be fancy. Grilled snapper with a side of beans and rice is the ultimate comfort food.


conch and lobster

The rumble of the surf, the smell of the sea.

Sitting in church on a Sunday morning and watching a dog wander in and lay down.

Next, non-issues: Trash on the beach. My opinion is that this is a non issue, not enough to cause any concern in me. It's an ocean, stuff washes up. If it bugs me, I pick it up. Same in town, trash cans on every corner.

Turtle grass, so what. In some spots it's heavy and makes good snorkeling. In some spots it's very light and if you can't walk through it, you're too squeemish to be in the water anyway. If you want to swim, you shouldn't have your feet down . If you want surf, find somewhere without a reef.

Lack of world class diving close in. Hol Chan is one of the prettiest shallow dives I have ever seen. If you want great stuff, put up with the boat ride. The journey is as much of a part of the experience as the destination.

I don't like:

Masses of people, because that gives you a greater chance of running into the "ugly" tourists. The complainers who travel great distances and then whine about the place being unlike their home.

Loud and obnoxious drunks. You can have an opinion without being opinionated.

Wearing hard shoes.

Again, this is all in my "opinion". I like it, I will keep going back until the feeling is no longer there.

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