Dolphins begin second round with a Bang

by Santiago Acosta

In some ways it was very disappointing for many of the fans since they were unsure if last Sunday's game would be played due to incessant rain that started around 10:00 a.m. and only subsided about 15 minutes before game time after which the sun came out brightly.

Let me assure fans that a game can only be canceled if the field is under water and there is a torrential rain coming down. If it had continued drizzling then the game would still have been played. So for next time you know, rain or no rain we have to come out and support our team now more than ever since they are poised to go all the way.

It was 3:00 p.m. game time and referee Ruperto Vicente blew his whistle giving start to the second round. At other fields around the country games start at 3:30 or 4:00 p.m.

The Dolphins started the game just as they had left off with Acros, taking into consideration the condition of the field, touching the ball and maintaining good rhythm with pressure on the defense of the Belmopan Bandits, whose turn it was to confront us to try to take away the undefeated streak. It took only five minutes of this good playing to pay off when Francisco Rivero launched a beautiful center shot to Landy who controlled the ball with his chest and from medium range let go the bullet to the lower left angle of the Belmopan keeper who dived and stretched for all he was worth but the ball passed him and shook the net for the first score. The good play on both sides continued for about 25 minutes more because, Yes!! Belmopan does have a few good players that know how to handle the ball and organize attacks that put "Brooks" into a few difficult situations to which he came up big and saved his goal. Raul Gonzalez, Stanley Robinson and Martin Ovando organized and created plays constantly making passes to the offensive line and at the 30th minute of play, Landy again in a personal move, got hold of the ball and dribbled past several players putting himself in an isolated position from where at long range he unleashed a cannon shot that once again beat the goalkeeper and put the Dolphins in command with a two goal difference. This is the score that was taken into the rest of the first half since the good play from San Pedro continued but the wet pitch hindered both San Pedro and Belmopan and prevented them really showing what had brought them into this game.

In the second half, the Dolphin's coach with a two goal lead decided to rest some of his starting players that were nursing injuries and brought in substitutes to finish the game and also showing that the team is well in that department too. Belmopan went all out to try and get a score to figure on the scoreboard, but Al and crew were superb and warded off any attack that the Bandits managed to organize and if not it was "Brooks" showing his great abilities and cooling down the danger for the Dolphins.

Twenty minutes elapsed when from long range, Martin Ovando decided to try his luck and boomed a high shot that was contested by the opposing keeper but quivered under the crossbar to give "Jarocho" his first goal since he joined the club, to which his fellow players all came to show him that they too knew it was only a matter of time. After this it was all San Pedro. They touched the ball on the ground and criss-crossed it to each other to bring out their opponents but they didn't bite and showed they are a team with good defensive discipline. It was not until ten minutes before the end when Landy took hold of the ball and was almost past the defender when he was fouled and a penalty shot awarded. The specialist, Bonzo, was assigned to take the shot and in his personal style let go a left foot bullet that grazed the grass all the way to the lower right angle of Belmopan's goalkeeper who did not even try to save it since the shot was too quick.

In the end it was 4 nil for the Dolphins to give them a good start in this round. They now look forward to facing and defeating Acros in the City in their third game that they will play after having drawn the first two. As usual there will be limited space to travel to the City with the team. It is recommended that persons wanting to go contact Ruben at the Town Board for reservations.

Dolphins begin second round with a Bang

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