Ramon's Village says good-bye to 47 year old pool

Say good-bye to San Pedro's first pool

Ramon's Village is rich in heritage and is one of the island's oldest resorts. The historical land, structures and people of Ramon's Village have contributed to the resort's extraordinary reputation.

In 1951 a man by the name of Vern Hammon built the Reef Colony Resort where Ramon's Village now sits. The resort was the furthest structure south of San Pedro Village. One of the things that made Reef Colony so attractive was that it was the first resort on the island to have a pool. In 1961, the infamous hurricane Hattie destroyed Reef Colony, leaving only the resort's badly damaged restaurant and the pool. Hammon sold the land and remains of the resort to Jerry McDermott. The land was left unoccupied for many years. People in the village of San Pedro used the pool as a rain water reservoir. People would travel all the way from the center of the village to get water from the pool. In 1981 Ramon Nuñez and a group of investors bought the land from McDermott and built Ramon's Reef Resort. In 1987 the resort was sold to Richard Headrick and the name was changed to Ramon's Village. The thriving resort and the oldest pool on the island underwent little or no changes over the next decade.

In May of 1998 plans to renovate the resort were actualized. The construction of six new rooms and a parking gazebo commenced. On August 19th, the 47 year old pool at Ramon's was drained and the deck around the pool was torn apart. Early the following morning workers, equipped with malls and heavy tools, started to demolish the pool. This historic land mark will be replaced with a brand new pool and the palapa and surrounding deck will be expanded. Plans for a conference room to be situated above the resort's laundromat are also in the near future. By December 5th, the renovations should be complete and the Village should return to its previously serene state.

The wood from the old pool deck was donated to Green Reef, a local non-governmental organization. Green Reef will use the wood to construct bird watching boardwalks around the island reserves of Little Iguana Caye and Los Salones Caye. The reserves are located on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and are managed by Green Reef.

Ramon's Village says good-bye to 47 year old pool

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