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"Getting Here to Belize"

We're Going to list here common questions that we get from folks...

Q: Did you move any pets to Belize? If so, what were the restrictions?

A: Yes, we moved pets to Belize - it was easy. Pets need to have current health certificates and to have had recent vaccinations. I believe that different papers are necessary from time to time, and depending on from which country you are traveling with your pet. There is no quarantine for your pet.

Q: How did your get your "stuff" there?

A: First recommend storing things in your home country. You will never know what you actually need down here until you have lived here a while. When you ahve your list of what you really want to bring down, consult a customs broker to confirm that it is economically sensible to bring in the goods. After being here a six months or a year go back to your storage facility and you will most likely toss out 1/2 - 3/4 of what you were originally planning to ship. At that point the load is small, and you have several choices, from trucks to boats to planes. There is an overland shipping company that works out of Houston. From Miami most folks use Hyde Shipping. There are freight consolidators in Miami who will assemble your goods and place them in a container for you for shipping via Hyde. You can also ship via air freight. Always hire a cutoms broker to clear your goods. They don't charge much and the amount of money and hassle they save you is well worth the fee.

Thanks for reading ....
Diane Campbell.

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