Chris and Colbys excellent adventure

Kayakers Chris Manchester and Colby Brinnon at Milo's Hotel

A few years ago, two British kayakers checked into San Pedro after kayaking down the Mississippi and the coast of Mexico. Their goal was the Amazon, which they eventually reached on their marathon two year trip.

On Tuesday, November 18th, Colby Brinnon and Chris Manchester brought their kayaks ashore in San Pedro Town after kayaking along the coast of Mexico for one month. Colby and Chris departed from Cancun, Mexico on their excellent adventure to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Colby lives in Seattle and is a professional kayaker who takes fellow adventures on back packing and kayaking trips. Chris lives in San Francisco where he is a professional kayaking instructor. According to Chris, it took about 2 weeks to organize the trip; they also researched Ambergris Caye, mostly on the internet. Chris and Colby made many stops along the way to San Pedro: Chetumal, Playa Del Carmen, Punta de Adventuras, Tulum, X'calak. Inside their kayaks they carry food supplies, a small camp stove, 80 liters of water, tents and other necessities. Chris and Colby spend their nights on the beach they happen to be nearest to when night falls.

They checked into Belize at the San Pedro Police Station and after headed to Caye Caulker. They will caye hop through Belizean waters and will check out Punta Gorda. "We'll probably miss Guatemala and go straight to the Bay Islands," Chris explained. From there they will fly back home. "I wish we could kayak back to Cancun," Colby added, "but there isn't enough time." Chris estimates that it will take them about five weeks to get to Honduras. Happy and safe kayaking!

Chris and Colbys excellent adventure

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