Dolphins in must win situation!!

by Santiago Acosta

It was one of those nerve-racking, nail-biting affairs when you feel so helpless because you cannot do anything yourself and you wish you could put on a uniform and a pair of boots to jump onto the pitch and help your team. One could fairly say that last Sunday's game against Verdes was a carbon copy of the game against Acros the week before. In the first fifteen minutes Verdes exerted a fairly strong pressure on the defense of San Pedro and the visiting team responded in the counter attacks after diffusing the threat on their side. The first call of attention came in the fourth minute when Landy, in a very intelligent play, seeing that the keeper was almost at the edge of his eighteen yard box, shot the ball to the right angle of the goal; but Darren Hinds just managed to reach the ball and desperately threw it over the crossbar. This is how the game proceeded for the first forty five minutes with both teams playing well and constantly taking shots at the goalkeepers who were very busy throughout the game. I think however, that "Brooks" was more visible, anticipating every shot and move of the Verdes strikers since he was always there to negate them. Darren Hinds, on the other hand was not called upon too much since most of the plays on his side died at his defensive line. It was as though the Dolphin's strikers were afraid to take the ball deep into the red zone and try a quick kick for the goal.

The second half saw three changes made. John Trapp for Francisco Rivero; Walter Gutierrez for Carlos Briceno and Stanley Robinson for Oscar Pinelo. With added strength and the advantage of fresh legs on the pitch, San Pedro took control of the second period weaving and unweaving beautiful combinations that managed to have a little more depth than in the first half. It is said that a keeper without luck is not a keeper simply because sometimes luck does play a big role in the way he performs.

The first shot that should have been a goal was one that Landy made from point blank range of about six feet. He blasted away only to hit right into the keeper; while another that Oliver headed downward as he should, again bounced right into the hands of Hinds. So!! In the end it was a nil to nil ballgame.

Now it's die or never!! -as a result of the loss to Acros by Juventus. With that loss Juventus stays in second place with sixteen points while San Pedro garnered one point from the draw to place them in third place with fourteen points - and hosting Juventus at home this coming Sunday.

With a win Sunday, the Dolphins would make seventeen points and Juventus would stay at sixteen points with one game left to play, and it being a relatively easy game against Jube of Benque. Therefore, if San Pedro wins the next two home games then it's FINAL TIME for the first time in the history of this Club. So faithful fans!! Your work is cut out for you. Come out in strong numbers for these games at home and make your team feel that YOU want it too!!!

Dolphins in must win situation!!

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