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The Sizzle Factor

When you build for speculation you may not be the only property on the market, and therefore it is important to offer something distinct and special that will hopefully encourage somebody to choose to buy your property over another one that is for sale. Price and financing will surely help you - offer an affordable price, a good value and if possible some financing to assist the buyer, and you will have gone a long way in placing your property in an attractive position in the marketplace. Sometimes though when you have done all that, there is still a little more you can do and that little bit more is to add .,sizzle." -

A "Sizzle Factor" is something that makes you step back and say "wow". If you can include one element in your building project that has a "Wow" reaction from everybody who sees it, then you know you have a -sizzle." Examples of "sizzle" are: a carefully planned multi-color outside painting scheme; a really large master bedroom with perhaps a private verandah; a jacuzzi tub on the verandah or in the master bedroom; or something else "very special". Think about what you would find fun and ask your marketing expert if they think this would produce the "wow" you are after. Don't spend a fortune on the sizzle, and make sure it is useful for instance, a fountain may make somebody say "wow" but unless the splashing water of the fountain is masking noise from traffic or providing a central decoration for an otherwise plain and "dead" space, then spend your money on something that will be used. Perhaps a built-in bar-b-que pit outside would be fun and useful - be sure it doesn't sit where it will blow smoke inside every time you use it though. I used to go camping a lot, and always loved the image of taking a shower under a tree. When we built our Villas we designed a shower with clear glass win- dows that open onto a private walled-in garden. When you stand in the shower you feel like you are outside. minus the mosquitoes. That shower always pro- duces a smile and a "wow". So think about it - check it out, and have FUN with the concept.

A beautiful garden is another definite "sizzle" - many a plain building has become a showplace with bougainvilla growing Lip the walls, or with a profusion of greenery at the entry. Views are always important - preserve them - remember that the main reason people come to this island is because of the natural beauty found outside. Along with making your property stand out from others', these special features stimulate people to tell others about your property. Word of mouth advertising is free and very effective!

Buildings may not seem at first glance to be about happiness, fun and smiles - but if you do them right they really are about all these things. We spend at least 1/3 of our lives inside - at least for sleeping and eating, if not for working and sharing time with our families. If every time you look across a room there is something that brings a smile, then your life is just a little bit happier and more rich. And when you are happier you treat other people better, and the chain of smiles grows. So never think that building a building is just blocks and mortar.

Buildings will never approximate the beauty we know in the natural environment with which we are blessed in Belize - but we can contribute to the lasting beauty of the region by building lovely buildings that are in harmony with the environment, that are durable, and that make people smile. Dream ....... imagine think warm and happy thoughts when you dream and imagine. If you do this, your design will smile right back at you! So - Sizzle Up San Pedro - and smile!

Thanks for reading ...
Diane Campbell

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