Costa Maya Festival announces new chairman

After many delays due to uncontrollable circumstances, the Costa Maya Festival Committee finally met on September 4th, 1998, to wrap up the festival for 1998.

On a disappointing note, Mrs. Yolanda Sabido, accountant for the festival, reported a loss for the 1998 San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival. The festival had to use the profit of last year's festival and take out a small loan to finish paying their debts.

After close examination and reviewing of the books it was determined that the primary reason for this year's loss was due to the rain! The committee and management of the festival did a superb job, nevertheless. This year the committee managed to substantially reduce all the expenses needed to run the festival. Even though the festival lost a few of its sponsors, it gained some more. The committee managed to reduce the costs of building the booths, building the stage, contracting the stage's sound and light equipment and reduced the number of international and local flights needed to transport the performers and equipment. Einer Gomez, bar manager, stated that if the rain had not interfered, the bar would have made twice or even three times as much money than it did for each night.

Festival Chairman, Gach Guerrero, was very positive in his address to the committee. "You all did an excellent job and I am proud of you all," he said. "I have closely examined all the figures and circumstances and came to the decision that we need to re-structure the management of the festival." All agreed with his statement and the decision was made to add a co-chairman and manager to the team to make the task of the chairman a lot easier. This will also allow better management of all the little details that might be overlooked or not taken care of. Gach stepped down from his position of chairman and Eiden Salazar was elected the new Chairman of the Costa Maya Festival. Nando Trejo was appointed Co-chairman and Gach Guerrero took the position of Manager.

Despite the loss, the Costa Maya Festival was a success overall and all of the committee members are proud of their achievements. Planning for next year's festival has already started. The members left the meeting with a smile on their faces and a determination to make next year's festival even greater. The committee would like to thank all of the people who volunteered their time and dedication to the festival. It also would like to thank all of their sponsors, businesses of San Pedro and all who made the festival possible. More information and dates for the 1999 Costa Maya Festival will be announced in following issues.

Costa Maya Festival announces new chairman

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