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I Am Spoiled, Everyone Will Love It. Trust Me!

by: Patiaryl

I am only 34 years old, but the only true hobby I have in the world is traveling. A few years ago, a friend told my husband to take me to Belize. His friend went as far as to give me tons of brochures. I dismissed the idea because I personally didn't think it was luxurious enough for me. Somehow, 7 years later my husband and I wound up in Ambergris Caye. The reason being: it was President's Day weekend and I wanted to combine a vacation with the extra days we had off from work.

I checked into a bunch of airfares to different islands and they were extremely expensive. After a lot of searching, I found two great airfares, one to Belize and one to Costa Rico. Why I chose Belize, I will never know. Yet, I did.

After a little bit of research, I found Ambergris Caye. After a little more research, I found that you could still buy oceanfront property at a decent price. Thus, I decided to book our trip. After even a little more research, I knew what hotel I wanted to stay in: Victoria House. After all, I am pretty use to staying in the best places and being pampered. Little did I know that almost every hotel on the island was booked for that weekend. Wow! I thought that I would have my choice of were I wanted to stay.

Instead I was scrambling to find a place. We wound up staying at The Palms. It was a wonderful place. It is a condo, but it is right next door to Ramone's, so you can eat there and even lie on their beach. In addition, you get a large living room, kitchen and, obviously a bedroom. We met people at Ramone's who were paying more than us. They visited our room and were amazed.

My husband and I arrived via Tropic Air, which is actually the only negative thing I have to say about the island. The flight was fine, but they ruined the Louis Vuitton luggage that my husband bought for me a month before. And, honestly, they didn't do it once. They broke it on the first trip in, and then they broke it more when I was leaving. Also, be WARNED, they will not take any responsibility for their actions.

Okay, now for the good parts. After dropping off our luggage, my husband and I walked right down the beach. The cool thing about A.C. is that you can access the best places right from the beach. The town may not be exactly what you expect when you get there, but after a few hours it gets in your blood. You meet a few locals and you instantaneously fall in love.

The water is absolutely amazing. Before this trip, I thought you had to travel all the way to Bora Bora (which I have) to see so many shades of blue. If you go to A.C and you don't spend a lot of time on the water, you are absolutely missing the best part of the island. My husband and I went on a boat trip almost everyday. The best one, was by a couple guys from Fido's. They have an activities desk there that is second to none. I know that a lot of people on this board recommend others. On their advice, I booked one of them before I got to A.C. And, I can honestly say that I wish I didn't. They didn't have the equipment that they advertised and we couldn't understand one thing they said. That makes it extremely difficult, especially when you are with them for 8 hours. On the other hand, the guys from Fido's were incredible. They helped my husband and I organize trips based on what we wanted to do. In addition, they personalized trips for us to do things that we didn't even know that we wanted to do. The beauty of it, they were all excellent. They really helped us understand and learn the island. They enabled us to see things (that we fell heed over heels in love with) that we wouldn't have been able to see without them. On one of the trips we took with them (from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm) we went fishing, snorkeling, spear gun fishing and had a beach barbecue. It was a Sunday, and when our trip was over, they still took us to the Sunday hangout called "Palapa." We stayed there until 8:00 pm and they never charged us a dime more. In addition, we hung out with them everynight (as friends) and they took us to all the hot bars/clubs on the island (also free of charge).

If you are in your 20s or 30s, or just love a good time, go out with these guys. Like I said before, we did other trips with other people, but nobody could compare to them. Their names are Chris, Nolan, and Joe. Also, try to find the bartender, Shaggy, at Fido's and ask for his special drink. It is amazing and does the job! They SERIOUSLY made our trip incredible.

I like to be pampered and I quickly found out that this is not an island for that. BUT, if you love adventure and fun this is your island. If I had one of the best trips of my life here, and I am spoiled, everyone will love it. Trust Me! Cheers!

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