Twenty Five Years Ago

by Angel Nuñez, J.P.

Finally Retiring

It has been exactly 5 years, 7 months and 2 weeks that the column Twenty Five Years Ago was born. The total number of issues has been 270.

Twenty Five Years Ago has brought part of the history, the social, the cultural, the political, the economic, the religious, the emotional, the old way of life of San Pedro. It has made some of us recollect, relive, become nostalgic, become romantic, compare our lives, appreciate the past, frown about the present or perhaps plan for the future. I am sure that Twenty Five Years Ago has been an educational experience.

With this column the author has made friends, hurt a few feelings, received some praise and complaints and perhaps even some insults. For me, it has been a pleasure doing the research and presenting ideas week after week for no pay whatsoever, though it is my intention to publish the best of our past in a book pretty soon. The material came from research, personal experience, recollection, anecdotes from old timers, requests, suggestions and observations.

There is no real beginning nor end to this collection of writings (270 pieces). The journey was complete, though there are a lot more topics to be covered, some more personalities to San Pedro's Hall of Fame. But Twenty Five Years Ago must come to a stop - at least for now. I will certainly miss this weekly activity of mine - my most enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Good-bye reading fans. Hasta la vista.

Twenty Five Years Ago

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