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World's Best- Top 15 places for a
home away from home

by: Modern Maturity Magazine, June 2001

Modern Maturity Magazine, the Magazine of the AARP (retirement organization) and the most broadly distributed magazine in the world, had Ambergris Caye rated number nine in the "Top 15 places for a home away from home". Tthis article was in the June 2001 issue...

by Jon Spayde

9. Ambergris Caye, Belize
You can enjoy the balmy breezes and 80-degree temperatures of this splendid little island off the Central American coast even if you don't snorkel or scuba dive. One of the Caribbean's premier tax havens, Belize has strict bank secrecy laws, and in many cases doesn't tax retirement income. Other foreigner-friendly factors that earned good grades: inexpensive (though limited) health care ($15 a day in hospitals), many U.S.-trained doctors, a low crime rate, and ubiquitous English. You can apply for Belize's retirement residency program if you receive at least $1,000 monthly from Social Security, pensions, or annuities. Among the benefits: you can bring in a car without paying duty. If you like to drive an SUV, you may have to downsize: The primary ways to get around the Caye are by foot, bike, or golf cart. A one-bedroom condo near the sea runs about $100,000 a pop; condos on the lagoon are less.
Score: 45

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